Changing car insurance – this is how it works

The 30. november is the deadline for many car insurance companies to terminate coverage. If your contract is too expensive, do you have the chance to take out a new one?. But when switching to a new provider, you should pay attention to more than just the price.

  1. Motor insurance policies can usually be terminated by the 30. cancelled in november of the same year.
  2. When choosing a new provider, vehicle owners should not only look at the price, but also keep an eye on the benefits.
  3. It is particularly important to have sufficient coverage and to cover costs in the event of damage caused by gross negligence, marten bites or wildlife accidents.

The 30. November is the deadline for terminating most car insurance policies, because many policies run until the end of the year and are then automatically renewed. If you want to turn your back on your old insurance company, you should take care of a follow-up insurance policy in good time – i.e. beforehand – and keep an eye not only on the price, but above all on the benefits of the new contract.

All-round check for car insurance

A car insurance policy can include a wide range of protection:

Obligation is motor vehicle liability insurance, without which no car should be on our roads.

It may make sense to take out comprehensive car insurance, which covers damage to the vehicle caused by lightning, hail, fire, flood, storm, glass breakage, short-circuit as well as after a theft and a wildlife accident (partially comprehensive), or. Even for damage to your own vehicle after a self-inflicted accident or vandalism pays (fully comprehensive).

Superfluous is passenger accident insurance.

What is superfluous is a car insurance, if, for example, you have a breakdown and accident assistance policy with a car club.

Changing insurance companies is a good opportunity to put your car insurance to the test: does the insurance pay out in the event of damage due to gross negligence?? How high are the coverage amounts in the event of a claim?? Does it have to be fully comprehensive insurance for your own car or is partial comprehensive also sufficient??

It’s not just the price that counts

When it comes to vehicle liability insurance, the cheapest provider is not always the best one. Some insurers fare particularly well in price comparisons because they only cover the minimum sums insured – i.e. 7.5 million euros for personal injury and 1.22 million euros for property damage – or reserve the right to object to gross negligence.

We recommend insurance contracts with the highest possible damage coverage of 100 million euros. insurance companies that limit their policies to the minimum sum insured should be avoided. Also make sure that the insurance also covers damage caused by gross negligence, for example in the event of an accident due to overtiredness or making a phone call without a hands-free system.

If you want to save money, you should check whether fully comprehensive insurance is still necessary for your car at all. It also covers vehicle damage caused by accidents and vandalism, but it only pays as much as the car is still worth. For an older vehicle, therefore, the partial cover is usually sufficient.

If you have come to the conclusion that you would like to conclude your car insurance contract with another provider, you should pay attention to a few basic things:

  • First find a new insurer and only then cancel your old contract.
  • Be careful with comparison portals on the internet. These usually do not represent the entire market. As a rule, the portals are run by intermediaries who may only work with certain companies. We recommend the price comparison on test.De.
  • check the tariff features of the police carefully. Sufficiently high coverage amounts and the assumption of costs in the event of damage due to gross negligence, marten bites or wildlife accidents are particularly important.
  • Be critical with the agreement of discounts. check for yourself if you can actually meet them. If you take out a "garage tariff", for example, your car should always be parked in a garage.
  • ask how your vehicle is rated and whether to refer to the tariff conditions of the old or the next year.

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