Holidays with children at the Baltic Sea

Vacation at the Baltic Sea

Holidays with children at the Baltic Sea

Of course, the Baltic Sea is not the Caribbean, the beach is not so white, the sea is not so turquoise. But those who have small children set their priorities differently anyway. The beach must be suitable for building sand castles. And the Baltic Sea sand is very suitable for this. In addition, the beach has a lot to offer for decorating, which one looks for in vain in the Caribbean: stones in different sizes, colours and shapes and of course dried algae, from which excellent maritime gardens can be created for the castles on the beach. For children, the Baltic Sea beach is a first-class creative workshop.

And the accessories are also very limited: a shovel, a bucket and perhaps a landing net for the crabs, which are really easy to catch, are loosely enough to fill an exciting children’s day. And when the offspring are digging enthusiastically, the parents can lie on the beach, dream about the Baltic waves or read a good book again. Holiday halt.

And should the Baltic Sea summer take a break for a day or two, the places are fortunately well prepared for it. Apart from the classics such as swimming pools and indoor playgrounds, there is now also a wide range of courses on offer. Stones are painted, napkins folded or pictures felted. If that’s not enough for you, you can climb high up into the climbing forest in Kühlungsborn – a pleasant, shady spot, by the way, when the Baltic summer doesn’t take a break, but your own skin urgently needs one. For children over 6 always a worthwhile visit and mummy and daddy are welcome to join in.

Offer for children in Kühlungsborn West

On the green area next to the Baltic Platz in Kühlungsborn West (in front of the Villa Baltic and the old swimming pool) there are interesting play possibilities for children again this year.

A climbing castle filled with air offers the smaller children for EUR 3.50 crawling and climbing fun for 15 minutes. The somewhat older children can “roll” on the water in large transparent balls and try to walk a few steps. This is not as easy as you might think.

If you want to get the most out of your energy, use the bungee trampoline. Here you are strapped to bungee ropes and can then jump on a trampoline in the air. With some practice you get a roll forwards or backwards.

There is also a free mini playground. And then there is the beach and the Baltic Sea 50m away…

Playgrounds in Rerik and Kühlungsborn

Rerik and Kühlungsborn have created a number of playgrounds for children in recent years. Most of them are located directly on the Baltic Sea and offer parents a beautiful view. The playgrounds are very different and interesting.

In Rerik the playground at the promenade in front of the Salzhaff offers climbing fun for children from 3 years. Here you will find a range of play equipment that invites you to climb and train your balance.

In Kühlungsborn there are several playgrounds along the Ostseeallee directly behind the beach. Very nice are the two large playgrounds at the beginning of the Ostseeallee in Kühlungsborn Ost and the new playground towards Kühlungsborn harbour with the motto “Fishing”.

Climbing forest in Kühlungsborn

The climbing forest in Kühlungsborn offers a great opportunity to let off steam from the age of 6. There are 6 different climbing routes. The first one is just above the ground. The parents can go here comfortably. For the second route a height of 1,25m is necessary. Here the child should be able to manage on its own. The climbing forest is open from mid-April. The exact opening hours can be found on the homepage.

Painting and handicrafts for children

Together with the Creative Workshop, Kühlungsborn offers children the opportunity to paint or felt stones throughout the year. This is a great option when it rains. The dates are listed in the event calendar of Kühlungsborn. Depending upon activity costs for the material result.

Carousel and Bungee Trampoline

At different times in spring and summer, a carousel, a bouncy castle and a bungee trampoline will be set up on Baltic Platz in Kühlungsborn West. There is also a bungee trampoline from time to time in front of the playground at the Salzhaff in Rerik.

Winter ice rink in Kühlungsborn

In winter, an ice rink was set up in a tent in the concert garden in Kühlungsborn West over the past few years. Ice skates could be rented at a fair price. For beginners there were some practice gliders available.

Insider tip waders for children

The purchase of a waders turned out to be a great idea. These trousers used by anglers are in principle rubber boots which are directly connected with waterproof trousers and go up to the abdomen / chest area. You can splash around in the Prielen or in the shallow water of the Baltic Sea, if the weather does not yet invite you to swim in the Baltic Sea.

Possibilities without end…

Otherwise popular with children: a ride with the Molli steam locomotive. It is best to park at the station in Kühlungsborn Ost and drive to Kühlungsborn West. There the locomotive changes over and the train returns after a few minutes.

Children who learn to run or the first rounds on the bike or inline skates are in good hands in Rerik. Here the parents can accompany the first steps much more relaxed than in a big city, for example. The sailing offer in Rerik is interesting for older children.

On some holidays, Rerik organizes Easter fires, barbecues with the fire brigade, and New Year’s Eve. In the event centre there are magic demonstrations and more…

Kühlungsborn or Rerik?

That’s a tough question. In the high season Kühlungsborn is quite full. Many of the holiday flats are a little further away from the beach. In Rerik you can leave your car if you make a good choice. Then there are supermarket, baker and restaurant within a radius of 200m and also to the beach it is only 350m. Thus the vacation receives again a clearly more relaxing quality.

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