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The 9 best 18 inch bikes at a glance.

At the age of six, most children are already experienced little cyclists who don’t just want to own any 18-inch children’s bike, but one BMX bike, a city bike or even a cruiser.

Find a two-wheeler in the right style for your offspring in our test or comparison table. However, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the necessary safety equipment: Withdrawal, closed chain case, reflectors and safety handlebar grips are mandatory, gear shifting is optional.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

18 inch kids bike comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Puky ZL Bachtenkirch My Bonnie Bachtenkirch My Dream Bachtenkirch police Vermont captain Vermont kids plaid Volare Thombike Delta 18 inch children’s bike Bachtenkirch Dream Cat
at Amazon *
62 reviews 5 reviews 5 reviews 8 reviews 17 reviews 8 reviews 2 reviews 43 reviews 29 reviews
type of bike City Bike City Bike City Bike City Bike City Bike City Bike BMX BMX City Bike
Wheel Size 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches
Recommended age from 4 years from 5 years 5 – 7 years 5 – 7 years 5 – 6 years 5 – 6 years 4 – 7 years 6 – 9 years 5 – 7 years
Frame material The frame can in principle be made of either steel or aluminum. steel is heavier, but very robust. aluminum is lighter but more sensitive. aluminum steel steel steel steel metal metal steel steel
Weight 9.9 kg 11.2 kg 11.2 kg 11.5 kg 14.8 kg 14.8 kg 13 kg 14,5kg 11.2 kg
colour e.g. Green, blue, pink pink purple Silver blue Blue White White yellow black green Green Pink
gear shift No No No No No No No Yes No
resignation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Closed chain case Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Safety handlebar grips Safety handlebar grips are designed to prevent slipping and are equipped with impact protection, which ensures that – in the event of a fall – the impact is dampened. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable saddle height Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
reflectors Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • very good workmanship
  • shockproof powder coating
  • deep entry
  • porter
  • are also available in other versions, e.g. as Princess Lillifee Rad
  • good workmanship
  • including basket (front)
  • porter
  • including basket (front)
  • porter
  • robust frame
  • deep entry
  • porter
  • powerful brake
  • deep entry
  • including basket (front)
  • porter
  • including support wheels
  • very good workmanship
  • non-slip pedals
  • robust frame
  • porter
  • comfortable saddle
  • robust frame
  • including sidebands
  • including basket (front)
  • Cat Design
  • porter
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Puky ZL Questions and answers about Bachtenkirch My Bonnie Questions and answers about Bachtenkirch My Dream Questions and answers about Bachtenkirch police Questions and answers about Vermont Captain Questions and answers about Vermont Kids Check Questions and answers about Volare Thombike Questions and answers about Delta 18 inch children’s bike Questions and answers about Bachtenkirch Dream Cat
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  • Up to one 18 inch size children’s bikes are still considered "toy" rated and are not suitable for use in road traffic. Nevertheless, they should be certain security features exhibit. These include an intact and child-friendly braking device, a chain protection box and safety handlebar grips.
  • Take the 18 inch children’s bike test: whether an 18 inch bike for Her child suitable depends primarily on its stride that you can easily determine with a tape measure. The standard value for a wheel with 18 inch tires is between 51 and 62 cm.
  • The frame a children’s bike can either be made steel or off aluminum be made. Steel is heavier than aluminum, but it is also cheaper and more stable. Aluminum bicycles are lighter and easier to ride, but they are also less robust.

A Study by the health insurance company DAK Gesundheit shows: Fewer and fewer children have enough exercise and physical activity. That doesn’t just take care of weight problems, for …. As well limited motor skills. Three to five year olds in particular are severely affected by developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The main reason cited is the lack of exercise in leisure time – here is the urge to move the little one especially at this age extraordinary big. You want to run, hop, jump and explore the world. And as parents, you ensure that your child can pursue this curiosity.

At some point, your child may then express the wish, henceforth on two wheels to whiz to daycare or school. At the latest now it is time that you start thinking about one children Bicycle do. However, the search for the right vehicle is often not that easy – you quickly get lost in the jungle of offers. So that you can overview we explain to you in our 18-inch children’s bike comparison 2019/2020, what is particularly important when buying a bike!

1. Before you buy a bike: your child is already ready?

Before you really start: riding a bike trains your sense of balance.

