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They both loved each other so warmly, she was a mistress, he was a thief. When he pranked, she threw herself on the bed and laughed.

The day passed with joy and joy, at night she lay against his chest. When he was taken to prison, she stood at the window and laughed.

He had her say: Oh come to me, I long for you so much. I call for you, I languish, she shakes her head and laughs.

At six o’clock in the morning he was hanged, at seven he was lowered into the grave; But at eight o’clock, she drank red wine and laughed.

Famous poems and verses author Famous poems (excerpt)
German national anthem (3rd stanza of the "Germany song") 1841, Hoffmann v. Fallersleben (Melody by Joseph Haydn) Unity and justice and freedom for the German fatherland! Let us all strive for that, brotherly with heart and Hand! Unity and right and freedom are pledges of happiness. Bloom in the radiance of this happiness, blooming German fatherland!
Mephistopheles (from "Doctor Faustus") 1808, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe I am the spirit that always denies! And rightly so, because everything that arises is worth destroying. Drum better it would be that nothing would arise. So everything you sin, destruction, in short: evil, is my real element.
the return home (from "Book of Songs") 1827, Heinrich Heine Whoever loves for the first time, be luckless, is a god; But if you love happiness for the second time, you are a fool. I, such a fool, I love again without love; Sun, moon and Stars laugh, and I laugh with – and die.
A woman
(from "New Poems: Romances")
1844, Heinrich Heine
ode to Joy (from the 9th symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven) 1786, Friedrich Schiller Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, daughter from Elysium, we are drunk with fire, heavenly ones, your sanctuary! Your spells bind again what fashion strictly divides; All men become brothers where your gentle wing is.

Whoever succeeded in being a friend of a friend, who achieved a nice woman, mix in his cheers! Yes, whoever calls even a soul on the earth round! And if you never could, steal out of this covenant crying!

All beings enjoy the breasts of nature; All good, all bad follow their trail of roses. She gave us kisses and vines, a friend, tested in death; Lust was given to the worm, and the cherub stands before God.

The song of the bell (1st verse) 1799, Friedrich Schiller Stuck in the earth, the form is made of clay. Today the bell must be fresh, journeyman, be on hand! Sweat must run hot from the forehead if the work is to praise the master; but the blessing comes from above.
Do you know that, too? 1899-1902, Hermann Hesse Do you also know that sometimes in the midst of a loud lust, at a party, in a happy hall, you suddenly have to be silent and go away?

Then you lie down on the bed without sleep like someone whom you suddenly had a heartache; Lust and laughter is fanned out like smoke, you cry, cry without stopping – you know that too?

departure 1811, Ludwig Uhland So I have now left the city where I lived for a long time. I vigorously pull my streets, nobody gives me the escort.

I was not torn off my skirt (it would also be a shame for the dress), I was still bitten in the cheek by overwhelming heartbreak.

Neither has it driven sleep away that I go on in the morning. You could hold it as you please, but one of them hurts me.

The Panther (in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris) November 6, 1902, Rainer Maria Rilke His eyes have become so tired from the passing of the bars that he no longer holds anything. It is as if there were a thousand bars and behind a thousand bars there is no world.

The soft gait of supple, strong steps, which turns in the smallest of circles, is like a dance of power around a middle, in which there is a great will numb.

Only sometimes does the pupil’s curtain slide open silently; then a picture goes in, goes through the tense silence – and stops being in the heart.

autumn day September 21, 1902, Rainer Maria Rilke Lord it’s time. The summer was very big. Lay your shadow on the sundials and let the winds loose in the hallways.

Order the last fruits to be full; give them two more southern days to push them to completion and chase the last sweetness into the heavy wine.

If you don’t have a house now, you won’t build one anymore. Those who are alone now will stay long, will watch, read, write long letters, and will wander back and forth in the avenues when the leaves are floating.

The carousel
(in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris)
June 1906, Rainer Maria Rilke With a roof and its shadow, the population of colorful horses rotates for a little while, all from the country that hesitates for a long time before it goes down. Some are tied to cars, but everyone has courage in their faces; an evil red lion walks with them and every now and then a white elephant.

Even a deer is there, just like in the forest, only that it carries a saddle and straps a little blue girl over it. And a white boy rides on the lion and holds with his little hot hand, while the lion shows teeth and tongue. And now and then a white elephant.

And they come by on horses, even girls, bright ones, almost outgrown this horse jump; in the middle of the swing they look up, somewhere, over – and now and then a white elephant.

And that goes and hurries, that it ends, and just circles and turns and has no goal. A red, a green, a gray sent by, a small profile barely started. And sometimes a smile, turned around, a blissful one that dazzles and wastes on this breathless blind game.

The ants Joachim Ringelnatz Two ants lived in Hamburg, who wanted to travel to Australia. At Altona’s on the Chaussee, their legs ached and they wisely refrained from doing the last part of the trip.
I know Clemens Brentano I know well what spells you in me, the glow of life in my chest, the sweet, magical ornament, the fearful, deep-seated lust,
who shines from me calls to you.

Lock me up in a rock, but poor Lind calls through marrow and leg. Come, live, love, die of me, put this rock on your chest – you have to, you have to.

life Greeting
(from "Book of Songs")
Heinrich Heine A large country road is our earth, we humans are passengers, people run and hunt, on foot and on horseback, like runners or couriers.

One drives past, one nods, one greets, with the handkerchief from the body, one would have liked to have hearted and kissed, but the horses were chasing from behind.

No sooner did we meet at the same station, dearest Prince Alexander, when the Postillion was already blowing and blowing us apart.

A woman’s fate (from "New Poems") Heinrich Heine Just as the king grabs a glass to drink from it, any one, and afterwards whoever has it continues and preserves it as if it were none:

So perhaps fate, thirsty too, occasionally raised one to the mouth and drank, which then had a small life, much too anxious to break it apart from use.

Put down in the fearful showcase in which his valuables are (or the things that are considered precious).

There she stood as a stranger and just grew old and went blind and was not precious and was never rare.

moonlit night Joseph von Eichendorff It was as if the sky had kissed the earth silently, that she must now dream of him in the sheen of flowers.

The air went through the fields, the ears of wheat swayed gently, the woods rustled softly, the night was so starry.

And my soul spread its wings wide, flew through the quiet lands as if it were flying home.


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