Visiting Tivoli Carvoeiro: A Hotel Review

Every morning when you open the curtains, you experience a little Hollywood-worthy moment in your room at Tivoli Carvoerio. For the five-star hotel is located directly on a wildly romantic rugged cliff on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Editor-in-chief Frieda Hintze was on site and briefly felt like a Bond girl..

Tivoli Carvoeiro best hotels in the Algarve

There's no question about it: if you take a road trip along the Algarve – from Sagres to Faro, for example – you have your pick of resorts. Because these are lined up like pearls on a string along the coast. But the Tivoli Carvoeiro stands out. From the outside, the five-star hotel with its 248 rooms and suites initially appears almost inconspicuous. But this location is truly breathtaking. Situated directly on a craggy, copper-colored cliff, you can enjoy a fantastic view from just about anywhere. Nothing disturbs the panorama accompanied by the strong sound of the waves… Simply marvelous!

Tivoli Carvoeiro

Tivoli Carvoeiro: contemporary, thanks to recent renovations

The house was completely and carefully renovated over five months in 2017. Which, without a doubt, further reinforces the Tivoli Carvoeiro's position as one of the best hotels in the Algarve.


The rooms are flooded with light. We are accommodated in a stunning suite. The interior is maritime, modern, unexciting – very tasteful. Bathrooms bright, spacious, partially glassed-in, and equipped with rainforest showers and Bulgari amenities. The balconies are spacious. And so the Tivoli Carvoeiro invites you to sit down with a glass of Vinho Verde, listen to the waves and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Culinary delights at Tivoli Carvoerio

Seafood or rather upscale Portuguese cuisine? The choice is yours, because the Tivoli Carvoerio offers three bars (two of them open only in spring and summer) and a trio of good restaurants.

The Mare Bistro is only open from April. Snacks and lighter fare are available here.

The Med Food & Wine is more casual: try out the flavors of the Atlantic – here, seafood and fish as well as other regional specialties are available as a buffet. The Med Food & Wine is also the breakfast restaurant, serving up sumptuous mornings: Cereals, fresh fruit, hot dishes, creations with egg, bread and champagne (along with obligatory strawberries).

The culinary gem is without question The One Wine Boutique Restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, complete with panoramic terrace. Here, creations such as grilled octopus, scallops with pork belly, or osso buco come to the table. The Tomahawk steak, which is cut directly at the table, is particularly outstanding!

Tivoli Carvoeiro

Before our stay at Tivoli Carvoeiro, we didn't realize that Portuguese cuisine can be so versatile..

Most of all, though, the wonderful evening at The One Wine Boutique Restaurant was alive with devoted servers Antonio, Francesco and the rest of the great team. With wit, charm and a lot of style the staff accompanied us through the evenings, so that we had truly unforgettable experiences..

Frieda, the Bond Girl..

After a busy few months, we craved a little deceleration – and found it at Tivoli Carvoeiro, or more precisely at the lovely Tivoli Spa. Here, holistic and timeless treatments are offered, all carried out with Voya Organic Beauty. Steam bath, sauna and an indoor pool are also available.

But the outdoor pool is especially beautiful. Here you can swim in perfect harmony with nature – and of course with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. And here I had another Hollywood moment: After my morning swim, I stepped out of the pool, the sea roaring behind me, the cool March sun glistening – and I swung my hips back and forth perhaps a little more than necessary. This was a Bond Girl-worthy moment that I won't soon forget…

Tip: A tour along the Seven Hanging Valley

If you want to experience the Algarve at its best, you should take the Seven Hanging Valley Tour. The wall trail is moderate and manageable – and can be completed in its entirety or in sections. We were provided by the hotel with the wonderful guide Fabio from to the side. With a lot of dedication and detailed knowledge Fabio showed us the Algarve and nature in all its facets. In the process, we were picked up quite comfortably from the hotel. Absolutely recommended!