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Our ideas of the ideal apartment mostly do not correspond to the reality of the housing market. Many people are drawn to the city, because there is an excellent connection to public transport, extensive shopping opportunities and a wide variety of restaurants. However, the apartments are mostly very small, especially in popular metropolitan areas. You now have to decide for yourself whether you want to accept this or prefer a larger apartment in a less central location. Setting up a small apartment is definitely associated with special challenges and you cannot avoid a well-thought-out spatial concept.

Highlights from for your living area

Choose your favorite design and customize it

Small doesn’t mean uncomfortable

But even in the smallest apartments there is enough space if you set them up properly. We at offer you the right furniture for small apartments, which you can tailor to size with our furniture configurator to suit your room situation and your taste.

So that you can optimally furnish your small apartment, we give you valuable living tips for small apartments below. We also offer you unique inspiration and show the current living trends and ideas for small apartments. Whether a small living room, bedroom, children’s room or bathroom, we go to the different rooms and provide you with the right furnishing ideas.

5 furnishing ideas for the small apartment

Below we will give you some general tips, tricks and ideas that are suitable for every room and that you should pay attention to in order to furnish your small apartment appropriately.

Tip 1: With a small apartment, less is more

In a small apartment, several areas such as eating, living and working have to be perfectly combined. One-room apartments combine all these areas in one. Since it is difficult to combine all the necessary furniture in one room, you should pay attention to a reduced facility. This draws attention to the essentials, because massive furniture quickly makes the room appear overloaded. So don’t make your room too crowded and muck out regularly.

Tip 2: Small rooms need adapted furniture

If you want to set up a small 1 room apartment, you should pay attention to flexible furniture that is not too big. Because flexible furniture and clever planning create more space in your apartment. At you don’t just get a piece of furniture, but a custom design that is functional and individual. You can tailor your piece of furniture to any room situation and configure it according to color and shape as you like it best. Whether straight or curved, with or without doors, free-standing or as a corner or niche solution, with us you can let your imaginations run wild! They also offer enough storage space and are therefore ideal for small rooms.

Tip 3: Create storage space and enlarge small spaces

If you don’t have space for large closets or chests of drawers, you should include your walls. You can create additional storage space with shelves or wall shelves. Also corners, niches and walls above the sofa or desk should not be left unused. If you live directly under the roof, custom-made shelving systems are ideal because they adapt perfectly to the sloping roof and offer enough space for books, clothes or dishes. Practical roll containers, low TV furniture or narrow sideboards also find their place under a sloping roof. Furniture with sliding doors is also practical and space-saving. Pay attention to furniture with double functions, as these save valuable space.

Tip 4: Double function furniture helps against mini rooms

The furniture in a micro apartment has to fulfill more than just one function. Combined furniture such as a stool with a lid, a sofa bed or a coffee table with compartments and drawers combine several functions and offer additional storage space. Make full use of the available space, for example above the doors, in niches and above all under the bed. There you can fill boxes and crates with everything you don’t need every day. Folding chairs are ideal for guests and can then be easily folded up and hung on the wall. Another option is a practical loft bed with additional space for a desk or a nice sofa.

Tip 5: Bright colors make rooms appear larger

Before you go to your facility, you can already make a large contribution to the optical enlargement with the wall design. The rule is: lots of light and bright colors create an optical enlargement of the small space. So you should make your walls as bright as possible. White or pastel shades are ideal here. However, if you can not do without color, you can provide colorful accents in your small room with individual colored pieces of furniture, wall pictures or accessories. You should also make sure there is enough daylight and lighting. Whether natural or artificial, a small room looks bigger with more light. So don’t block your daylight with furniture or dark, heavy curtains.

Tip 6: Mirrors visually expand the room

Mirrors give rooms new dimensions, optical depth and they reflect light and colors. A small bathroom or a narrow hallway can look significantly more spacious thanks to a cleverly placed mirror on the wall. The mirror should ideally be placed opposite a window, a door or in front of bright surfaces.

