Travel Plans 2018: where to?

Travel Plans 2018: where to?

It's almost the end of February by now and therefore a bit late for my travel plans – on the other hand, nothing was scheduled yet and some things are still not quite fixed. But today it is finally so far and I tell you my travel plans for the coming year. If you have any tips or blog posts about one or the other, feel free to leave me a comment below!

City trips

Last year, quite a few things were cancelled – for example, Prague, because I broke my foot shortly beforehand. We were in Salzburg for one day and at Lake Garda for one weekend, but for this year I have definitely planned a bit more again. Whether it all turns out, I do not know yet, we will see then (:

Brussels – my grandparents live in Brussels, and even though I know the city pretty well by now, I'm looking forward to being there again. Maybe I'll finally manage to try out some new restaurants and visit some destinations I don't know yet.

Venice – I would have loved to go to Venice last year as well, but somehow it just didn't pan out. For this year we have already planned something – therefore I am glad about your tips here in any case.

Paris – in the last years it didn't work out to visit this beautiful city and my host family there. I hope that this will change again in 2018, because I would love to see the Eiffel Tower up close again, watch the midday hustle and bustle at La Defense, and walk through the Tuilleries. ♥

Prague – the trip we had to cancel because of my broken foot. That's why I would love to go to Prague this year and see the city. Here, too, I am happy about your tips in any case!

Vienna – something else that was on my bucket list last year but just didn't work out in the end. This year I would definitely like to go to Vienna! Also here – always like to leave me your tips there!

Marrakech with my best friend

Actually, we wanted to go to Morocco together last year and visit Marrakech, among other places. Unfortunately that didn't work out because I just didn't get any vacation due to my job change. But postponed is not canceled, and this year the vacation is already approved in any case.

Besides Marrakech we also want to see something else – but here we are still very open, what exactly to see. Maybe we want to go to the coast to Agadir to go surfing, I have never tried that before. Also a trip to the desert is definitely on the plan! We haven't booked anything yet, and we want to keep everything open for a while, but I'm already looking forward to it! Again – if you have any tips, I'm definitely happy to hear about them!

Three weeks to Mexico?

In autumn my husband and I want to go a bit further away again. We don't know yet where exactly we will go, we will think about that when we know when we will get our vacation. One possible destination we have talked about is Mexico. We liked Sri Lanka very much last year and I could imagine to fly to Asia again. But somehow I also really feel like something new, different. That's why: maybe we will go to Mexico for three weeks in autumn.

Ideally, we would like to go away again for a few days over Christmas. In 2018 we started in New York and that was really a great start into the new year – I can well imagine that we do something like that again. But here really nothing is fixed yet, it depends on our big trip this year.

What are your travel plans for 2018? And maybe you already have the first trip behind you?