Welcome to my city, my 10 most beautiful tips for your vienna vacation with a child

Welcome to my city 10 tips for your vacation in Vienna with a child

Vienna – my favorite city. Sounds cheesy, I know. But I was born here, grew up and came back again and again and I’ll put it this way: Vienna has something. Regardless of whether you come here as a couple or with a child. So today I’m going to show you my city and what you can do with children here.

If you want, you can fill up with culture and walks in the countryside every day here in Vienna. In between a coffee in the sidewalk garden or a cocktail with your toes in the sand and a view of the Danube Canal. There are opportunities in Vienna for guests (and locals) such as cobblestones in downtown Vienna. Sure, you should take it a little slower with children and then children often don’t want what we adults want anyway. So why not mix and combine the program well?

Today I’ll tell you my ten best tips for Vienna, there is of course much more to see. If you are planning a program for yourself, it is best to sprinkle in something for the children in between. Vienna is quite child-friendly and diverse, especially in summer. Some things don’t take long, maybe even central and much of it is definitely fun for adults too ….

1. The Zoom Children’s Museum

The Zoom Children’s Museum was our absolute favorite among the offers for children in Vienna. The children’s museum is the perfect bad weather program and is so centrally located that a fine daily schedule can be designed all around. If the sun is shining, you can still schedule it because it doesn’t fill the day. In addition to a changing exhibition for older children, the Zoom also has workshops (mostly film and handicrafts) and especially great for small children: the Zoom Ocean. Here children can feel and try out for an hour, slide, play and be amazed.

Perfect for chilling afterwards: Before zooming in, you can then comfortably drink a coffee, have a snack or ice cream and the children can run around and play in the car-free courtyard.

Caution! I recommend reserving the tickets in advance (online or by phone) because all offers are almost fully booked well in advance. Of course, you can also go to the unit on suspicion and ask whether someone has not picked up or canceled their cards.

Pssst: look – I wrote about the zoom years ago.


If you liked it, get an annual ticket. Especially in winter, I more than used it in the first two years. The card is valid for one adult and one (or two children).

2. Schönbrunn Zoo

A classic. Do you go to the zoo with the kids in almost every city? The Schönbrunn Zoo is extensive and has a lot to offer. If you like, you can spend a whole day there. In addition, hard work is being done to accommodate the animals as species-appropriately as possible (as far as this goes in captivity). From polar bears to stingrays, you will find almost every animal you know there. We love the tropical house (with the bat cave) and of course the orangutans. The seal / sea lion show is always a hit (time according to the notice at the entrance!)

Tip 1: for all Austrians

On our local Dixie glucose boxes you will find coupons for children’s entry on the back. One child comes to the zoo for free with four Dixie packaging. That pays off, because entry to the zoo is not exactly cheap for families!

Tip 2: combination tickets

If you want to visit several attractions (e.g. the House of the Sea), then look for discounted combination tickets!

3. House of the Sea

Another classic for children! Children and adults love the House of the Sea – the latter often because of the amazing architecture. Not only tourists, but especially Viennese families queue up in bad weather. If you have an annual pass, you can go through, everyone else has to wait …

Tip 1: weather conditions

Go to the House of the Sea in fair weather. That may seem absurd, but especially with children it is more pleasant if there is not much going on because of the tightness. If possible, leave the stroller in the hotel at all. Of course you can take it with you, but then you either have to leave it on the ground floor or you always take the lift (waiting times!). It is better to carry babies in the stretcher and carry small pieces to small children if necessary.

Tip 2: combination tickets

If you want to go to the zoo, look for combo tickets. Most of them are a little cheaper. If you have an annual ticket for the zoo, you also get a discount when you enter the Haus des Meeres.

Tip 3: climbing at the House of the Sea

In summer you can also go climbing and bouldering at the Haus des Meeres! There is material to borrow, so get on the ropes!

4. Puppet theater Lilarum

Yesss! I highly recommend a visit to the puppet theater! Because: The Lilarum is one of the most delightful and lovingly designed puppet shows that I have ever visited with my children. We don’t skip a performance and I like going there myself. There is no such thing as Punch & Co, but colorful birds, moles, fish, water mermaids, penguins or other animals. And people, of course. The stories and songs from the pieces are specially written, often you go home with an earwig.

