Celebrate all year round – with music, music for you, rolf zuckowski

Experience the seasons consciously

The numerous New Year celebrations, with which children are also given a first sense of time and feeling for the different seasons, prove that you don’t have to go seamlessly into the bustling carnival after the contemplative Christmas season. Spring is of course greeted with a big festival, colorful flowers and colorful decorations, because ‘again and again a new spring’ is not just a wake-up of nature, the ‘outdoor play season’ reopens for children in March. Flower seeds can be sown and eagerly watered, and artistic flower arrangements can be glued to paper from pressed flowers. There is also a large spring buffet – perhaps with homemade bread and freshly mixed herb curd?

Throughout the year there are also individual groups in children’s groups Birthdays celebrated – usually with a crown or a wreath on the head, children enjoy their special day and like to be the focus, but so that not every birthday has to be the same, it is advisable to incorporate small variations depending on the season. In the summer, the birthday child can be driven around in a decorated handcart, in the winter months a decorated chair as a throne gives a special honor.

Festivals strengthen the group, especially when it grows together again

After the summer holidays, a new year begins for the children, the familiar groups are mixed again, older children have left the groups, smaller ones are moving up. In order to quickly restore the familiar harmony among the protégés and to integrate all the ‘new ones’, there are a lot of introductory and friendly games. The goal is to reduce inhibitions and encourage children to make new contacts – the best friend can and should remain the best friend, but there may be two others that will make your favorite games a lot more fun.
After such welcome festivities and rituals, preparations can begin for Thanksgiving, after which dark November lures with a cheerful, colorful lantern procession before the mysteriously fragrant Christmas season arrives.

Songs that get a permanent place in the course of the year

Rolf Zuckowski’s songs not only encourage children to sing along, but also to stage what they have heard or to paint and do handicrafts according to the topic. The songs take care of quality The mood among the small and large performers and make every little celebration something very special.


Annual clock (also with sign)



A new spring is always coming


Stups, the little Easter bunny / Happy Easter


In kindergarten / with us in daycare / daycare is more

School enrollment and school leaving

You belong to us / Our school has no sails / Old school, old house / School is more / The big day (Today we go to school)


How wonderful that you were born


Kites in the wind / Thanks


Come on, let’s run a lantern


December dreams / Little green wreath / Hello, I’m Santa Claus / Small children, big children (the advent calendar song) / get ready / in the Christmas bakery


Dear good Santa Claus / you little children are coming / Gloria (do you hear how the angels sing?)


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