Mobility box for kindergarten children

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The earlier children discover walking and cycling in the city, the more they will enjoy it in adulthood. The Mobility Agency Vienna has therefore created an offer for kindergarten children with the mobility box.

The mobility box is a box that contains play, experimentation and movement materials as well as a guide with 15 action ideas for mobility education. The mobility box can be borrowed free of charge for four to six weeks. At the beginning of the project, the mobility box is delivered to the kindergarten and there is an approximately one-hour consultation instead of.

Are you an elementary teacher and are you interested in exploring the kindergarten mobility box with the children in your group? Book the mobility box now.

Children need exercise
Children need exercise not only to develop physically healthy, but also for their mental, emotional and social development. By walking, cycling and cycling, movement can be easily integrated into everyday life. So movement becomes a matter of course. Children who are used to being active are the pedestrians and cyclists of the future.

Mobility box covers several subject areas
Kindergarten is the first educational institution in a person’s life. The kindergarten mobility box is intended to promote interest in active mobility. It offers offers on the subject areas

  • That’s how I’m on the road
  • I’m going on a journey of discovery
  • Cleverly on the go

and contains suggestions for the participation and participation of the children. For example, the poster "How to get to kindergarten" invites parents and children to be on the go. The children experience their kindergarten environment in a playful, acting, researching, building, observing and imitating manner. This also prepares her well for going to school.

Every child who takes part in the mobility box receives the children’s booklet with Anna on the way to kindergarten for at home. It is also available in Turkish.

Excellent with the Vienna Health Award 2018
As part of the Vienna Health Promotion Conference 2018, municipal councilors Christian Deutsch and Dennis Beck, Managing Directors of Vienna Health Promotion, awarded innovative health promotion projects with the Vienna Health Award 2018. The Vienna Mobility Agency received the first prize in the “Healthy in facilities / organizations” category for the kindergarten mobility box.


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