Children’s birthday: treasure hunt for kindergarten children (part 5)

Reading time: 2 minutes Are you planning a children’s birthday for kindergarten children? A self-made treasure hunt is just the thing for this. Children of this age have an unrestrained urge to move and love secrets.

Children’s birthday: treasure hunt for kindergarten children (part 5)

Treasure hunt brings movement to the children’s birthday party

Blocking an afternoon or even two handful of kindergarten children in the apartment is no pleasure for everyone. A treasure hunt brings them little guests on the move for children’s birthday parties and whatever the weather. Already write in the invitation that you should bring rainwear or snowsuits.

Embed the treasure hunt in the motto of the children’s birthday party or make up a simple story:

“A pirate captain lived here in this city many, many years ago. It was a dear pirate, like Papi from Pipi Longstocking. Do you know what happened to the captain? He was bored. He didn’t want to spend his days walking to the bakery and butcher and buying bread and salami with his gold coins. He longed for the sea and so one day he put on his pirate hat, put his parrot on his shoulder and drove with the Train to the next port to board his pirate ship. But before that he buried his treasures. Nearby here… "

This is how a treasure hunt for kindergarten children succeeds

  • Send an adult or older sibling half an hour before the start of the treasure hunt to lay the track. The children’s birthday party will hardly be able to stop the treasure hunt and will have no eye for the dangers of traffic. Pay attention to this when choosing the route and go with you as an accompanying person.

Notes with which the tracker marks junctions:

  • confetti
  • small balloons (blow up at home and attach a string)
  • streamers
  • well-packaged sweets (sweets, gummy bear packs – prepared with a cord for tying). To ensure that not only the quick kids get sweets, arrange in advance that all sweets are collected in a bag and distributed fairly at home. Please collect the remnants of the treasure hunt again. Scissors and a bag are helpful for this.

The best thing about it is to raise the treasure

As a treasure, pack the giveaway bags that you have prepared for the children in a box. Hide or bury them near the children’s birthday party. Once the children have found the treasure, they no longer feel like going a long way back.

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