Belly dance costumes (oriental belly dancer) for women – children

Wit show you great belly dancer costumes for kids and ladies!

Who doesn’t want to be sexy as a belly dancer at a costume festival? No question – the oriental touch that a belly dancer exudes is unmistakable. Many bright colors embody a good mood, some glitter and the gold chain around your free belly wanted? You can fully develop your creativity with the belly dance costume.

The popularly known term "belly dance" follows from an oriental world, where folklore is expressed in the form of an absolutely erotic dance. The origin of the oriental dance originated in Egypt, but now we can find the classic belly dance in many countries. Even in Germany the belly dance course prevails, you see: we live in a multicultural one country.

With the belly dance costume, every wearer should present one thing: the right mood to dance a seduction in the Orient. You can dress up in a belly dance costume everyone Costume party graceful and move with grace. Your hip swing creates excitement on the dance floor?

Belly dance costume for women

The versatility in the belly dance look for the sexy lady is almost unlimited. Only one thing is important: your belly must be free. Colorful bloomers and a tight top with a veil that embodies religion in the Orient: this look is suitable for women who don’t want to wear a skirt. The short, colorful mini skirt in fringed look fits the lady in the skirt perfectly to set your figure perfectly in scene.

Long, flowing folklore skirts are also particularly popular if you don’t want to present too much leg. The wide skirt made of chiffon in a colorful print is just as suitable for the belly dance costume as much glitter and bling bling on a golden touch of nothing that can be seen as a skirt. Flat shoes are part of the belly dancer’s outfit, and a glitter headband can hold the typical veil. Colorful colors rule the fashion world in the Orient, just as stylish tones in black or white with lots of gold and glitter are in demand. As you can see, your creativity proves to be almost limitless as a belly dancer.

Belly dance costume for kids

Children often want to slip into a sporty role with an oriental touch to the belly dancer. In principle, the same rule applies to children as to the belly dance costume for women. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to sturdy shoes, especially when your child goes to the children’s carnival. Light belted shoes are just as inappropriate in German carnival as when your child goes to the party half naked. There is a wide selection of oriental colorful costumes. A casual hip scarf can protect against colds, especially if your child likes to frolic outside.

Belly Dancer Accessories

Accessories that underline the bling bling of the belly dancer are a must have to complete the oriental outfit. The face veil, the hip scarf with sequins, the rattle that expresses the feeling good of the music or the handbands with a metal rattle: Show that you know what belly dancing means. The classic dance belt, strewn with many small golden coins, is happily tied casually around the belly. If you want, you can wrap a striking chain in gold around your bare stomach. As you can see, it can glitter and conspicuously go hand in hand in the Orient. A colored and very strong make-up completes this look. This is how you complete the optimal belly dancer costume.


You are on the move with sex appeal and yet stylish as a belly dancer. Tip: Even brave men can present themselves in the outfit of the Orient.


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