Safari in Tanzania

You have always dreamed of a safari in Africa? So do we. A wildlife safari is an unparalleled experience that you won't soon forget… Find a Tanzania travel partner and have the adventure of a lifetime and go exploring Tanzania's steppes together. Get closer to giraffes, elephants, antelopes and zebras than ever before. Climb Kilimanjaro or lie down in the warm soft sand of the white beaches. These types of adventures are often quite expensive, so here are our low budget tips on how to get the most out of the adventure and save money at the same time!

Such a trip needs some planning. Especially Tanzania attracts with cheap offers for safaris – but be careful! Here are some things to consider!

1. The route & accommodation of the safari

One trick that makes the prices of a safari in Tanzania so cheap is to let travelers stay in accommodations that are far away from the parks. Of course, these cost much less in comparison, but you have to accept a long journey to get there. This means a lot of time in the car and little safari experience! Also, take a good look at the description of the lodge when booking!

2. The vehicle of the safari

Especially in Tanzania the old, dilapidated cars are often used for the transport of tourists. With the condition of these vehicles, a big risk is taken out of oneself, just like the motto: If something happens, the tour operator in Germany is to blame anyway… That's why you should pay attention to experience reports and photos of travelers when booking.

3. The guide of your safari

One thing is clear: education costs money. Knowledge is valuable. A guide who doesn't know much, doesn't cost much either. Therefore, before booking your safari in Tanzania, ask for detailed information about the guides who will accompany you on your safari in Tanzania. The guide is an important factor in a safari! When booking, be aware if you want a lot of explanations and in-depth information about the country, animals and people, or if you just want a driver.

Elephants in Tanzania

But even if there are some cheap offers for a safari in Tanzania, we still have some tips on how you can save even more money!

1. Find a travel partner

On a safari you usually pay for the entire vehicle (usually a van or Landcruiser, 5-8 people) so plan ahead and take friends with you or find other people who want to go on a safari as well. Organizing a group is essential to save money and transportation costs. Look around and find suitable vacation partners with the same plan.

2. Be flexible

Booking a safari with a travel agency outside the country is the most expensive option. Take your time and research the best offers and options. Having time to be flexible is the best way to save money on a safari in Tanzania. Moreover, it is advisable to travel in the low season, so you can save a lot of money. In April and May it is rainy season in Tanzania. It does not mean that it rains every day. But it means great offer in great 5 stars hotels.

3. Take provisions with you

Again, if you want to save, pack your own food and drink. Often the options near the park are few and overpriced. Some safaris have food included, but don't count on it. Should in your travel group ever come the little hunger – a granola bar can sometimes work wonders!

Giraffes in Tanzania

Fancy a safari adventure? Then grab your Tanzania travel partner and hit the road!