Ekiw: a short intro to a course in wondering and some ekiw principles

Ekiw: a short intro to a course in wondering and some ekiw principles

# 9 A Course in Miracles (EKIW): An Introduction

# 9 A Course in Miracles (EKIW): An Introduction

A course in miracles: What is EKIW?

A course in miracles is a psychological training for our mind. EKIW wants to help us unlearn the dominant thought system currently prevalent in the world and based on fear. The A Course in Miracle Principles lead us back to a thought system based on love. The principles the course uses are pretty easy to understand. But these principles are very far removed from what we have learned about life to date. Therefore, our resistance is always very great to accept the principles and apply them in everyday life.

Our true self is not a body

A basic principle in the course is that human experience is not our ultimate truth, even if it feels like it for us. We are much more than just a body. Each of us has an immortal part that is in us but not ours. It is said in the course that this immortal part represents our true self and that we are connected to everything through this true portion. All spirits (minds) are connected, so we all unconsciously know everything. The assumption of our ego that our body is our true self and we are separate entities is – according to the course – an illusion. Although a very persistent and often convincing illusion.


Also, I’m talking about the fact that I initially had a great deal of anxiety about reading the course. It took me a long time to dare to read the exercise book (the practical part of the book). Today, the A Course in Miracles exercise book is my faithful companion. EKIW consists of three parts There is a textbook (the theory and principles of the course), an exercise book (the practical part with 365 lessons for a year) and a teacher’s manual. The course is a very thick tome and probably not quite uncomplicated written. Nevertheless, if you overcome yourself and give yourself a chance, miracles can happen. Miracle according to the course is the change of your perception of fear back to a loving view.

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