Vacation at the North Sea

Vacation at the North Sea – a fresh breeze, rough sea and of course the unique Wadden Sea. Hikes to sandbanks with countless seals, boat trips and of course sun and beach! For families the North Sea is a wonderful holiday destination, we have put together a small selection of beautiful places.

A holiday at the North Sea is not for cowards! Those who prefer to lie on the beach from morning till evening and sizzle in the sun and need this as a guarantee for a successful summer holiday should rather not head north. In contrast to the Baltic Sea, which splashes peacefully, the North Sea is rough and wild and so is the weather: unstable and moody. Which is not to say that it is constantly raining, on the contrary, the summers on the North Sea can be wonderful. As a child I spent many summer holidays there and remember the smell of warm Danish ice cream wafers, the fresh breeze that blew around my nose on the dyke during the long bike tours, long beach days in the beach chair and of course exciting hikes through the Wadden Sea.

The Wadden Sea on the North Sea is the largest Wadden Sea in the world and is a protected area. Part of it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009 and is home to countless animal species. On the North Sea islands and also on the mainland, mudflat walks are offered everywhere under expert guidance. Wading through the mud flats, getting to know the ingenious microcosm of the inhabitants of the mud flats, enjoying the fresh, healthy North Sea air – an excursion into the mud flats is a wonderful nature experience for children and adults.

Here we have put together a small selection of beautiful, family-friendly places on the North Sea. An overview of the different islands and regions can be found here.

Idyllic holiday home near Husum: Not directly on the beach, but close to St. Peter Ordning, this cosy holiday home offers the perfect starting point for various excursions from there. The Danish border and Legoland are not far away, as well as Theodor Fontanes, the native town of Theodor Fontanes, the Frisian Husum with its fishing harbour and many events.

The island Amrum captivates with Caribbean sand beaches, the so-called “knee sand” (a large, wandering sandbank) is not only dreamlike beautiful and white and soft but offers breeding and habitat for many bird species. Amrum has 5 villages with 2200 inhabitants, and in most villages there are still many thatched Frisian houses with contemplative flower and fruit tree gardens in front of them. Some of the old houses have been converted into cafes or restaurants. From Frisian seafaring pubs to speciality restaurants – everything here and everything really cosy. In addition, the largest walk-in lighthouse on the North Sea coast rises into the sky on Amrum, 63 m above sea level and red and white striped as it should be.

Nature and pure recreation can be found on the island of Hallig Hooge. It belongs to the ten existing Halligen in the North Frisian Wadden Sea. Halligen are remnants of storm tides and rise only a few metres above sea level. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, a Hallig is the right place for you. In the long run a stay, especially for children, is perhaps a bit too boring, therefore a day trip with the ferry is recommended. From Föhr and Amrum there are several boat connections, which call at Hallig Hooge daily.

The island of Föhr is also known as the green island of the North Sea. Protected by its location behind Sylt and Amrum, a unique plant world thrives here, which gives the landscape its face. Walking along the marsh you can enjoy the peace and quiet and admire the diverse animal species that have found their habitat here. Situated in the middle of the Wadden Sea, Föhr can experience the alternation of high and low tide every day; the mudflat tours partly lead to the neighbouring island Amrum. Of course, the bathing fun is not neglected either, the long sandy beaches offer plenty of space. Especially the beach in Wyk along the island promenade is in demand. There are many reasons for families to spend their holidays on Föhr. Here are some tips suitable for children from our own experience:

A highlight for all little sailors: The Föhrer Pirate Tour. During the holiday season, Föhrer waters are crossed twice a week under the pirate flag. Children between three and ten years go together with the ship team on board the Rüm hard and drive one hour long as genuine Piraten the sea. On board, pirate songs are sung and seaman’s knots practiced, all with real Stötebecker punch and seaman’s yarn. Of course a treasure is found, under mighty pirate roar. As a souvenir, each child receives a pirate diploma at the end. Dates for 2012 can be found here.

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