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If you haven’t done so already, you should read books as part of your child’s regular reading routine. Not only do reading books introduce your child to new words and how they are pronounced, but they will use the words to bring life to your child in a way that silent reading doesn’t. Reading alouds can also give new readers a break from working so hard and make fun books that can build a lifelong love of reading.

Favorite read books together

Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin Bunny is one of the more famous Beatrix Potter books. The books guide the reader through stories about animal characters as they master various challenges. Each page is shown and the words glow in red as the narrator reads them. This makes it easy to follow together as the book for your child to read. Your child will be introduced to how "Knit", "lavender" and "stumbled vocabulary." There is a stop button and the fingers point forwards or backwards. If your child likes a certain part of the story, he can play it more.

Other books by Beatrix Potter are also available, so if your child loves this story they can read it too The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Flopsy The fairy tale of the Jemima puddle duck.

Mother Goose

What would childhood be without a few Mother Goose rhymes to remember and repeat as an adult? The real mother goose is an illustrated book that rhymes along Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice and the cat and the fiddle read functions. Your child will simply click on the title of the nursery rhyme he wants to read. The nursery rhyme is red, with the words spoken red like every word. The images change with each scene in the rhyme. For example, Humpty Dumpty starts sitting on the top of a wall and then falls to the floor with a horrified look on his egg face.

Easy navigation back to the main menu, click the content of the book "Play Again", play the nursery rhyme, or navigate to the next rhyme or back to the last rhyme.


The favorite bedtime story comes to life with this reading book that is not only presented but animated. In the story of Cinderella, your child is forced to a classic fairy tale by a young maid to cook and listen neatly to her stepmother and stepsisters. As the words are, they are marked in red. Stop the story at any time or flip backwards or forwards with the click of a button. You have the option to choose this story whether it is one of your child’s favorite stories. Although it’s a bit different from the well-known Disney version, the story is still recognizable and should remain a favorite for years.

Discover new books

Like Mona Lisa has her smile

This book, written by Anne Elizabeth Eaves, tells of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci of a woman with an enigmatic smile. How Mona Lisa has told her smile is told and has background music. As each word is read, it is highlighted so that your child can easily follow along. There is a stop button to pause the story. Your child can also navigate forward or backward or stop, the story for a minute and then on. The pages of the book are animated. For example, if the story tells walking a mile in Mona Lisa shoes, the illustrated character for Mona Lisa goes over the screen.

This nice story tells everything that to the point of getting new comfortable shoes and how her new smile made da Vinci go wrong in Mona Lisa’s life, notice them and want to paint. The book is fun that your child can enjoy, but can also be a stepping stone to a story discussion.

pirate treasure

Pirate Treasure by Carol Moore is a story that every child interested in pirates will love. This reading book together has the property of being readable with or without sound. Just click on the audio icon and the narrator will read the text to your child, or click on it not to see if the child can read it on your own. The story follows a little boy as he dreams of bluebeard and then tries to find a buried treasure. In the end, he discovers that it is hard work that pays off. The book is easy to navigate by page number.

Mr. Gruff and the twins

Mr. Gruff and the Twins of Matt Sterling is a story that takes a look at the question of intimidation and how to overcome such a situation. This book will show your child how dialogue can be used in a story. As with most books, the narrator reads the words, and as each word is spoken, it is marked in red. Stop the story or click right or left pointing your hands to go forward or backward. It’s a good lesson in forgiveness, belief in yourself, and how rivals can become friends.

Educational title

Machu Picchu: The lost city of the Incas

Do you want to combine the fun of writing along books with what your child new Findings? Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Incas is a read along book that is non-fiction. It teaches your child this Inca city in the Andes in Peru. Real images of the locations used instead of the images. The narrator reads the text and how each word is spoken is marked in red. You can stop the narrative at any point so that your child can do more research on a particular topic or you can discuss what has been read. You can navigate forward or backward by clicking the buttons "Further" or "Back".

Food from the sun

Food from the Sun by Stacy Pointer is the second book from the top of the landing page. Unfortunately, you can’t go straight to the book, but you’ll want to go through this website’s educational title anyway Food from the sun explains how plants get their nutrients. The book can be used as a stepping stone to a science discussion about plants. The illustrations are not animated, making them look more like a traditional book, and the words do not glow when your child is reading together, so this read along is available for an advanced reader or just for informational purposes. Nevertheless, this title as well as this page is worth mentioning for the pure scientific education behind it.

River Otter

Otter is a book about natural history that follows the everyday life of a river otter. The book is told and how each word is spoken, arises from black to reddish brown. You can stop the story or go forward or backward, using the navigation keys on the right of the illustration. Throughout history, words like "mammal" and "carnivore" underlined. When the reader clicks on the underlined word a definition is given. Not only will this help your child become a better reader, but it will help with reading comprehension and vocabulary.

The joy of reading

One of the advantages of reading along books is that your child doesn’t have to work quite as hard to understand how to pronounce a new word or that importance to understand behind a story. Read alongs take the pressure off so that your child can just enjoy the written word. Later, after reading the story aloud, your child can go back, stop the audio, and try to read the words of themselves. The titles above on websites that regularly add new titles, so be sure to check the homepages and test everything the online reading world has to offer for your child.


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