Private childcare: parents have these options

There are many reasons for private childcare

Places in the daycare center are in great demand and often involve a longer waiting time. Perhaps you have just moved with your children and were unable to find a place for the little ones in time. Or you are simply not comfortable with the large groups in the daycare center. No matter for what reason statutory childcare is out of the question for you: There are numerous private alternatives for different needs.

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Babysitter: short-term care for your children

Whether for an entire evening or a few hours a day: You can book a babysitter for short-term care. Most of them come in the form of teenagers who want to improve their pocket money. But there are also adults who work as part-time jobs as babysitters.

What a babysitter costs

An important question in private childcare is the cost. Of course you can agree a fixed price. A babysitter is usually paid according to hourly wages. Young people between the ages of 14 and 16 often charge around 5 euros per hour. Based on their experience, young adults aged 19 and over can demand more: 7 euros per hour or more are common. Other factors also have an impact on hourly wages:

  • Time of day and task requirements: In the best cases, a night shift is less busy for a babysitter, because the children will eventually sleep. Even if the babysitter has little to do, this can affect his hourly wages by arrangement.
  • Training the babysitter: The higher the education, the higher the hourly wage. If educators or child carers work as babysitters, they can also ask for more.

What is a so-called babysitting diploma?

Anyone who has a babysitting diploma has dealt with the special features of babysitting in a special course. This includes, for example, the appropriate baby and child care or the right behavior in an emergency. Such courses extend over approximately 10 hours. They are offered, for example, by the German Red Cross (DRK).

Nanny: caregiver and domestic help in one

Ever since Mary Poppins, everyone has known the profession of a nanny (in German: nanny). Unlike a babysitter, the nanny works full time in the family. It is not uncommon for her to live in the house, for example in a granny flat. In addition to looking after the children, she takes over Household chores, takes care of shopping or cooking, for example. Which tasks she has is the best contractually regulated.

Big help, high costs

If you hire a nanny for private childcare, you will get a lot of help. But it has its price. For a 40-hour week earned a nanny on average between 1,500 and 2,500 euros net per month. The salary varies depending on Qualification, experience and number of children to be looked after. If the nanny moves into an apartment in the house, the monthly payment is usually adjusted. In the end, the amount of the nanny salary is a matter of negotiation. Just to that minimum wage limit you have to hold on.

Differences between nanny and au pair

Nanny and au pair are often thrown into one pot. But that is not correct: in contrast to the nanny, the au pair comes from another country to take part in a cultural exchange. There is also an age limit for the au pair. It works fewer hours than a nanny, has fewer tasks and receives pocket money instead of a salary. The au pair is integrated as a temporary family member. The nanny is an employee.

Childminder: Private childcare in clearly arranged small groups

Another option for private childcare is a childminder. She usually looks after up to 5 children from different families at the same time. The small groups enable the adolescents to be looked after more individually than in the daycare center. Since the childminder looks after the little ones in her own household, the parents have to take care of bringing them there and picking them up.

Cheaper than a nanny, more expensive than the daycare

It is impossible to set an exact price for the childminder. The costs vary widely and are usually negotiated individually. However: The Federal Association for Day Care for Children recommends an hourly rate of 5.50 euros. This makes a childminder cheaper than a nanny, but more expensive than a day care center.

What you should pay attention to in private childcare

If you give your child to someone else, they will automatically take over supervision. If something to the child happens, the supervisor must be liable. That is why accident and liability insurance are a must for the caregiver. Both policies must also cover childcare. As a client, you too have duties: Nannies, childminders or au pairs usually work part-time or full-time. Report employment to that Tax office. Otherwise you may be guilty of undeclared work.

Special case babysitter

As a rule, babysitters only work as mini-jobbers. You earn less than 450 euros a month. You only have to register your babysitter at the mini job center. This means that he is automatically covered by statutory health insurance.

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