Crafts for the soccer birthday

➤ And that’s how you make the invitation

Cut a folding card out of light green cardboard, 21 x 15.5 cm. Assemble the gate from two 1.3 x 8 cm and one 1.3 x 11.5 cm strips of cardboard. First glue the four cross-sections on the back, then weave two cords through and glue the beginning and end of each to the top cardboard strip. Label and stick on the blue sign, 2.5 x 7 cm. Copy, cut out and fix a size 3 football.
The Invitations Make according to the colors of your favorite club: Bayern fans then make z. B. on a red and blue striped card, which is decorated with soccer balls. Design the cup with crepe paper in blue and red.

with the Write gel pen.

➤ Garland

Cut the pennants, the size 4 soccer balls and the coat of arms and assemble them according to the photo. Punch the holes in the corners of the pennant, thread a 30 cm piece of the thin cord, secure with knots and tie a loop in the middle. Thread the pennants on the thick cord. Cut a 6 cm wide strip from the crepe paper, cut jagged edges on a long edge and glue the strip around the cord.

➤ Cups for sweets

Cover the cup with blue crepe paper. Cut a strip of green crepe paper, 6 x 30 cm, into fringes on one long edge and glue it twice around the bottom of the cup. Cut out and attach a size 3 soccer ball.

➤ Drinking straw

Cut out the individual parts and the soccer ball, size 3, label the text field. Place all parts according to the photo and attach them to the drinking straw with adhesive film.

➤ Party mascot:

Cut the size 5 soccer ball, eyes, nose and shoes from cardboard, put them together and paint the details with the pencils. Use the pliers to punch the holes in the shoes and two holes in the bottom of the soccer ball. Pull the cord in and secure it with a knot on the bottom of each shoe. Fix a clothespin in the middle of the back.

➤ Sun cap

Cut the screen, punch the holes. Cut out a size 5 football and glue half of it onto the screen. Knot the elastic cord.

➤ Cup

Cover the mug and the acrylic hemisphere with crepe paper. Glue the strip of corrugated cardboard into a roll and stick it between the acrylic ball and the cup. Fix the gemstones.

Aus: Knight Festival & Football Party. Cool birthdays for boys
by Marion Dawidowski

Theme parties for cool boys! Celebrating a birthday is fun, especially if the festival has a motto. Pirates, knights, Indians, monsters, aliens and soccer stars are particularly popular with the boys. With these great invitation cards, table decorations, garlands and game ideas you can size Party go up.
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