By train from Shanghai to Beijing

After spending four wonderful days in Shanghai, we continued on to Beijing. In the run-up we thought about how we wanted to manage this route. My first thought was the plane. Connections between the two cities are quick and easy to book for just under 60 €. However, we also wanted to see something of the country and what is better for that? Of course the train – that was our decision.

Between Shanghai and Beijing fast trains with a G number run several times an hour. They manage the 1300 km route in 5 hours. The express train line was completed in 2010 and is a milestone in railroad history.

Tickets for the Shanghai to Beijing express train

What is the best and easiest way to book tickets for this route?? The are different, as with us in Germany divided into more than two classes. There are the:

I booked online at two tickets for second class and paid almost 80 € per ticket via PayPal.

Shortly after that I got an eMail and had to upload our passports. The passport number is noted on the ticket and thus also personalized. The booking process was very easy. The tickets can then be picked up at any station in China upon presentation of the passports. We picked up our tickets without any problems a few days before departure at the counter in the train station.

The train ride Shanghai to Beijing

The express trains depart from Hongqiao station in Shanghai, this station is next to the airport of the same name and can be easily reached by metro. Since the train rides in China run a little differently than in Germany, you should be at the station about 1 hour before departure. Because the "check in" is a bit like at the airport. There is a bigger security check and here it jams a little bit. Therefore we have planned a little more time. When we passed the security check, we had to find our track. The waiting area is above the track and only after the train arrives, the access to the track is opened.

Here we also had to show our tickets and passports again. When we bought our tickets, we were automatically assigned two reserved seats.

We took our seats and stowed our suitcases on the luggage rack beforehand. The train is a 2-3 seating. Our compartment was fully booked and a short time later the five hour journey began. The train is equipped with a restaurant, where you can buy food and drinks. The prices, however, are relatively expensive even by Chinese standards. We bought something to eat and drink in the supermarket beforehand. Good to know is that there is a possibility to get hot water in the train. So you can comfortably prepare a delicious tea or noodle soup! On time we arrived in Beijing South. Here we changed to the subway to our hotel.

Conclusion fast train Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South

The legroom is sufficient

The train ride was very pleasant. We could see quite a lot of the country and even sleep a bit thanks to the comfortable seats. The seats can be reclined and also the legroom is sufficient even with my 190cm. The train is a real alternative to the plane for this route.