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Child’s horoscope

Parents are the best experts for your own children. However, the deep connection sometimes lacks the objective view.

In a children’s horoscope we find out what gives your child security and security, how much structure it needs and where it is particularly creative. The easiest way to learn and the best way to integrate into groups. What it inspires and where it takes a little more patience. What be self-confidence strengthens and how you can help him when he is in trouble.

Here, too, it is about a fresh look at what you as a parent intuitively know about your child.

Adolescents and puberty

Do you know daily discussions about computer games, alcohol, school topics and going out? The doors to your child are closed externally and internally?

Those in puberty just rebellion and refusal expected, will be surprised at how creative life is: very often young people go through a development that is very different.

The horoscope describes the essential parts that are ripening in your child. What framework it needs and how much resistance is needed. What communication is possible and how it learns to take responsibility. The time frame and direction of development are clear.

So you can be a loving companion for your child but also a "sparring partner".

Parent-child Horoscope

The relationship with our children presents us with a great challenge. We want to give them everything so that they can grow up happily. On the other hand, they need a clear line and a framework that promotes their development into an independent person.

The parent-child horoscope describes where the relationship is smooth and harmonious, which conflicts arise again and again and which solutions are available.

You get to know your own sore spot and understand the patterns that are repeated.

Once you understand the dynamic between you and your child, living together becomes easier and more relaxed.

Highly sensitive children

Children diagnosed with ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioral problems etc. often have one thing in common: they are highly sensitive. The behavior shown to the outside is contradictory, as many children close themselves off or overplay their sensitivity.

In my consultation you will find out which "channels" your child is particularly sensitive and receptive to. How it learns to deal with it constructively and how you can support your child.

Together we will find everyday situations in which you can playfully promote your child’s special abilities.

A look at the unusual strengths your Child clears the way for new experiences.

School type and training

Apprenticeship or Matura? Change of school or stay? Repeat the year or review? University of applied sciences or university?

As parents, we always look for the best possible way together with our children. It is important to take the child’s needs seriously. But what do they look like exactly? What talents and talents were he given? What does it really do? How far can the talent also be used professionally? What skills can be combined into something completely new? Fits teamwork better or is it a lone fighter?

As a former AHS teacher, I would be happy to assist you with decision-making questions relating to school and training.


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