There is no fixed age from which your child must be able to ride a bicycle! As is so often the case, every child has his own own pace of development and his own strengths and weaknesses. Some children are safe in the saddle when they are three years old, while others only start riding bicycles when they are at primary school

Wrong ambition On the part of the parents, children can quickly become Overwhelmed feel and have no fun with it. But this is imperative when it comes to introducing the little ones to cycling. Always keep in mind that children are theirs Perceive the environment differently than adults and have a smaller viewing angle and limited directional hearing. Her sense of balance is also not yet fully developed. It is recommended to children not the same claims to put that you would put to a full-blown person.

Sometimes your child makes more sense practice on a scooter to let before getting on a bike. Riding a scooter trains your sense of balance, body control and responsiveness and slowly prepares your child for driving. The same applies to impellers.

A good sign that your child is ready to learn to ride a bike is his or her own express wish after that. As a rule, this is the best time to buy the right bike, call your child and go to the park.

How to find out which one best Children’s bike is 18 inches and what you are looking for when buying pay special attention should find out in the following purchase advice on our 18-inch children’s bike comparison 2019/2020. And who knows: maybe you will soon be planning your first little bike tour with the whole family.

2. What types of children’s bicycles are there??

Similar to adult bicycles, there are also children’s bicycles different designs, which we will give you in following table will introduce in more detail:

type of bike Explanation
City Bike
  • classic bicycle for kids that resembles a typical ladies bike
  • offers a framework with deep entry (easy ascent and descent)
  • has practical accessories, such as. a luggage rack or a stand
  • has a curved frame
  • Handlebar and saddle are relative far apart, which is why the driver has to lean forward very far
  • the saddle is very deep (can favor a straight back posture)
  • Is characterized by very thick tires off (good with uneven flooring)
  • the handlebar is very high up
  • usually is the Frame a little wider than a classic city bike
mountain bike
  • has, just like the children’s bike 18 inches in BMX style, very much wide and robust tires
  • the seat post is shortened (improved suspension)
  • the rear tire is from one sheet covered, which protects against dirt

3. Purchase criteria for children’s bikes: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. The right children’s bike size

Important: Measure your child’s stride length before buying an 18-inch children’s bike!

An 18 inch children’s bike is not for everyone suitable! So that you know which ones when buying the new bike frame size the right one, you should do the 18-inch children’s bike test in advance and that stride (also called "inside leg length") of your child. This is the only way to ensure that your child is at the lowest saddle height touch the ground with both feet can. Contact with the ground is particularly important for novice drivers who still have difficulty balancing.

To the stride To find out, ask your child to stand straight against a wall. It shouldn’t wear shoes. Then grab a ruler or tape measure and measure it Distance between floor and crotch.

In the following table we show you which bike size is suitable for which stride length. Also note the maximum saddle height specified for your child’s stride length:

Stride length (approximately) size Saddle height (max.)
33 – 40 cm only wheels 31-38 cm
44 cm 12 – 14 inch children’s bike 47 cm
48 cm 12 – 16 inch children’s bike 52 cm
51 cm 14 – 18 inch children’s bike 55 cm
55 cm 16-20 inch children’s bike 59 cm
59 cm 18-20 inch children’s bike 64 cm
62 cm 18-20 inch children’s bike 67 cm
66 cm 20-24 inch children’s bike 72 cm
69 cm 24 inch children’s bike 75 cm
On 18 inch children’s bike is suitable for children with a stride that between 51 and 62 cm lies. Attention: These are of course only guidelines. Whether a particular bike is suitable for your child also depends heavily on their motor skills!

When choosing the right model, please make sure that the bike not too big is. Especially with the first driving tests children are often still very scared – a bike that is too big can cause them to Lose balance and fall. Many parents tend to give their children a bike that they should "grow into". That likes the first view Make sense, because children’s bikes are not exactly cheap. But who really cares that his child for sure and confident Learning to ride a bike also selects a bike that fits exactly. So don’t save at the wrong end. Our 18-inch children’s bike comparison shows that the investment is worthwhile. And: children’s bicycles (especially from well-known manufacturers) can also be used very well later resell!

3.2. Material and weight

Sometimes the frame is made of aluminum, e.g. on this Princess Lillifee 18 inch children’s bike from Puky.

