Soft hands in winter – 7 tips

If you want to have soft hands in winter, you have to do something more for it. Cold and wind, as well as dry heating air at home, make the skin dry out faster than usual. Especially hands, which are also otherwise very stressed, quickly look rough, red and cracked. Skin that is stressed in this way becomes inflamed more easily, and because it is even more sensitive than usual and continues to be exposed to external influences, it takes a while to get the problem under control.

Prevention is better than cure

We should therefore not let it come so far and especially in winter pay special attention to the care and protection of the hands. I have a problem with dry skin myself and winter is especially bad. If I'm not careful, I have extremely dry skin on my hands (sometimes elbows and shins too) that tightens, cracks and itches. This is quite unpleasant.

However, over the years I have learned to take better care of my hands, to take better care of them and, above all, to protect them, because in my opinion that is the most important thing. I have put together a few tips for you, which can help to keep soft hands in winter.

Dry hands in winter – tips

1.Drink a lot – you have to moisturize your skin, first of all from the inside. It is very important.

2.Rich care and that every day and not only when the problem occurs. Put on hand creams for sensitive skin, with good ingredients.

3.Wear household gloves when doing housework. There are household gloves from Spontex, whose cotton fibers are enriched with almond oil on the inside. How to protect and care for your hands at the same time. More on that in a moment.

Soft hands in winter

4.Take good care of fingernails and the skin around the nails, even professionally, if necessary. Especially the skin around the nails tears quickly and if you do not get it under control right away, the affected area expands or even gets inflamed.

5.Wear gloves outside. Thus, the hands are not too exposed to the cold outside and retain their natural protective film.

6.Wash hands with lukewarm water and not hot.

7.Extra care. Apply thick cream to hands at night and wear cotton gloves. So the cream is absorbed well overnight and in the morning the hands are soft to the touch.

Delicate hands at home with Spontex

In short, the hands must be particularly protected and richly cared for in winter. Then they stay soft and supple. Absolutely recommended to wear gloves when doing housework. I myself have a bigger problem with moisture than with cold. Water when cleaning and washing up damages my hands immensely. The more I did and the longer I had my hands in the water, the worse it is. Every time.

spontex household gloves winter

I can therefore definitely recommend to wear household gloves. Spontex has the best solution. The new "Tender hands" household gloves are specially designed for this purpose. The gloves are enriched with almond oil inside, protecting and nourishing the skin at the same time. The hands then feel like creamed. Wearing household gloves has never been so pleasant for me.

In addition, these gloves smell wonderfully nice, so that the hands smell good even after use. Already the packaging smells delicious, you can sniff times dran in the drugstores where you can buy the gloves. I already have some products from Spontex, for example Spontex gardening gloves for two years already and they are still in the best condition. The feel and quality of Spontex is simply top notch. For winter there are special "Winter Worker" gloves from Spontex for gardening in cold weather. They are lined, warm and provide a secure grip and one of the Spontex novelties.

delicate hands in winterSpontex novelties

Winter is a beautiful season, but it is also the season that we suffer the most. Cold, humidity and wind are not good for the skin at all. Nevertheless, the skin also needs fresh air. But if we know how to protect ourselves, then we do not have to do without our delicate hands even in winter.