Bauer seeks woman: Anna Heiser with sad confession: Hurts in my soul

Emigrants in Namibia

“Farmer seeks woman”: Anna Heiser with sad confession: “Hurts my soul. “

14.10.19 updated: 17:12

Shock for all RTL fans: The “farmer seeks woman” Anna shocks with a sad confession “Hurts my soul. “

Update from October 11th: Everything could be so nice for the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Anna Heiser. The beautiful Polish girl is in Namibia with her treasure Gerald. The two are doing great. They are mega in love with Instagram. But what is it now again? Anna shocks in the net with a sad confession: “It hurts my soul. “

The emigrants have become real self-sufficient on their farm in Namibia. Of course, Anna and Gerald still have to drive to the far away supermarket. But now they have their own vegetable garden. The “Goodbye Germany” star proudly shows a few Radieschen brand home-grown. Anna is in the picture completely unvarnished and beautiful as ever. She talks a little about her everyday life in Namiba, that she enjoys it there and that she spends a lot of time with the family’s guard dog. But then suddenly the turnaround.

“It hurts my soul every time,” writes Anna Heiser, “when a sheep becomes a cutlet.” Background: The “Goodbye Germany” dropout also spends a lot of time with the sheep. And she says: “I would much rather grant all the animals a beautiful life on our farm until their natural death. But unfortunately this is not the purpose of the Famer life.” As always, the fans are totally enthusiastic about Anna’s openness. Whether she will become a vegetarian in the foreseeable future is not clear.

The new season of “Bauer sucht Frau” starts and Inka Bause chats out of the sewing box. A wish of the presenter should surprise many, as* reports.

“Bauer seeks woman” (RTL): Hospital again! What’s wrong with Gerald’s Anna?

Update from September 19th: The last pictures of Anna Heiser were sooo cute! Little chicks, a baby lamb and dog Bella. Now the shock: The wife of “Bauer sucht Frau” star Gerald posts a picture from the hospital! What’s wrong with the pretty blonde?

Fans know that Anna Heiser has already had several health problems. Especially nausea, dizziness and even fainting spells caused her problems. It goes without saying that many “Bauer sucht Frau” fans are particularly sensitive when their Gerald’s wife announces something new about her state of health.

In her Instagram story, the Polish native has now posted a photo from the hospital. The comment: “Of course you can also spend the afternoon like this. Namibian private hospitals are really good”. We see a window on tilt, blue sky and a picture apparently taken from a sick bed. But thank God the “farmer seeks woman” star immediately gives the all-clear. Anna Heiser writes: “It’s nothing bad, just a small thing”. The next day she was released from the clinic. Not only her Gerald will breathe deeply!

Bauer seeks woman (RTL): Crisis with Anna and Gerald? “Learn to love!”

Update from September 14th: It is now one year since the “farmer seeks woman” couple Anna and Gerald Heiser live together in Namibia. The RTL stars have gone through thick and thin together, just think of Anna’s health problems, where her Gerald always stands by her side. The pretty Polish woman has now drawn a conclusion from Instagram – and speaks of “learning to love”. What’s going on?

The “farmer seeks woman” star Anna Heiser has built up a loyal fan base at Instagram. More than 55,000 people are already following her – and the number is growing every day! No wonder, the blonde is totally natural and lets people participate in her life. It is clear that this is exciting on a farm in Namibia! Even the trip to the supermarket several kilometres away becomes an adventure. Now the wife of Gerald has drawn a conclusion after one year abroad. And she finds clear words!

Anna Heiser’s Instagram post begins with good news. She writes that after only one year in Namibia her everyday life is almost settled. Of course, the transition to self-employment in Namibia is associated with many hurdles. But – this is how they know their fans – the “farmer looking for a woman” star can of course not be kept down. Some readers will probably stumble across the phrase “learn to love” his dream. But don’t worry, everything is fine with Anna and Gerald Heiser! Although the couple had to learn how to work together first, “Today I can say that we are well on our way to mastering the whole thing! But this is only possible if we stick together as a couple”. Said, done – and so the “farmer seeks woman” lovers are still a heart and a soul.

“Bauer sucht Frau: What about Anna Heiser? Fans worry a lot

Update from September 9, 2019, 9.08 am: After Anna wrote openly about the shock diagnosis breast cancer about her Instagram account, she posted a photo with the following caption: “Hey! Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s OK if you fall!”. The lyrics are from Andreas Bourani’s song “Hey”.

With her big eyes, she looks into the camera, apparently quite sadly, trying to give her fans – and possibly herself – courage. With her Hashtags #nobodyisperfect #loveyourself and #justthewayyouare she alludes to the fact that nobody is perfect, you should love yourself and you are just the way you are.

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