Father-child Free time at the youth hostel

This weekend everything is different: showering, washing hands, combing – what for? It works without it, too. But there are plenty of adventures at the youth hostel during the father-children’s weekend. Discover our offers!

It’s men’s time! But isn’t there a girl? “No, no’, explains Christian, one of the five fathers laughing, ‘that is deceptive. That is ‘Max’, at least for this weekend! So we count five fathers, nine boys and “Max(ie)”. The nine-year-old stands next to us and grins all over her face. Through the soot marks on her feet we discover remnants of red lacquered toenails. Clearly a girl – but what does that mean?

“Children can’t be wild, play in the woods, get dirty in everyday life these days. Since we find this important and want to give them the opportunity to experience it, we come here at least once a year,” says Stefan. The youth hostel is ideal for this: the big meadow, the forest, we can collect wood, carve, make fire, play”. Fin proudly shows us his big blue Swiss army knife. It is attached to the belt of his shorts with a shiny silver chain. His father Andreas explains: “We have agreed with the children that they will get their own knife if you have shown us that you can handle it responsibly”.

Treasure hunter at Lake Bigge: 5 fathers + 10 children = freedom and adventure

And why without the mothers? The five men laugh. Martin explains: “Nothing against our women, they are great. But without them it’s different: Nobody who sends the children to the shower at the end of an evening at the campfire! That’s also important!

In recent years the group has slept in large yurts that belonged to the youth hostel. “Unfortunately, that was not possible this year because the tents were no longer tight,” explains Peter Schär, head of the Biggesee Youth Hostel. “We are currently working on a new outdoor concept. But sleeping in the house was out of the question for the fathers. That’s why they are staying in their own tents this year as an exception.” And something else is new this year: the GPS treasure hunt with canoe tour!

Now all gather around the fireplace. Stefan Lamers of “Bigge Elements” tells us that where Lake Bigge is today, there used to be villages. And somewhere there is supposed to be a treasure. And that treasure has to be found with the help of a treasure map. Coordinates are listed as hints. It’s good that you can use GPS devices today to help you. “How do you enter the coordinates? Not so easy, but together it works. The treasure hunt begins: “The compass points directly into the forest. Is that correct? Johann ran ahead and shouted: “We can stay on the road. He makes a bow! The first clue has already been found: A=6. “I write it on my arm,” explains Linus. The path continues down to the shore. There Stefan stands with the boat trailer. Two fathers each carry a boat to the water. Life jackets on, tons to pack, test sitting, all man on board!

Then it starts. And one, and two… “Dad, where are you taking us?” Maxi holds the GPS: “Daddy, the next clue must be over there on the shore.” There is a message in a bottle hanging in the tree. “Closer. Even closer … now I can read it!”

The collected clues result in new coordinates leading to the treasure. Is everything right? Somehow the team of Andreas, Christian, Anton and Lukas seems to have installed a number turner – they are paddling in a completely different direction. “Hey, where are you going,” Maxi shouts. The mistake was quickly noticed and the course changed. There’s Treasure Island! We made it! Real gold coins! “And for us? A beer wouldn’t be bad now.” Before there is the well-deserved reward for the fathers as well, everyone paddles back to the pier together.

How good it is that everything is already prepared in the youth hostel. “All we have to do is to start the barbecue.” Everything else is ready: salads, crockery, drinks and barbecue meat. “This is a great service here!” Meanwhile the children have rekindled the campfire. And now there is also a beer for the fathers. At the campfire they all told for a long time about their adventures before they crawled into the tents and cuddled up in their sleeping bags. “Next year we will come again!

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Build bows together and shoot with them, go on a night hike and experience adventures and listen to stories at the campfire: the perfect father-child adventure!

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