Hiking package: april 2010

Friday April 30, 2010

Package is there!

Arrived today and I would like to take it out:

Two jerseys, a blouse fabric, the Adita Cord as discussed and a jersey from the rest of the bag (the striped one on the far left).

I would like to offer you these fabrics for exchange:

Two BW fabrics, the right one is from Stenzo, the left one I don’t know.

Picture above: a Poplin on the left, a baby cord on the right, I think from Hilco.

Again picture above: on the left a BW fabric, on the right a baby cord in a beautiful warm purple with sewn-in satin ribbon.

And this one was very difficult to photograph: a thin blouse BW fabric with a ribbon in a beautiful green.

For the remaining jersey I offer one of the following fabrics:

An orange jersey, a light turquoise summer terry, and a green Nicky fabric from Westphalia. Unfortunately, the color of the Nicky comes across poorly, maybe it is because he is lying next to the turquoise fabric * I have no idea *. In the original it is a little lighter and much fresher, a nice strong light green.

So now you can vote. I hope I got your taste :)

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Wednesday April 28, 2010

Package on the way

Excuse me, I drove the package around for 2 days and then also notice that it doesn’t fit in the packing box. I finally got it today drop off at the post office, it’s on its way to Corinna.

It was really fun with the exchange.

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Saturday April 24, 2010

Exchange perfect and package number

So here are the pictures:
Raw materials on the left – pure substances on the right and the whole package without a joker bag, I forgot;)

The girls’ ring jersey is also a cotton jersey with a percentage of elastane – I really have no feeling for it, but it feels like the swafing fabrics and they are 95% BW 5% elastane.

The package number for Conny: 962042948082 with DHL

If everything is ok, I’ll take the monster pack away.

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Thursday April 22, 2010

May someone vote?

The pure substances are not that clear yet – and I still got some out, they can be looked at again * laughs *

I would also like to send the package on, the thick part is pretty much in my feet here * ggg *
Now who’s next??

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Wednesday April 21, 2010

Something afterwards

14) BW Seersucker by Bizzkids- washed and dried with small flowers
15) Shirt fabric Hilco Karo Mods- still unwashed

16) beautiful stretchy girl stripes jersey composition? Feels like viscose
17) Sanetta BW Jersey 1.6 m piece from package in apricot, unwashed
18) BW "Barbapapas" colorfully unwashed

I would like to exchange 19- if nobody has anything against the cut red and white stripes (approx. 50 cm usable length plus small gates) for 2 m from the new Janeaband with the green skyrockets and the matching blue / white star ribbon.

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Tuesday April 20, 2010

Parcel landed in the Eifel

The big package was in front of my door this afternoon – besides this time cream slices from Bote * lach *
This is the content:

I actually like 6 sticks – but I don’t like to be outrageous. unless nobody minds. And I would have enough substitutes that you like.

These are my out wishes:

and the strange:

And these are my exchange suggestions:
Gitta by Swafing in
1) brown / rather gray streaked and
2) khaki / turquoise (not yet washed)

3) pink-pink with polka dots along the stripes – manufacturer and composition unknown. A little more than 1 m long
4) Sanetta combination jersey in purple-lilac, pre-washed + dried, originally 1 m
5) Sanetta Interlock khaki-white, not pre-washed
6) Adita Cord in light blue / blue, I have to measure again

7) somewhat stretchy firm cotton composition but unknown patterned in blue by Bizzkids
8) as above, only pink / red both also washed and dried

Cotton print:
9) Printed thinner cotton (Hil-Tex) unwashed green with large blue spots
10) ditto with small blue spots
11) slightly thicker as above white cotton print with dots

12) beautiful patchwork fabric in blue patterned – but only 112 cm wide (I can cut longer, is still on the bale
13) Ditto in white with blue / brown floral print – 112 cm wide.

Let’s see what you say about the selection, I also like to rummage again.

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