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New Years Eve with children is stressful? Not with our 10 Tips, how to make New Year’s Day pleasant even with the little ones!

Holidays are particularly beautiful in childhood: you don’t have any stress at this age and everything has a certain magic. So that your children’s New Year’s Eve will be even more fun this year and your own will be as stress-free as possible, we have put together ten tips for you to enjoy the new year with the youngest.

1. Celebrate like the big ones

Of course want also the Youngest New Year’s Eve party guests experience everything that the grown-ups are allowed to do, and what is otherwise particularly prohibited is particularly interesting: drinking sparkling wine and firing fire. It goes without saying that alcohol and pyrotechnics are not for children – if you don’t want to prevent your kiddies from doing so, you can use special children’s products such as sparkling wine or sparklers. The sparkling wine for children sparkles at least as nicely, comes in pretty colors, tastes better (at least for the offspring) and is, of course, alcohol-free, while relatively harmless sparklers replace explosive fireworks and are sure to inspire thanks to the spark spray effect.

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2. Turn New Year’s Eve into a game night

If you trust your children to stay awake until midnight and want to allow them, you could simply turn your celebration into a game night. The whole thing becomes especially funny when you celebrate with friends of your family – then you can alternate between community games and times when the adults play games for the big and the little ones play for the little ones. If you want to plan ahead for such a New Year’s Eve at Christmas, it’s best to give away board or community games with foresight.

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3. Children’s fireworks before midnight

At midnight, many children are too tired to enjoy the great fireworks display – that’s why many cities, hotels and amusement parks offer special firework shows for children in the late afternoon or early evening. Afterwards you can relax and have dinner at home and put the children to bed before the grown-ups watch the rest of the spectacle at midnight. In some places, such as in Prague, there is also another firework display in the early evening of New Year’s Day – for families, but also for all those who fell asleep before midnight the day before or cannot get enough of the colorful sparks.

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4. Celebrate in the family hotel

About New Years Eve in the holidays driving is very special. The customs of how exactly New Year is celebrated are a little different everywhere and in winter, foreign cities and countries also have their own special charm. Family-oriented hotels all over the world offer special offers so that all guests from zero to a hundred years of age feel comfortable. Special children’s menus at the turn of the year, special shows or exclusive offers make the trip even sweeter – the best thing is to use our hotel search to find suitable accommodations beforehand and book them according to your taste.

5. Celebrate in the theme or amusement park

At Christmas and New Year’s Eve, some amusement parks have special events that should amaze children in particular. The Phantasialand theme park in Brühl, Germany, for example, not only offers fun in the amusement park itself on New Year’s Eve, but also has a lot of special New Year’s Eve events for young and old. While the adults have fun here, for example at the Fantissima New Year’s Eve gala or an ABBA tribute event, the little ones celebrate their own festival: the Asian-inspired dragon festival and the wild jungle party. Europa-Park also offers numerous events, where you can spend a culinary evening in a Western style, for example, and the adults can go clubbing later. And in Legoland, the Christmas spirit prevails from mid-November. If you don’t want to party directly in an amusement park, but want to have rides nearby, you should go to Edinburgh. The Christmas and New Year market as part of Edinburgh Christmas is mostly open until January 1st and offers numerous activities from ring games to ice skating to the Ferris wheel. So it’s best to just have a look at the favorite amusement park on the website to see what you can do there over New Year’s Eve.

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6. Special family events

Especially on New Year’s Eve there are numerous offers for fun days out for the whole family: from children’s theater performances to reduced admission to ice skating, in the zoo or on the toboggan run to large New Year’s Eve parties with games and music, there is something in almost every major city. Most of these events are aimed primarily at children, so it might be a nice compromise to spend the afternoon there, while the evening is more devoted to adults. If the kids have been playing and having fun all day, getting to bed will definitely be easier.

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