Controversial comparison of rioters and sex offenders

Berlin's Interior Senator Ehrhart Korting (SPD) has withdrawn his controversial comparison of May rioters with sex offenders. "The senator no longer wants to maintain the stupid settlement," a spokeswoman for the interior senator said Sunday at the request of ddp. Korting, however, reiterated the moral condemnation of the stone throwers. On 1. In May, the most serious riots in years took place in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the same time, 273 police officers were injured by attacks from left-wing autonomists.

Korting is reported to have said on the afternoon of 1, according to Bild am Sonntag. May said about stone-throwers and car lighters: "It's like sex crimes: Once the woman is stripped and raped, it's easier for others to join in as well."This statement was immediately met with sharp criticism from the CDU/CSU and FDP, who even suggested that the Berlin senator resign.In an initial statement, Korting had initially called the comparison "unfortunate" and clarified: "What I wanted to say: Anyone who attacks the physical integrity of a person in this way is committing a serious crime. Whether he is the first to act or imitates others, does not change his offense."CDU Secretary General Ronald Pofalla had demanded a public apology from Korting after the statement became known. "This comparison is repulsive and a scandal. Mr. Korting must immediately apologize publicly."CSU Secretary General Alexander Dobrindt demanded the resignation of the Berlin SPD politician: "Korting must apologize publicly and then pack his bags and run away. Such perverse and outrageous slogans are unworthy of a Berlin senator."FDP Secretary General Dirk Niebel also complained about the Senator's language: 'With his statement, Korting trivializes sexual and violent offenses. Instead of such comparisons, Korting should take care that no stones are thrown and cars are not set on fire."Abuse victim Stephanie, who was abducted as a 13-year-old on her way to school and kept for 36 days by child molester Mario M. had been held captive and abused, was appalled. "Korting should be ashamed of himself," the now 17-year-old told "Focus-Online". The senator had offended thousands of abuse victims with his statement.The Left Party in Berlin, however, took Korting in defense and rejected the calls for his resignation. He considers these claims against his coalition partner to be just as inappropriate as Korting's comparison between rioters and rapists, said the state leader of the Berlin Left Party, Klaus Lederer. "Metaphors are a matter of luck," he said. Korting was, however, "smart enough" to see his mistake.

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