Fuerteventura 2021

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The world is not as it was 1.5 years ago… and traveling? Not wanted. Understandable, because in the end one tries to master the uncontrolled spread of the virus. Travel is frowned upon. On the other hand, there is the creeping realization that we will probably have to learn to live with this new SARS virus, also to travel, and that there are branches of the economy, such as tourism and gastronomy in particular, which depend on this learning process starting quickly and proceeding successfully in order to survive.

The fact that there are now sufficient test capacities and significantly more knowledge about infection routes and dangers, makes it possible again to travel with good preparation and caution. Logically, the destination should be chosen with care and clearly one is dependent on mutual trust and consideration of all fellow travelers. So we decided to go to Fuerteventura and were invited to present the vacation destination during the pandemic period.

In the end, however, I can anticipate that we had a good experience. Of course, the fear traveled with. Not only, the fear to get sick, but also the fear resp. Doubt of being unreasonable. "Guilty"… should the vacation be momentous. Shortly before we had read a travel report, in it the authoress wrote, how she saw before departure mentally her gravestone before eyes and the mourning congregation whispered "Self-blame, why must she then also now vereisen". This article and the possible (self)accusations keep coming to my mind. I feel a kind of guilty conscience. And I am aware of my special responsibility as a traveler.

In the end, the "truth" lies somehow in between. Vacation currently means like at home: distance, mask. Outdoor life and caution. Taking responsibility. Vacation also means quality of life, joy. To have a goal. To recharge our batteries. Vacation means for the people in the tourism industry livelihood, hope and perspective… It is and remains a difficult situation, which will hopefully soon change for the better with increasing vaccinations and immunization.

Our destination: Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary Island. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 100 km from the north coast of Africa. Fuerteventura is especially popular for its white sandy beaches and ideal weather: year-round sunshine guaranteed, always combined with light cooling wind. Fuerteventura is framed by a multitude of beaches. From our point of view, other "sights" are honestly negligible. Therefore one can indulge here properly the Beachlife.

Jandia… the south of Fuerteventura

Jandia is a peninsula in the south of Fuerteventura. It consists of 21 kilometers of white sandy beach. Jandia starts at Costa Calma and ends after 21km in Morro Jable.

The special feature of Playa Jandia is its width, the light sand and the very clear water of the Atlantic Ocean. On this beach you can find a cozy place to swim, sunbathe, walk at any time of the year… speaking of which…

What to do in Jandia? Surfing, sailing, hiking or mountain biking, excursions to the nature park, to Morro Jable or to Costa Calma offer themselves. Otherwise the zoo and nature park Oasis Park is still quite worth seeing. At least you can feed cute lemurs there.

Restaurant tip for Morro Jable: La Laja

Directly on the beach promenade with a view of the sea – what more could you want??

Restaurante La Laja, Tomas Grau Guerra 1 in 35625 Morro Jable, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
Phone: +34 – 928 – 54 205.

Old-established restaurant without much frills, but very fresh fish at absolutely moderate prices. Exposed location, seems very touristy just because of it. Since we landed here on the first evening rather by chance, I had quite concerns. The first relief came after reading the recommendation in the Muller travel guide for the restaurant. It was delicious. In addition, it should be mentioned that we ate there 3 times out of 5 evenings and always met other "repeat offenders". In Corona times it was anyway a special feeling to go out to eat again after 5 months, outside with sea view and distance. Every evening there was music from the squeezebox of a discreet musician who positioned herself on the wall facing the sea and played the famous classics. When a randomly present opera singer joins them at a distance of 2 meters and the two spontaneously perform "O Sole Mio", the guests of the three surrounding restaurants first pause, then applaud euphorically, women are moved to tears… then you are just grateful for this small moment.

Beach bar tip: Atalaya Beach Bar

At the Esquinzo Playa below the Robinson Club. Very friendly, attentive service, good food. Especially the gambas al ajillo have convinced us. The Paella (only Sundays) rather less. We have been there more often over the years. Without Corona, there is live music on Friday afternoons. A nice place to relax.

Fuerteventura is for relaxing, playing sports, sunbathing, walking on the beach, eating delicious food etc. perfectly suitable. Most of the things are for free and what do they say, best things in life..

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it's definitely a good idea to check the current numbers and conditions on Fuerteventura for departures. You can find daily statistics at Canary-Vibes:

In addition, you and all other travelers must present a negative PCR test and fill out an entry form from Spain Travel Health (also available as an app) before departure by plane to Spain. The QR code is checked at the airport Fuerteventura when entering the country.

We also recommend downloading the warning app "RadarCovid":

Organizing a TMA antigen test before returning home is no problem on Fuerteventura. There are German speaking doctors and clinics everywhere in the tourist centers of Jandia. Some doctors also offer the service of coming to you at the hotel or at the doctor's office. to come to the apartment.

We recommend for Esquinzo and Jandia the doctor's office of Dr. Rafael Bermejo Garcia, CEM Morro Jable, Avenida del Saladar, Jandia CP 35626. A very sympathetic, human type with humor, very good knowledge of German and good empathy.

And ideally you should take a few quick tests with you in your luggage, so that you can test yourself on a regular basis. Masks, if necessary. Gloves and disinfectant are anyway a fixed part of the luggage.

Since life on Fuerteventura takes place mainly in the fresh air anyway, you can enjoy a few nice, quiet days here and experience a bit of "normality". With distance and care.

So may I? It is important to prepare the trip well and to act responsibly. Because while the federal government in Germany with its statements and political activities creates the impression that vacationers are guilty of spreading the virus when they return from the vacation countries, it was factually so that we flew from the high incidence and virus variant area of Germany to Fuerteventura (incidence at that time >60). As a vacationer, you should behave accordingly and be happy that you will be shown a lot of hospitality and gratitude despite the crazy times. Because for islands like Fuerteventura, which live almost exclusively from tourism, it is a matter of economic existence.

Vacation in Corona times is possible, with caution and everything in moderation. Then vacation is again something very special.