An overview of the tips for designing small rooms

  • Less is more: For small rooms, you should regularly sort them out thoroughly.
  • Custom furniture: Custom-made furniture integrates perfectly into your room situation.
  • Create storage space:Wall shelves make optimal use of the space on your walls.
  • Furniture with double functions:Combined furniture that serves several purposes is ideal for small apartments or rooms.
  • Bright colors: White or pastel shades are particularly suitable if you want to furnish small rooms.
  • Mirror: If you want to decorate a small apartment nicely, mirrors should not be missing, as they visually enlarge the space.

From kitchen to hallway – this is how you optimally furnish your rooms

If you want to comfortably furnish a small apartment, you should plan each room carefully beforehand and, above all, measure and use the available space correctly. We at offer you housing advice for small apartments and show you how you can also set up a one-room apartment without feeling restricted.

Set up a small bathroom

Do you only have a small bathroom with a few square meters available? Easily turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and create storage space with a practical bathroom shelf from! Because bathroom cabinets with lots of storage space not only create storage space and order, but also create a pleasant and homely atmosphere. Your bathroom also looks sensual and cozy with natural materials such as wood or stone. In addition, the light surface of wood widens the small bathroom and makes it appear smaller. Light also makes a small bathroom appear more spacious. So make sure you have enough light sources such as spots or spotlights integrated on the mirror or in the ceiling. In addition, you can treat yourself to some luxury in your small bathroom. Because exclusive tiles and high-quality materials as well as bright furniture refine small bathrooms and still come into their own. Mosaic tiles and a pompous mirror look very noble and give your bathroom a special style. In addition, you should design the walls and floor with the same materials so that a unity and no unrest arises.

Set up a small kitchen

Nowadays you can also swing your wooden spoon wonderfully in mini kitchens. With the right furniture and accessories you can get the best out of your kitchen. Choose bright colors for your small kitchen, e.g. Cream colors or pastel shades, as these visually enlarge the room and do not appear overwhelming. Furthermore, you should take advantage of the full height of the narrow kitchen. Are there wall shelves? and practical corner shelves or cupboards. We offer you custom-made corner shelves that integrate perfectly into your kitchen and provide additional storage space. You should also replace your door with a sliding door in a small kitchen. This not only looks good, it also saves a lot of space. A cooking island is also an advantage, which you can use not only for cooking but also for eating. This saves money and space for an additional dining table.

Set up a small living room

The living room is the central part of the apartment and is used to relax, meet friends and as a retreat. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable in your living room and that you like to stay in it despite its small size. Because even a small living room can be harmoniously furnished with the right furniture. First of all, make sure not to overload your living room with furniture. Rather clean lines and a reduced interior are ideal for your small living room. Living room furniture with multiple functions is an advantage. If you don’t have a bedroom available, a nice sofa bed is a great alternative.

A cupboard with a fold-out work surface would also be an option. So the armchair can also serve as a desk chair and there are no additional purchase costs. If you have a large window sill, you shouldn’t waste it on decoration, but set it up with nice seat cushions as a cozy reading corner. A massive wall unit is an absolute no-go when furnishing a small living room. Subtle and delicate furniture with a sensible arrangement are more suitable for this. Our shelves are perfect because they can be freely configured as required and can therefore be optimally integrated into any room. If you would like to receive more information on how to best furnish your living room, please feel free to find out more in our “Furnishing a living room” guide.

Set up a small bedroom

Especially if you want to furnish an unfavorably cut or small bedroom, you should plan in advance exactly which furniture and furnishings are suitable for you so that you can optimally relax and unwind in your small bedroom. If you can’t do without a large bed in a small bedroom, you should place it on a free wall in the center of the room. This is the best way to showcase your big bed in a small bedroom. It also makes sense to buy a bed with a bed box or drawers in a small bedroom, a high bed that offers space for boxes or even a loft bed. These beds are space-saving and offer you additional storage space for blankets, bed linen or winter jackets. When it comes to wardrobes, you should choose a closet with sliding doors, as these doors do not open outwards and therefore space save up. Mirrored doors are advantageous because they give the room depth, make it appear larger and also act as a second window. In addition, bright colors should always be used in a small bedroom. This will make your room look brighter and, above all, friendlier. If you can’t do without colorful colors, you can set accents with colored accessories such as bed linen or decoration. The right lighting also plays an important role. Pay attention to plenty of daylight and use indirect light near the bed and e.g. Reading lights that make the room feel cozy and homely. If you would like to learn more about furnishing bedrooms, you can continue reading in our "Furnishing bedrooms" guide.

