Games for children 7-10 years

Nothing is as much about attracting the child’s attention as the game. After all, kids love to play. It is because the game is much easier to keep the children learning about the world and the leadership skills. We invite you to play games for children from 7-10 years in which your child can play with peers, have fun outside of school hours.

"Sly notes"

This game is for children 7-10 years old requires two sheets of paper and pens.

A sheet must be in ten parts, which we Call notes to be cut. We use the second sheet to plan. On the first page should be written on a page «Note №1», and on the back to indicate the place where the «Note №2». For example, a note №2 can be hidden in a desk drawer. But the second note should show where the next one and so on. On the last note, you need to specify the location of the plan, but the plan is the place where the prices are painted. The nature of the game depends on how much more interesting options. All of these notes and the plan are written in accordance with hidden.

After that, the room names to play and tell them benchmark in terms of location from the first note. The winner is the one who finds the first prize.

«Won the Prize»

Game details: the chair itself a price. Children should face each other, and in front of them put the chair on which will rely on the price. The moderator should start counting «one, two, three -sta, 1, 2, three -nadtsat, 1, 2, thirty -. And so on »« 3 »: The winner is the one child who will show their care and the first touches and take the prize at a time that the leading expresses.

"What is your friend?"

In the process of the game for children 7-10 years old the judge (preferably one of the adults) should follow. The players have to face each other and about five Stand for seconds to study the look of his friend. After that, the child should turn his back and alternately describe the look of a friend: hair color, clothing, growth, etc. The winner will be the one who would name the most similarities and not allow mistakes. she can then in the second part of the game, in which each player has to go quietly to your partner to change part of his appearance (to change your hairstyle, unbutton a button, etc.). The player’s job is to understand what changes in appearance.


This game is for kids 7-10 years old on their birthday. In the room you need to arrange the chairs in a random order. Then distribute the roles among the children in this order: "Commander", "Intelligence", "Distance" (here some children have to give). "Scout" is to send across the room, he went to the chairs, which on both sides, paves the way, "the commanders" at this point should look closely and notice the entire route. Then he has to spend his "posse" on the same street. By the way, roles can be changed and every new scout will have to pave a new way.


For this game you need to take two cards with the same pictures and use scissors to cut them into six to eight portions that can make different shapes (square, triangle, etc.). The child, led by card model, has to lay down the particle cut cards.


This game doesn’t need a big inflatable ball. Children should line up in a circle and fold the ball together while catching his or hitting, as at the time of the volleyball game. The player who missed or dropped the ball has a “pumpkin”. He had to squat in the middle of the circle and it starts throwing the ball.

At the time when the ball fell on the ground after hitting the «pumpkin», it should not be missed and the new «pumpkin» is the one who loses the ball, the old «pumpkin» must play leave. The winner is the last of the two players who remained who could not drop the ball, then always "pumpkin".

With the help of these games your child can develop not only their physical properties but also to show the logic.


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