Twin strollers test – the 6 best twin strollers 2018

Well-known providers such as Peg Perego and Moon had Twin stroller test of the Stiftung Warentest meet the strict criteria of the examiners. Many well-known brands – including them Teutonia, Knorr-Baby, Joolz and others were put to the test in the twin stroller test. Only three models received the award well, there were also poor grades.

– Twin stroller test – Stiftung Warentest recommends parents to exercise their warranty rights. Among the six test winners in the twin stroller test that we would like to introduce to you are two products from the manufacturer Hauck. Quantity and quality meet here, because Hauch has been producing various stroller models for years.

  • The best Tandem Stroller compared 2016 / 2017 / 2018
  • Best Rated twin car of customers
  • Best twin stroller in the comparison test

Twin stroller test: best in comparison 2018

ABC Design Zoom

flexible Twin stroller

Joie Air Twin Liquorice

lighter Twin stroller

Hauck Roadster Duo SLX

twin car
With great comfort

Zekiwa twin stroller Sport DUO

twin Buggy

and more changeable
Twin stroller

Duo Comfort Buggy MIX for siblings

twin Buggy

Backrest adjustment
Twin stroller

Maxi-Cosi Dana twin car

twin Buggy

From the
2018 collection
Twin stroller

Twin stroller test by Stiftung Warentest confirms child-friendly equipment for mobility with twins

If there is double happiness in the house, the traffic lights are on double green and the suitable stroller must be found. But before that, according to Stiftung Warentest 2016, you have to rethink:

  • What can the car cost?
  • Which wheels are useful and necessary to maneuver the double car easily and safely?
  • What are we mainly going to be him for need?
  • What is the additional equipment like? The shopping basket, rain tarpaulin, sunroof and various brackets for parasols etc. are already included?

You have the perfect stroller for twins with all the comforts and good value for money. At Zekiwa, for example, the “ZEKIWA Sport DUO”With only 22 kg as a pram and 23 kg as a sports car, a lightweight and storage wonder with dimensions of 87 cm x 78 cm x 42 cm ideal for transporting small cars too. There are also tubs and sports seats.

The air-filled tires together with excellent suspension offer an excellent driving experience and effortlessly master any forest and field path. This is also supported by the swiveling front wheels.

The price-performance ratio is justified by the excellent workmanship. For the first few months the “ZEKIWA Sport DUO” offers fixed baby baths. The two associated sports seats from the second half of the first baby year can be fitted in either direction.

Twin stroller test winner convinces across the board with a grade of "good"

Test winner 2015 and 2017 for twin strollers is the “Mikado Duet sibling”. This lightweight at 22 kg stroller and of course only 17 kg of the sports car scores with its lightness. However, no information is available on the stowage dimensions. In addition to the two soft carrycots and baby car seats for the car, a matching diaper bag for the stable sports car is also included. The function at winner the push bar can be individually adjusted to the respective stroller user. Backrests and baby footrests can also be adjusted for an ideal sitting position. The children’s direction of view can also be selected – either towards the parents or towards the front.

Shock absorbing pneumatic tires from the price-performance winner

In any case, no matter which car model you choose, the tires must be very good be and always pays off. Cogs that are too small often get stuck in bumps on the way – whether cobblestones in the city or roots and tufts of grass in the country.

The 4-point belt systems are also advantageous for the sports seats. If the frame material is specified with aluminum, you are on the safe side. It promises easy and permanent handling. All cars have a parking brake, which should be checked in any case and must be easy to use but really safe.

Flexibility in Siblings pushchair

For narrow aisles When shopping in narrow streets, in markets and in narrow aisles, the twin stroller from “BabyActive Twin”3in1 just the thing. Because it differs fundamentally in its structure from the other models. Because the children sit in a line like in the train compartment one behind the other, making the car much narrower but also longer. The arrangement of the baby baths and sports seats is also flexible here. So that the children can also look at each other. Bonus is, however, its light weight of 16 kilograms, which also makes it easy for the mother traveling alone to stow it quickly and easily.
With the otherwise extensive accessories, however, the second baby car seat is missing, which explains the very low price.

Stiftung Warentest voted Twinner Twist Duo 2015 2nd place

So when making a purchase decision, you have to pay attention to the quality of the tires. It is important to check the safety of the baby seat belts and the parking brake and the folding functions testing. Only then can a safe journey and good transport be guaranteed. With the twin car TFK Twinner Twist Duo from the Stiftung Warentest is an interesting all-rounder with a divisible cover, separate sun canopy with viewing window and adjustable footrests. The Twin strollers is very good suitable for two children of different ages.

Sibling and twin strollers

Anyone expecting twins or giving birth to a child at short intervals may consider whether buying a stroller could be worthwhile for siblings and what you need to consider when buying these special models. The first thing you notice is that such prams can usually be found in two different versions.

The first allows the children to sit next to each other and thus allows them to be occupied or entertained, while the other transports the children one behind the other and thus forms a very long stroller. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to briefly outline. Children who are next to each other can, as already mentioned, deal with their siblings and sometimes allow their parents a well-deserved break.

The disadvantage of these models, however, is that their width means that they take up a lot of space and are usually difficult to transport through tight spaces such as doors. The longer model usually does not allow the children to interact with each other, but you hardly lose mobility because you can get through narrower places.

It is worth investing in a twin stroller ?

Whether you get one Siblings pushchair or buying two separate models is not just a question of taste, but also a question of price, which expectant parents simply have to ask themselves. It can sometimes be cheaper to get two single models instead of a sibling, but if there are not always two available for a walk, the slightly more expensive purchase of the twin stroller is well worth it.

Likewise, disputes among the children can be avoided if the older child does not have to vacate his place in the stroller / buggy, but is transported together with his new sibling when he gets tired on long walks and prefers to drive the rest of the way would like to.


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