Easter songs – children’s songs for easter

Egg hunt and sing

Easter is the highest festival of Christianity. But for the children it is a colorful sugar festival with egg hunts and singing Easter songs. There are many Easter songs – from traditional to entertaining. Rolf Zuckowski is a master of children’s songs.

Easter is one of the celebrations that many Germans like to spend with their families. There is an ecclesiastical story behind the holy festival, it is the path of suffering and life of Jesus Christ, which extends from the Way of the Cross to the Resurrection. Believers commemorate the eerie tradition with a commemoration – Easter. Easter also means feasting and snacking. Sweet treats lure everywhere. Colorful egg hunts can get really high. The children’s eyes are particularly happy when they find their hidden nests. Matching there are beautiful Easter songs for children – cheeky, classic and church.

Why we celebrate Easter

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated at Easter. The liturgy extends from the last supper of Jesus with his disciples, that is, Maundy Thursday, to Easter Sunday, the resurrection to heaven.

An overview of the Easter holidays: Good Thursday, the day of mourning, follows Maundy Thursday. That Friday Jesus was said to have been crucified. Good Friday is one of the strictest days of fasting and absence among Catholics. People shouldn’t eat meat or other delicate delights on this high holiday.

Good Friday is followed by Holy Saturday, the last day of Holy Week. On this day, believers commemorate the grave rest of Jesus. This is followed by Easter Sunday, the holiest of all church holidays in general. On that Sunday, Jesus Christ is said to have overcome death and to have risen. Easter Monday is followed by Easter Monday. Like the second Christmas Day or Whit Monday, this is one of the days in Germany that is one of the highest festivals of Christianity in Germany as a second holiday, so to speak as a following day.

Germans are church muffle

According to a survey by the magazine "Stern", only 28 percent of Germans go to church at Easter. Nevertheless, the believing site is one of the places where wonderful Easter songs are sung to attune to the holy festival.

“Christ has risen”, for example, has established itself as a fixed hymn for Easter in the Holy Mass. The text has a long history. It goes back to Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, which is anchored in the New Testament.

Easter songs for children

The little ones look forward to Easter most. With colorful eggs and sweet treats we make your eyes shine. Whether in kindergarten or at school: children like to sing. So also at Easter. One of the Easter songs for children that has crystallized over the years as an Easter hit is called "Has, Has, tell me something" by the German children’s songwriter and author Stephen Janetzko. Sung by children’s voices, it is a successful Easter song for children.

A somewhat older Easter song is titled "Has, Has, Osterhas" and was created at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. "Has, Has Osterhas" was written by Paula Dehmel, the well-known children’s fairy tale author.

Lines of text on Paula Dehmel’s "Has, Has, Osterhas"

we don’t want to wait anymore!

The crocus and the daisy,

Forget-me-not and tulip stand

in our garden for a long time.

with your colorful eggs!

The star peeks out of the box,

Blossom kittens are sitting around his house;

when are you coming to celebrate spring?

i wish the best!

A big egg, a little egg

and a funny dideldumdei,

All in one nest! "

Rolf Zuckowski’s "Stups the Little Easter Bunny" – a classic

Rolf Zuckowski is a master of children’s songs. His Easter song for children is called "Stups the little Easter bunny". A text excerpt from the song reads:

"Stups, the little Easter bunny

keeps falling on the nose,

no matter where he went,

something always went wrong.

The other day, he laid the eggs

in Miss Meier’s shoe.

She got up early in the morning,

then fate took its course:

She got into the shoe,

shouted again briefly: "Oh, no!"

When she saw the scrambled eggs,

she already knew who that was. "

This Easter song for children is a real catchy tune for the small. The song is characterized above all by the simple text and the child-friendly melody.

Easter songs for children – a classic

Another Easter classic for young and old is the song "Bunnies in the Pit". It may not be a classic Easter song, but it is a funny hit that teases the rabbit amusingly. The nursery rhyme is mainly used in kindergarten education. But it should also amuse as a game song in elementary school for singing. "Rabbit in the pit" was written in 1840 by the German educator Friedrich Froebel.

The first verse from “Bunnies in the Pit” by Friedrich Froebel

"Bunnies in the pit

sat and slept, sat and slept.

Poor bunny, you are sick,

that you can’t jump anymore?

Poor bunny, you are sick,

that you can’t jump anymore?

Bunny jump! Little hops! "

Easter songs for children are colorful and diverse. Which Easter song is your favorite? Do you have a favorite song that you like to play? Easter hears?


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