Invitation texts for the children’s birthday

What am I going to write in the invitation? What does it all include? And there are also nice ideas for original texts?

You are exactly right here, because we have for you invitation texts prepared for the children’s birthday.

The various sample texts are suggestions that you are also welcome to mix with one another. You are also welcome to print out all invitation texts at the end.

We hope you enjoy our ideas and have a wonderful children’s birthday party.

Sample invitation text 1

Soon I will . (Years) old and would like to celebrate that with you!

WHERE? At my home (place, street) .

We want to celebrate a fun jungle party this day. If you want,
you can bring your favorite cuddly toy.
You don’t need to dress up,
we’ll do that at the party!

Please tell your parents that they are you
bring and want to pick up again.

I’m really looking forward to you, yours .

Sample invitation text 2

I hereby cordially invite you to my birthday on. on.

The party starts at. and ends at .

I celebrate at home.

Please give me until. Let me know if you can come.
I would be very happy!

Please bring your inline skates with you and ask your parents to drive you to me and pick you up again.

Sample invitation text 3

It will soon be time again, it’s my birthday!

I would like to celebrate this special day with you!

Please give me up. (Date) Let me know if you can come.
My parents will be happy to pick you up and bring you back home.

I am looking forward to yours. (Surname)

Sample invitation text 4

I’ll celebrate mine soon. birthday!

And you are cordially invited to do so!
I would be very happy to welcome you!

In order to be able to party properly, you should also bring a thick jacket,
Since we are on a Long Go treasure hunt.

Please tell your parents that they will bring you
and want to pick it up again.

I look forward to your confirmation!

Sample invitation text 5

At the . (Day of the week). (Date)
Let’s celebrate mine in the city park. birthday
with games and picnic.

Let’s go. (Time)
To . (Time)

We will pick you up and bring you against. (Time) back home.

You should bring this with you: .

Please tell me. (Date) Let me know if you can come

I’m really looking forward to you, yours. (Surname)

Sample invitation text 6

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You can find out how to make invitation cards yourself on these pages. All that remains for us to do is enjoy reading, tinkering, inspiring and celebrating.

Last but not least:
Do you have any other nice ideas for children’s birthday invitations? Then let us know! Just send us your suggestions to our email. We look forward to your mail!


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