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Denmark is high up in the north, where Germany ends. There is still a king there today, but he is no longer there to rule, but mostly visits kindergartens because his wife likes children so much.

But a long time ago the King of Denmark was very powerful. Like all kings before, he always wanted to enlarge his country so that he would become even more powerful. So he also had to conquer another country. It was not that easy. – In the south of Denmark was Germany, then the kingdoms of Hanover and Prussia. He couldn’t deal with them invest, because they had far more soldiers than he did. Likewise the Swedes, whose country is next to Denmark.

So he looked north. Greenland lay far behind the sea. It is a huge country, but you knew very little about it at the time, and it should also be very cold there. So he had three ships from the royal fleet loaded. On each he put a brave knight and several soldiers, as well as horses and all kinds of war equipment.

Then we went to Greenland in the awfully cold north. When the ships got there, the first thing they saw was a lot of ice and snow. The knights put on their armor and went ashore to conquer it. But no one was to be seen and the knights froze immediately in their iron armor the ice firmly so that they could no longer move. They kicked wildly and clattered powerfully in their iron armor to clear the ice.

A couple of the other soldiers had to light a fire to get them free. This of course made the armor on the feet pretty hot and the knights burned their feet. They hopped around wildly until they were finally free and hurriedly disappeared on the ship.

Then you tried to get the horses ashore because you should conquer Greenland. The horses struggled hard, but after a few meters they got stuck in the snow. The soldiers were also unable to walk in the deep snow and froze miserably, so that in the end everyone returned to the ships with their horses and initially could not conquer Greenland. When the knights sat around and thought sadly, the lookout on the mast of the ship announced: "Enemy ahead !!"

In fact, the knights were amazed to see a sleigh coming up with very small horses. They were astonished even more when they discovered that it was not horses, but many dogs in front of a sled that so effortlessly whizzed closer over the snow.

Everyone got their rifles and lances and feared that they would have to defend themselves. But there was only one man on the sled, an Eskimo. He greeted them very kindly and was happy to see so many people, because not so many people live in Greenland and you are often quite lonely and alone. He warmly welcomed everyone and asked if they would like to visit him in the evening, and his wife would cook a nice soup of seal meat for them.

Whoever greets you so kindly can hardly be fought against, so three of the knights sat down on the dog sled, but without their heavy armor. Scurry – you whizzed across the landscape to a strange hut, which was made entirely of snow. It is called an igloo and is round, but it is very nice and warm inside!

When they had eaten, they thanked them and the Eskimo sledged them back to their ships. Then it was decided to go back to Denmark.

You then reported everything to the king. He gave advice with his ministers on how to conquer Greenland. They also asked a wise old man called Graf Johannsen. The count whispered his proposal into the king’s ear and it was enthusiastic!

He sent his caretaker into town to buy whatever vanilla powder he could get. Then he equipped another ship, but this time the knights were supposed to put on thick fur coats and take sleds with them. In addition, the entire hold was full of vanilla powder!

When they arrived in Greenland, they were greeted again by Eskimos, they already knew each other. The soldiers from Denmark fetched a lot of fresh snow and used it to make delicious vanilla ice cream with their vanilla powder. They gave it to the Eskimos.

They had never eaten anything like this! They were crazy about it and always wanted more. The knights kept everything under lock and key and only wanted to speak to the Eskimo guide, who was hurried to get. The knights made a contract with him that would immediately make Greenland part of Denmark, and the Eskimos would get as much vanilla ice cream as they did eat could.

The knights then sailed home on their ship, telling their king that Greenland would now be part of Denmark without a war!

And so it has stayed until today, you can ask any Danes.


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