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Choosing the right stroller is not easy, the offer ranges from simple couchette cars to sports cars to so-called baby joggers and buggies. As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that the "Baby Outing" will not be an adventure trip. The selection of the right stroller and the baby carrier are very important for this factors. What you must not lose sight of with the diverse range is the security aspect.

The safety requirements and test procedures for all variants of strollers are specified in the standard, means of transport on wheels for children, DIN EN 1888 and for carrier bags in DIN EN 1466. According to these standards, things as important as are tested

  • the safety against tipping
  • the functionality of the braking device and the restraint system
  • the strength of the handles

to name just a few requirements!

You can find out which general requirements a pushchair meets and which simple rules for safe handling should be observed in the following article.

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