5. Natural History Museum

From dinosaurs to stuffed giraffes, you can find everything here. What exactly fascinates children about it? I dont know. We definitely have an annual pass for the Natural History Museum and come regularly. The dinosaur section alone has to be visited every time to see whether the dinosaurs have not yet broken out …

Tip for Viennese

Children up to the age of 18 are admitted free of charge anyway. If you come more often, an annual pass pays off, or even better: membership in the Friends of the Natural History Museum. First, there is always a lot of programs for children and adults, and second, there are normal membership cards as well as partner cards (for two) that work like NHM annual cards (only that you have to get a card when you enter – it is of course free of charge). This is practical, even if dad would like to come along too.

6. Lainzer Tiergarten

Actually, I recommend the Lainzer Tiergarten for smaller hikes than for sightseeing. The area is definitely suitable for prams and the children love to look for the animals in the free-range enclosures and walk through the green. In between there are playgrounds everywhere or you hike to the viewpoint on the Hubertuswarte. Also suitable for smaller children because it is not too steep. You can always take breaks.

7. Great parks and local recreation areas in Vienna

Everywhere in Vienna there are parks worth seeing and especially playable by children. Each of them has at least one playground, many also offer nature experiences, animals or other special events and offers. The nice thing: they are scattered all over Vienna. No matter where you are, there is always a park nearby. The Rathauspark is located centrally on the ring. There is always a small but nice playground. In almost every season there are events at Rathauspatz that are sometimes more and sometimes less suitable for children (ice skating, circus, film festival, Christmas market, …). The Türkenschanzpark, like all the other parks mentioned, lies outside the belt and is an oasis of calm in the 18th district. In the Hirschtetten flower gardens, in addition to the palm house, there are also sheep and goats on the meadow, wild kittens and ground squirrels as well as turtles, snakes and all sorts of other animals, an enormous playground and many other adventure zones as well as special events several times a year such as the orchid show or the very popular one Christmas Market. A park of my childhood is the Danube Park with the Danube Tower (and its great viewing platform) near the U1 station Kaisermühlen, or Alte Donau. There is also a park railway and the Sparefroh playground, which is well known throughout Vienna. You should visit the Schwarzenbergpark Neuwaldegg in the 17th district and the Lobau National Park in the 22nd if you are looking for a natural experience and maybe have a whole afternoon. And last but not least: the Danube Island – in summer there is also a water playground and a climbing garden and many other playgrounds.

8. Wiener Prater (Wurstelprater)

The area around the Prater is actually also a local recreation area (the Prater meadows). Here you can do sports, play, relax or visit one of the countless playgrounds with the children. You won’t recover in the Prater itself, but you will definitely enjoy it. It’s noisy. Therefore: be careful with very small children who are sensitive to noise. In the heart of the Wurstelprater, a different sound booms every two meters, lights flash, the Autodrom does and you are recruited for the next attraction via loudspeakers. I love the Prater, it’s a different world. Of course you should ride the Ferris wheel if you always wanted to do it. Those who are not afraid of heights: on the high chain carousel in the middle of the Prater, you have an equally good view of Vienna at a lower price. On the flower wheel, by the way. And there is also a lot to see for smaller children in the Prater: slides, obstacle course, water rides, fairytale rides (which we find quite boring), grotto rides, trampolines and and and …

9. Kahlenberg forest rope garden

Someone also recommended the Waldseilgarten Kahlenberg to me – unfortunately we were not there yet. Since I love climbing gardens myself, I will definitely try it out with the girls. However, this is more of an "attraction" for older children. Smaller ones will hardly be able to use a fraction of the climbing offer due to the minimum height requirements.

10. Info platforms for children in Vienna

My last tip is not an attraction, but info platforms where you can find out about the current offer in Vienna. This also pays off if you are only here for a short time, because sometimes there are great events, some of which you can even visit for free. On the WienXtra page you can find all information about current events as well as many other offers for children in Vienna. You can find fine excursion destinations with a description at Mamilade and Babymamas are best informed on the website of the same name!

Was that it??

No of course not. The list can be continued much further. But that would go beyond this one post, so I first put together my personal favorites and provided them with insider tips.

Are you planning a vacation in Vienna in the near future? No? You should definitely! Vienna is wonderful, especially in summer! (ok, in winter too, just cloudy …)

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