Car tuning: what is allowed by law in switzerland?

You are not satisfied with the performance or the look of your car? Then automobile kloten will do the car tuning for you. Tuning is the modification of standard vehicles produced in series. The mechanics use their skills to transform the appearance of the car, improve the driving performance and generally ensure better performance. but not everything is allowed in switzerland.

Auto tuning – what is it anyway?

The English term tuning means to tune or adjust. In the context of automobiles, this means modification and conversion to adapt to the owner’s wishes. Most vehicle owners who opt for car tuning want a more customized version of their model. you are fulfilling your dream to stand out from the crowd.

The car tuning concerns different parts of the vehicle, depending on the desired change. In general, a distinction is made between technical and visual modifications. Car tuning includes, among other things, optimizing driving performance. Also the application of a new paint and the tuning of the exhaust systems and engines for acoustic purposes belongs to it. Fine-tuning of aerodynamics, engine or chassis takes place.

This is how strict the rules are in switzerland

In switzerland, there are strict regulations regarding the modification of vehicles. All retrofitted parts or other modifications require an inspection by the road traffic licensing authority. If the car tuning does not pose a danger and a test report or expert opinion is available for the additionally installed parts, the vehicle registration card entry is made. The vehicle registration card must always be carried.

In switzerland, the ordinance on the technical requirements for road vehicles regulates what is and what is not allowed. In addition, the guidelines of the road traffic authorities are valid. According to article 34 of the ordinance, there is an extraordinary obligation to inspect the vehicle. If the entry is missing in the vehicle registration document, the vehicle owner must expect a fine. It has also happened that the police has confiscated vehicles with illegal tuning assemblies.

These are the most common car tuning modifications that must be reported and approved

Car tuning often includes changes to the chassis as well as changes to the exhaust, which affect the acoustics, among other things. Also a performance increase, the so-called chip tuning, is very popular with car owners. Weight changes and the installation of foreign rims or a change of tire dimensions are also often requested.

Your reliable car tuning garage automobile kloten will be happy to do for you the correct fender widening in accordance with the legal requirements. The safety regulations are taken into account, so that the acceptance by the road traffic authority is guaranteed.

These are the regulations for wheels and rims

If the wheels are modified, the free movement of the tires must be ensured in all driving and load conditions. The tire size may be changed within narrow limits without testing and registrations. However, it may be necessary to readjust the speedometer. Foreign rims require in any case a test certificate and the registration in the driving license.

Chip tuning by master hand

In switzerland, it is permitted to increase the power of the engine by 20 percent with the help of chip tuning. This is done by influencing the software that controls the engine. Chip tuning is possible for both diesel and gasoline engines. A performance increase of more than 20 percent is only permitted if it is carried out by the vehicle manufacturer himself.

He can also explicitly declare that the car in question is suitable for the desired modification. Even if chip tuning complies with the legal requirements, there is still an obligation to test and report to the cantonal road traffic office.

Changes to the engine electronics are subject to approval without exception. According to the legislator, all modifications to the engine electronics that influence noise development, exhaust behavior or performance must be subject to type approval.

For this approval, the federal Roads office, or fEDRO for short, commissions the dynamic test center in vauffelin to test the vehicles. The aim is to ensure that the car is still in a roadworthy condition after chip tuning. In addition, they must comply with the regulations regarding exhaust fumes and noise. These strict regulations make perfect sense, because better engine performance places a greater load on the chassis and brakes.

We at automobile kloten are familiar with the current legal situation and will be happy to advise you. As a reputable provider, we also take care of the formalities required for the registration or. registration are necessary. Chip tuning provides faster acceleration and gives the engine more power. We take care of your car and give it more performance with a professional tuning.

The change of the exhaust

A sport exhaust also contributes to the increase in performance. As a rule, the mechanic replaces the entire exhaust system for this purpose, which is associated with greater effort and expense. In order to reduce the effort, many car owners decide to upgrade the exhaust silencer only. This is done for visual and acoustic reasons.

Exhaust tuning is usually not subject to compulsory registration and testing. However, a supplier’s confirmation is required. The supplier confirms, among other things, for which type of vehicle the exhaust system is suitable. Information on approved systems is provided in the bulletin on replacement mufflers, catalytic converters and particulate filters.

The supplier’s confirmation must be attached to the vehicle registration document and must always be carried in the car with it. If the exhaust system does not have such a certificate, then testing by an officially authorized test center is mandatory. In any case, the exhaust outlet must not have sharp edges if it protrudes from the structure of the vehicle. Authorized for testing are:

– FACT: accredited for all vehicle tests
– DTC: creates so-called DTC certificates
– exhaust testing center nidau: checks exhaust systems after conversions

The supreme discipline: lowering the chassis

The lowering is one of our specialties. This type of car tuning changes the appearance of your vehicle significantly. Besides a great look, the performance also improves significantly. You drive tighter and benefit from excellent steering and braking response because the center of gravity is lower. Thanks to optimized aerodynamics, noise performance is reduced.

In short: the lowering gives your car more precision without compromising stability. The legally permissible lowering is a maximum of 40 millimeters from roof edge height. The original dimensions stated in the type certificate are decisive here. If the lowering is more pronounced, a DTC certificate must be applied for.

Regulations for aerodynamic components

the swiss guideline for aerodynamic components exists since june 2006. All components used must meet the requirements of the ASA directive. There is also a testing and reporting obligation for this.

We keep track!

swiss laws are strict and complicated. Almost every part has its own regulations. For example, a material certificate is required for the registration of the rear wing. This certifies that the material is shatterproof. In addition, the rear wings must not exceed the vehicle contours, neither in height nor to the side.

The side ends must be included in the vehicle bodywork, or it is necessary to bend them against the bodywork. Here the permissible distance is 20 millimeters. Still looking through? For the layman, the legal situation is hardly comprehensible. This is why you should leave the car tuning to a pro. We know the current guidelines and we comply with them. When you order a car tuning from us, you can be sure that everything will be done properly.

We also guarantee that your vehicle will subsequently meet the registration criteria. You are interested in a professional car tuning for your vehicle? We at automobile kloten are happy to respond to your personal wishes and also advise you on the safety regulations and legal provisions. Contact us today and we will send you an attractive offer as soon as possible!

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