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The Adbor duo twin stroller

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at a lot of It is often the case with young families that after the first offspring the second child suddenly announces itself. How is that supposed to work with just one stroller? Apart from that with parents who expect twins who also have to be transported accordingly. The Adbor twin stroller Duo is specially made for families who prefer comfort. With its steel construction, the Adbor twin stroller Duo is very hard-wearing, and it is also part of the basic equipment .
Just like the weather cover, this also impresses with its high wind protection for the small Sibling. Visually speaking, the Adbor twin stroller Duo offers a variety of colors (50 in number) so that parents can also choose their favorite color.

All strollers of the Adbor brand are manufactured according to European safety standards DIN EN 1888.

Benefits :

The sibling stroller looks very good you can be seen

(as described above over 50 colors to choose from)

has a lot of accessories included in the price of one of the cheapest siblings

Disadvantage :

The disadvantage, of course, is the weight since it is a siblings Pram deals

it is somewhat heavier than a simple combination stroller

The sibling stroller needs more space in the car


  • 2 soft carrier bags with firm bottom
  • Rain cover, mosquito net
  • very spacious shopping basket
  • large diaper bag with shoulder strap
  • solid steel construction
  • 4 x suspension
  • removable sun protection
  • Sports car function can be used from the 6th month of life
  • Removable safety bar
  • Weather cover with high wind protection
  • 5 point seat belt
  • 3-stage backrest adjustment (separately adjustable)
  • Viewing window, air conditioning on the roof
  • additional large pocket on the hood
  • Attachment can be used on both sides
  • swiveling front wheels 360 °, lockable


Frame folded with wheels: 92 x 78 x 45 cm

Total height of the stroller to the top of the convertible top: 106 cm

height-adjustable slide in the height of: 77 – 113 cm

Lying height from the floor: 50 cm

Internal dimensions: 84 x 55 x 19 cm


Stroller: 22.5 kg

Sports car: 20 kg

Corresponds to the European safety standard ECE R44 / 04


Thanks to its comfort, the Adbor twin stroller Duo is a perfect sibling stroller.

With selectable designs, it is suitable for young and modern families, as the Adbor twin stroller Duo can be obtained in several versions.

Due to the stable and solid steel construction, the sibling stroller also lasts very long.

Also suitable for uneven walks.

Overall, the Adbor twin stroller Duo is a perfect and reliable sibling stroller.


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