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The oil stain is a proven cough application – in Austria it is also known as Schmalzfleck.

This warm pad is placed on the coughing child’s chest. The fed warmth relaxed with barking, dry cough wonderful, the oil penetrates the body and helps liquefy the mucus. Dry cough can become more productive with the help of this warm oil wrap and relieves hard, barking cough.

You can use all types of oil that you have as salad oil at home for the oil stain. If you thyme – or Lavender extract oils have already made it yourself, they are wonderful. Pork lard, which was often used in the past, is less popular today, as the smell is very peculiar. In rural Austria, however, pork lard was traditionally easily and cheaply available, hence the name Schmalzfleck.

DIY: Oil stain or oil wrap – doing it yourself is easy!

Good preparation is half the battle:

  • Prepare cotton cloth that is about the size of your child’s chest and is allowed to get and keep the oil stain. It should be about that Chest size of your child. Old cuddly nappies or remnants of linen or cotton can also be found the fitting Size to be cut.
  • Put it on one heat source such as a hot water bottle or the radiator.
  • Move in your child tight undershirt and push it up again for now
  • Oil: Im >if your child refuses a wrap or is less than 1 year old.

Children like home remedies -TIP: Make sure your hands are warm. Rubbing in with cold hands is not pleasant for little patients!

How it works step-by-step:

  • Warm the cotton towel on a filled hot water bottle and spread the oil over the fabric. It runs and distributes itself through the heat.
  • The warm cotton cloth soaked in oil is then applied to the chest and / or back.
  • alternative you can rub your child with oil directly on the skin and put the warm cloth over it.
  • Then pull the tight shirt over the oil stain fix.
  • In addition, you could put some healing wool or a cherry stone pillow on the outside as an additional wrapping layer. However, children often reject too thick “changing packages”. The warm cloth and the oil alone are then enough. Respect your child’s wish.
  • Provide additional warmth during use, put on a warm sweater or cough pad, stay in bed and go to sleep.

Children like home remedies -TIP: A common one question for breast wraps: How does the changing package hold on my child’s torso?

  • The easiest way: you put on your child a really tight undershirt or a body from which it already grows.
  • The cut-off waistband of a pair of tights can also provide valuable services: Simply cut off the legs, the stretchable "tube" can be easily pulled over a breast wrap and fixed in place.

Make your own extract oil: thyme cough oil

How it works step-by-step:

  • Take a small handful of dried thyme, preferably in organic tea quality.
  • Place the leaves in a clean jam jar and cover she with a vegetable oil of yours


  • You let this mixture steep for about 14 days. During this time, the oil absorbs the active ingredients and fragrances of the thyme.
  • Then strain the oil through a fine tea strainer, a cloth diaper or a coffee filter and fill it into a fresh, well-washed storage glass or amber glass bottle, possibly sprayed with alcohol.
  • Your homemade cough wrap oil is ready!

Does your child also like cough syrup? Then try these delicious do-it-yourself recipes: Black radish cough syrup or Onion cough tea


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