Family vacation in denmark

Kingdom of children’s and family experiences

Denmark is practically made for children. For one thing, not only is there no place further than 55 km from the sea. It is never far to the next adventure playground, adventure or aqualand, the next petting zoo or one of the major attractions.

Here you can really experience everything as a child: super action, wild animals – tame to stroke, of course, huge bathing fun, "real" Meet Vikings or just enjoy time with mom and dad.

No wonder that many children, when they grow up, bring their own children back to Denmark. Because if you come to Denmark as a child, you will find a love for life that you will never forget.

Now is the time to secure your own Danish holiday home right by the sea !

After an unusually long winter, the long-awaited summer is finally here.

Huge attractions for our
little visitor!

Denmark is not only a holiday paradise, but also and above all a paradise for children.

The sunny island in the middle of the Baltic Sea!

Funen is located in the middle of Denmark and is the second largest island in the kingdom. The landscape is wavy and.

Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster

The large islands in the east of Denmark are each very different in terms of landscape.

Denmark – what is behind it?

Although Denmark borders Germany directly, many have no precise idea of ​​our small holiday kingdom. That is why this question is naturally justified.

Family friendly kingdom

We have around 5,000 kilometers of beaches along the coast.

Kingdom of children’s and family experiences

Denmark is practically made for children.

Take a vacation at home like at home

Did you know that vacationing in a holiday home is an ancient Danish invention? He really is. Because at the beginning of the last century, many townspeople remembered that it is very beautiful on the coasts of their own country.

North Jutland

In days when everything seems to go faster and we have less time for each other, Denmark offers a welcome oasis of calm. And so to speak, right on the German doorstep.

Bornholm island

An ancient saga is told about the beautiful Baltic island of Bornholm, which is easy to understand once you have been here. It reads: “When God created Scandinavia, he kept from every country.

LEGOLAND® Billund Resort – more adventure is impossible

If small children imagine paradise, it would not surprise us if it were Billund.

Take advantage of great family bargains in the off-season!

Are your children not yet required to attend school? That means you don’t have to organize your vacation after the vacation? more better. Then you have the attractive opportunity to use the many bargains (for example) from our holiday home partners.

They have great offers in the off-season and you can save up to 30% or more. Then even luxury houses with a pool and sauna become affordable. A dream for a vacation with the little ones. Another advantage is the free choice of the arrival day with many providers. In other words, you don’t have to book your family vacation from Saturday to Saturday, but you can also book a completely “crooked” appointment – from Monday to Thursday after next.

We hope you enjoy the "Bargain hunting". And don’t forget: Those who book early often save even more!

You can find more information about great family bargains in the off-season here.

The attractive holiday paradise Lalandia offers one thing above all for big and small children: fun, fun, fun! Countless experiences and activities await here – from Aquadom to Mony Tonky Land, from mini golf to the heated outdoor pool, from candy cooking to Children’s disco etc., etc., etc. And because it is worth taking some time for Lalandia, you can also spend your vacation here in the park’s holiday homes. With the whole family, of course.

By the way, with the modern Scandlines ferries, Lalandia is just a tiny sea journey away on the German doorstep. And the four of you are there for four days from 312 euros.

Click here for the offer.

In the LEGOLAND® Resort in Billund not only parents and children relax but also the prices. At least if you use our attractive online offer.

Then you can download a children’s free ticket worth 39 euros for every adult paying admission. For parents with two children, this means: 2 free tickets with a total value of an incredible 78 euros.


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