Set up a small children’s room

It is very easy to set up a small children’s room with the right furniture and accessories. An easy option is a loft bed. The free space under the bed can be used to store toys, as a workplace or simply as a robber’s den. The corners are often not optimally used in many children’s rooms. We offer practical corner shelves that can be tailored to your corners. Hanging nets are another option because they make toys lying around quickly disappear. Baskets and boxes with additional seating are also ideal for children’s rooms, so that chaos and disorder can be quickly removed. For this purpose, unnecessary toys should be regularly sorted out of the children’s room to make room for playing and new things. In addition, the wall design in a small children’s room should rather be in a light tone, because light walls also make rooms appear larger. However, a completely white room looks bare, so colors and contrasts should not be missing. A single colored wall or wallpaper, murals or different colored cupboard doors or drawers create a cozy atmosphere in the children’s room. Magnetic cabinet doors fascinate and replace an additional pin board. Not to forget the right light! Clip-on spots are mobile and space-saving and selectively set light for playing and reading.

We will set up your small apartment for you

Let our professional designer team plan your dream of a perfect home.

Some suitable furniture for small apartments

We at have a lot of furniture to choose from, from which you can choose your personal favorite piece of furniture and configure it as you wish. Our furniture is ideal for small apartments because it can be flexibly adapted to any room situation. Whether for small niches, corners or sloping walls, with our furniture configurator you can integrate them perfectly into your small room. They are not only practical, but with their organically curved design they become a visual highlight in your apartment. Choose your suitable piece of furniture from various shelves, sideboards, TV furniture, tables, beds and benches and then create your own unique piece. You are looking for more inspiration for yours new Furniture? Then take a look at our customer gallery!

room dividers

Room dividers from are available in different shapes, types, colors and sizes and are particularly practical because they can be perfectly adapted to your small apartment and the limited space with our furniture configurator. To do this, they visually delimit the room, divide it into several areas and our room dividers can be used and filled from both sides. In addition, these free-standing elements can be optimally moved if necessary. In addition, they offer enough space and storage space for your home accessories such as Books, DVDs or decoration and with their organic shape they become the visual highlight in your small apartment.

Free-form shelves

No matter whether sloping roof, corner, niche or for an entire wall, we have the right shelf for every room situation. Here you will find a suitable shelf system for your apartment, the bookshelf of your dreams, a nice room divider to divide your rooms, a practical wine shelf for your wine collection and much more. Let yourself be inspired and find the right wall shelf for your new apartment with a very special style.

Custom-made shoe cabinets

If you want to redesign your entrance area in your small apartment, you should use a shoe tipper, for example. These are particularly space-saving since the shoes are stowed vertically in them and the shoe tipper therefore only has a small depth. Depending on the height, it can also be used as a storage area. Another possibility are shoe cabinets or shoe banks made to measure. With us you can freely configure your closet according to your ideas and determine the number of compartments yourself. The depth, width and height can of course also be adjusted according to your wishes. A shoe bench has the advantage that it combines storage space for your shoes and additional seating.

Some furnishing > In order to make your decision easier, we will show you some suitable furniture from that fits perfectly in small apartments

An example would be the Glenda Eck corner shelf. It is particularly practical because it goes up in height to save space and also has a narrow shape.

The designer shelf Stradani integrates itself into your niche situation and makes it a real eye-catcher.

In addition, there is the Stradino designer wall shelf, which impresses with its straightforward and compact shape.

Our new TV wall Laura is particularly practical because it combines a lowboard or a TV rack with a shelf. It also offers open and closed compartments, which results in a harmonious overall concept.


Furniture and ideas for small spaces – all a question of planning


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