Once you have made sure that a bike with 18 inch tires is right for your child, you should take a closer look at which one material their personal 18-inch children’s bike comparison winner is made.

Basically there is two different types of frame: Steel tube and aluminum frame. steel frame are severe and contribute to the fact that an actually very small and compact children’s bike quickly weighs up to twelve kilograms. But this does not necessarily have to be bad, because a higher weight usually brings more stability. At the same time, it also means that your child is on a steel frame bike less agile is. A children’s bike with 18 inches aluminum frame is mostly less dificult. The facilitates the steering process, because the heavier a bike, the more power your child has to exert to be able to control and steer it. The disadvantage of aluminum wheels: they are less stable.

Which material you ultimately decide on is up to you. 18 inch children’s bikes with aluminum frames are mostly expensive as wheels with a steel frame, but at the same time captivate with their lightweight. But there are also voices that say the weight is on children’s bikes completely irrelevant – after all, the point here is to learn how to use the two-wheeler as safely as possible and not to win the Tour de France.

3.3. Furnishing

Safety handlebar grips prevent your child from slipping and dampen the impact.

According to the international standard DIN 79110 are children’s bicycles with a size of 12 to 18 inches traffic law "toy" consider. From a legal perspective, children on “play bikes” are Equal to pedestrians and are not allowed to drive on the road or on the bike path. That means 18 inch children’s bikes not suitable for road traffic must be equipped. For example, a lighting system is not required. Many experts also consider an 18-inch children’s bike with gear shift to be an exaggeration. Nevertheless, buying a 12 to 18-inch bike is natural certain safety and quality features to note, which we would like to list below.

The best 18 inch children’s bike has the following features:

  • a closed chain case: It protects your child’s trousers from getting stuck in the chain and thus prevents unnecessary falls and injuries. The chain guard should be made of lightweight plastic (also for reasons of weight) and never of sharp-edged sheet metal!
  • Safety handlebar grips: They ensure that your child does not slip when steering and are equipped with impact protection, which ensures that – in the event of a fall – the impact is cushioned.
  • intact coaster and front wheel rim brakes: While hardly anything can go wrong with the coaster brake, you should make sure that the rim brake is child-friendly and that it can be operated easily and without great effort.
  • an adjustable saddle and handlebar height: To ensure the longest possible use, you should make sure that the saddle and handlebar are adjustable in height. This is the only way to achieve a perfect frame geometry and an optimal sitting position.
  • Deep step-through frame: It enables your child to climb and descend more easily. Especially in critical driving situations, it is important that your child can jump off quickly without getting stuck.
  • a tire width of 47 mm (1.75 inches): Play bicycle tires must have a good grip and be able to absorb shocks well. Tires with a width of 47 mm meet this requirement very well. You can find them on almost all children’s bikes today. In any case, avoid tires that are thinner than 37 mm.
  • safety reflectors: You protect your child in the dark.

In addition, some 18 inch children’s bicycles are used with the various extras Delivered, which are not absolutely necessary, but can still contribute to driving fun: So every child is happy about a loud one Bell jar or a small one porter, on which the favorite stuffed animal can be walked.

Tip: There are some 18 inch bicycles training wheels free with it. Although these simplify the start of the journey, they can do so at the same time hindering development your child’s sense of balance. Many bicycle dealers therefore advise that the child be practiced with an exercise bike at an early age, because then the change to the right bike is no longer so difficult and training wheels are superfluous.

Here is an overview of the arguments for and against training wheels:

  • initially make driving easier
  • reduce the risk of falling at the beginning
  • delay the child’s learning process
  • Children weigh in "false security"
  • later increase the risk of falling
  • Child must "learn to drive" again without training wheels

3.4. optics

By the way …

You can use your child’s bike too optically spice it up, by using it stickers decorate. How about some pretty flowers or dangerous dinosaurs? There are no limits to creativity here. Are also particularly popular with children spoke Beads, who flicker back and forth in a funny way.

Of course, it is first and foremost important that your child’s bike high-quality and has the necessary security features. But that doesn’t help if your child doesn’t even want to get on the bike because it does optically not like!

However, 18-inch children’s bike tests show that there are wheels in the different colors and designs gives. There should be something for every taste. Whether cool pirate bike or pink princess dream, boy or girl bike – you will surely find the right bike. And if the bike shouldn’t be a surprise of all times, you can also make your child aware of it involve in the selection process and search for a suitable model together.

