Toys for babies from 6 months old – toy tips

Toy baby 6 months – what fits at this tender age?

The time of extended and frequent sleep phases is slowly coming to an end. The little ones start for their Interested in the environment. The senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling and tasting can already be fully used at this age. Let’s go discover the world. You consciously begin to "grasp" objects and can also let go of them. Many tiny people can turn from one side to the other and roll through the apartment. In short, a lot is happening to our loved ones at this age. The children now want to be active, discover and play. Just no boredom.

Finding the right toy for babies is not easy because there is a huge selection on the market. Unfortunately there is also a toy that overwhelms the little ones. Toys should promote the development of the senses, but must not bring too much input. So that the toys do not overwhelm the baby’s senses, care should be taken that Toys for Babies from 6 months no loud noises, no sharp corners and edges, no permanent noise and irrigation is permanent and no small parts come off.

Another important factor is the amount of toys. The children can only concentrate on one toy at this age. Everything beyond it is overwhelming. Therefore, make sure to stow temporarily unused toys in a box. All in all, the motto at this age is that less is more. Rather offer a small selection of high quality toys. Because too many changes can lead to excessive demands.

Toy baby 6 months – selection

The gripping and playing device *

What the fitness center is for adults is the play bow for babies. They are available in various designs – made of wood or plastic, with or without a ceiling. A wide variety of toys can be attached to the bows. There are rattles, mirrors and grasping toys on it. The little ones train grasping and hand and eye coordination and enjoy the different sounds and materials. The nice thing about these bows is that you can customize and design them individually. Do not start with all game options at the same time. These can be purchased individually from most manufacturers. Try out the play equipment individually and observe which one your child has the most fun with. You can then gradually add more toys. View selection on Amazon!

The first book for babies *

So-called touch and grip books for babies are used to discover new surfaces. Each side is usually equipped with different materials and fabrics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s soft plush or smooth mirror paper, everything feels different. The books should be robustly processed, because at this age the little ones discover everything by mouth. The parents can tell the first short stories to match the colorful pictures. Conclusion: These books * are absolutely recommended for babies from 6 months!

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle *

Now you can rattle. Love babies Rattle* in all conceivable forms – from cars to rabbits and from a wide variety of materials, whether wood or plastic. It is crucial that the children grasp the rattle easily and can easily drop it again. So that they can watch with amusement as mom and dad lift the rattle again. It is important that the rattle is also washable. Because like everything else, rattles like to be felt with the mouth.

All ball or what? *

When a ball rolls around, the babies find it extremely funny. So that she has a ball at this age too
can grab a Griffin Ball * outstanding. This can also be pressed, bent or thrown. So there is enough to do. Especially for the parents.

Cherry stone pillow * as a toy for babies aged 6 months

The classic Kirschkernkissen * Many parents are therefore aware that they make life easier for the little ones with bloating and abdominal pressures. But it is also an excellent toy for babies. It feels good in the hand and the quiet rustling has a calming effect on the little ones. So also recommended as a toy!

The most popular baby toy 1 year

For a quick overview, we also analyzed the toy market for you and selected the 5 most popular baby toys.

Baby toys 1 year – top 5

Adventure blanket Rainforest – Fisher Price – Mattel

A cozy blanket with adventurous companions, that’s the toy babies love. The Fisher-Price Game Bow *

enables the little ones to discover a colorful rainforest – accompanied by natural sounds and cheerful melodies in strong colors and with flashing lights that stimulate hearing and touch. There is a leopard with a rotating play part, a rattling elephant with soft ears, a crackle leaf and much more. The varied adventure blanket has a total of 10 game options. And if it is too much for your baby at the beginning, all parts can also be removed individually. So you can slowly introduce the little ones to the colorful fun of the game. This is another reason why this game sheet is an absolute highlight for babies and parents.

Freddie, the firefly – Lamaze

The sweet and cozy Firefly*

is the ideal toy for babies. This allows cuddling around the clock and the squeaking, crackling and rattling elements automatically animate the hearing and touch of the little ones. The small mirror and the bright colors promote the sense of sight. The little firefly is also helpful when teething. Thanks to the super easy attachment option, the toy can be attached to beds or prams and taken anywhere. This wonderful toy enriches everyday life, arouses the curiosity of the little ones and strengthens the parent-child bond.

Original Oball 10 cm *

The Oball is one of the most popular baby toys. You can take it anywhere and you can play it anywhere. It can be bent, rolled, pressed, thrown or kicked. The ball was made of the highest quality plastic and is absolutely saliva-proof. It has a diameter of 10 cm, is light as a feather and therefore just right for small baby hands. With the openings, the little ones can hold and throw the ball very easily and the motor skills are also encouraged. Make the bright colors too the ball an absolute favorite toy for babies.

Sophie the giraffe

The little one Giraffe named Sophie *

squeaks and laughs when you press them. She has been delighting babies across Europe for many generations. The cute animal is made of natural rubber and has the same material properties as a pacifier. It is not for nothing that this toy has been an indispensable baby gift in France for generations. The long neck and legs make the giraffe easy to grip, so that motor skills are playfully trained. This baby toy is an ideal baby gift and makes small children’s hearts beat faster.

Discovery book – Lamaze

Feel, marvel and discover – all this is possible with the Discovery book from Lamaze. * The babies discover a wide variety of materials, enjoy bright colors and exciting sounds. The playful development of the senses of the little ones is encouraged. Leafing through the colorful world of the feel-good book strengthens hearing and vision, animates touching and grasping, stimulates creativity and is also great fun. Together, parents and child experience unforgettable moments of happiness!

Hopefully for you there was an interesting tip for the right baby toy up to the 1st year! Further information and recommendations can be found in the article Toys for babies from 6 months. If your little one is already one step further, then take a look at our further game recommendations for children’s toys from 1 year of age Top 10!

Baby toys 6 months – safety and hygiene

Since the babies discover and feel everything with their mouth, this topic is of particular importance. Of course, it cannot be avoided that toys fall on the floor. Therefore, pay attention to the (washable) washability of the toys. Plush toys should also be easy to wash. Baby toys made of plastic are best cleaned under hot running water.

Also be careful with the quality of the processing of the products and avoid cheap products. Especially with baby toys, it is worth using branded products. At Stiftung Waren Test, these perform particularly well. To this You should also pay attention to the seal of approval:

GS mark – tested safety: The toy complies with the strict German safety regulations.

CE mark: The baby toy complies with the European guidelines. For toys that have been approved for children under the age of 3, plasticizers and toxic colors are explicitly prohibited.

Children develop very quickly at this age. And before you know it, they’re half a year older again. So that you are prepared for this, take a look at the other sections.


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