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The “Resolution Recommendation Agreements” of BDA and DGAI have been providing reliable guidance for anaesthetists in their daily work for 28 years now. The present fifth edition of this publication contains a wealth of new and updated guidelines which have been adopted since the fourth edition was published in January 2006. This concerns both medical and occupation-political questions, to which answers had to be found and – partly in the close shoulder conclusion together with our partners in hospital and practice – also were compiled.

The thorough revision of this fifth edition began already in 2007. In the following three years, due to numerous changes in the legal and medical framework, a whole series of recommendations, for example on analgesic sedation or preoperative evaluation, were thoroughly revised, adapted and partly completely reformulated. New agreements with other specialist areas, e.g. intensive care medicine, were added.

In the 50th year of the BDA’s existence, this new edition impressively documents the careful as well as sustainable, i.e. future-proof, work of the founders and first editors of this publication, Wolfgang Opderbecke and Walther Weißauer, as well as their numerous companions and successors within and outside the committees of the BDA and the DGAI. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all contributors.

In the structure of this updated collection of professional and association policy documents, the following change has been made compared to the 4th edition: The wording of the agreements with other subject areas can now be found in the individual subject chapters in order to give the reader a complete overview of the statements on individual subject areas. However, the chapter “Agreements with other subject areas” was left in its original chronological form in the table of contents in order to document in a coherent manner the questions on which interdisciplinary agreements were concluded at all.

The “Declaration of Helsinki on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology” is placed in front of the texts as a preamble (online under: Declaration of Helsinki on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology – Homepage Patient Safety AINS).

The guidelines, which have become increasingly comprehensive in the meantime, have not been reproduced. These can still be viewed and accessed at any time on the DGAI homepage and on the AWMF guidelines page ( or Future resolutions, recommendations and agreements as well as their updates will continue to be published in our journal “Anästhesiologie & Intensivmedizin” (Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine) and made available to interested parties on the Internet. We hope that this fifth, completely revised edition on quality assurance in the field of smooth cooperation with our partners as well as in your daily work in the operating theatre and in the intensive care unit, in the rescue service or in pain treatment for the benefit of the patients entrusted to us will also be a reliable guide for you.

Imprint:CIP Title Record of the German Library Published by the German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine and the Professional Association of German Anaesthesiologists – 5th edition – Red. Editing: C. Kopp und H. Sorgatz ISBN: 978-3-932653-36-0 Founded 1983 by: Opderbecke, H. W.; Weißauer, W.

Aktiv Druck & Verlag GmbH, Ebelsbach 2011 The publisher reserves all rights, in particular reproduction, distribution and translation. No part of this work may be reproduced or stored in any form by mechanical, electronic or photographic means (including sound recording, photocopy and microfilm) without the written permission of the publisher.

Important note: The publisher and the publishers cannot accept any liability for information on dosage instructions and forms of application. Such information must be checked for correctness by the respective user in individual cases on the basis of other literature references. The same applies to professional and association political statements and recommendations. The materials printed here have been produced at different times. Texts, which were provided after the old spelling order, were left in such a way. References to other sources, laws or the like may have changed. Contributions marked with author’s names do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers.

Enquiries and suggestions are requested to the editors:C. Kopp /H. Sorgatz Roritzerstraße 27, 90419 Nuremberg E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! JavaScript must be enabled to view this e-mail!

Order information 5th edition – bound formThe 5th edition of the “Resolutions, Recommendations and Agreements” is available in bound form with the order form (see top of page) from Aktiv Druck & Verlag GmbH. The costs are for

  • DGAI/BDA members: 15,00 Euro
  • Non-members: 30,00 Euro

New documents adopted after the editorial deadline of this edition will be published here in the corresponding chapters with the respective status.

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