4. Drive safely: Only with the correct protective equipment

Learn to ride a bike? Never without the right helmet!

Even if 18 inch children’s bikes are just “toys”, it is absolutely essential that your child properly protected is when it gets on the bike. Most children of this age are still inexperienced and are unable to adequately understand their surroundings. This can lead to collisions and falls on the pedestrian path.

To prevent dangerous head injuries, you need to make sure that your child always has one Bicycle helmet wearing. It is particularly important that the helmet properly seated and tightly encloses the temples and the back of the head.

Most children’s bikes should come with safety reflectors be equipped. However, you can also ensure that your child’s visibility is increased by: further reflectors attach to helmet or bike.

5. Children’s bicycles at Stiftung Warentest: quality is often inadequate

There is no specific 18-inch children’s bike test from Stiftung Warentest. In 2005, however, the institute took up the topic of “children’s bicycles”. In the children’s bike test, 16 different models with 20-inch tires were put to the test. The result was sobering: Not a single bike was able to meet the demands of the testers sufficiently.

Among other things, it was criticized that the Brakes not suitable for children are what can sometimes cause the children to roll over completely when braking hard. Besides, that is processing of the bikes tested often inadequate and the Safety equipment absolutely inadequate been. The only positive thing was: All bicycles could be optimally adjusted to the size of the children.

Unfortunately, the foundation has not yet carried out an 18-inch bicycle test. Nevertheless, the 20-inch children’s bike test shows once again what is important: one solid workmanship, intact and child-friendly brakes and a sophisticated one safety equipment.

6. Questions and answers about 18 inch children’s bikes

6.1. 18 inch children’s bike: from what age?

Has your child reached a height of 105 cm? Then it might be time for an 18 inch bike.

In fact, much more important than the question of your child’s age Question about his stride. Children grow at different speeds – age does not always say anything about height. So here is another note: Before buying a bike for your child, be sure to measure its stride length!

Most brands and manufacturers of 18 inch children’s bikes still give one rough age recommendation depending on the model vary widely can. Some bikes with 18 inch tires can therefore be used from the age of four, others are only recommended from five or five and a half years.

In a brochure called "Buying a bike is child’s play" the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) comments on the topic: The association assumes that 18 inch bikes for children from the age of four (up) are suitable, the one Height of about 105 cm achieved.

6.2. How long can my child use his 18 inch bike??

As a rule, your child can use the bike for so long, until his stride exceeds 62 cm. Then it’s time for a children’s bike with 20 inch tires. In most cases, children are at this time about six or seven years old and have a height of 120 cm reached.

Attention: A bike that is too small is just as harmful as a bike that is too big! A saddle that is set too low can lead to knee problems in the long run. The back, wrists, shoulders or neck can also be affected.

6.3. You can buy a used 18 inch children’s bike?

If you can’t afford an expensive new bike, you can of course see if you can find an 18 inch children’s bike cheaply used. For example, a used 18 inch children’s bike for boys or girls can be found on flea markets, about Classified on the Internet or at Bicycle dealers Find. But Attention: There are a few things to consider when buying a used vehicle.

Be sure to ask the provider about it, how often and how long the bike was in use before and whether it was inside or outside parked has been. Above all, pay attention to that tires: What is the condition of the profile? Are they possibly dry and porous? It also makes sense to lift the wheel once and turn the tires so that you can see or feel whether they are moving smoothly. You can also tell whether the bike has been well maintained by the rims. If these are rusty, that’s not a good sign. Another clue is that frame. If this has cracks or dents or rust in some places, you should better keep your hands off the wheel. And of course also very important: the brake. To test the brake lines, you can apply the brakes several times while standing and observe whether the pressure point changes.

Tip: If you know someone who is particularly knowledgeable about bikes, then you might want to think about being accompanied by that person. Unfortunately, it happens too often that you spend a lot of money on bicycles that would actually be ready for scrap.

6.4. How do I teach my child to ride a bike?

Every beginning is difficult! This also applies to cycling. Not only is your child facing a challenge – you also have to think about how you can make it easier for your child to get started.

A few helpful tips and tricks provides the following video that you absolutely must look at should:


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