Violence at primary school escalates: parents are now simply teaching children themselves – focus online

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The situation apparently escalated to such an extent that some parents decided to teach their children themselves.

For this unusual measure, the mayor of the town even provided premises in the town hall, such as the “Ostholsteiner Anzeiger" reported.

Thereupon the school council of Ostholstein as well as the state secretary Dorit Stenke were also listening.

Violence at primary school: who failed?

As a result, three children have already been excluded from class. Stenke told the newspaper that it was up to the school to get help.

Who failed at which point cannot judge them yet. To make matters worse, the headmistress and four other teachers are currently ill.

On Monday, the top school inspector spoke with the parties involved and determined the further measures. In addition, the school received two experienced teachers for support. (Mp)

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In my school days there was no such form. We grew up in the country. Everyone in the class got up at the first rooster cry and had mostly done work on their parents’ farm before starting school. The first thing was milking cows, only then was there breakfast. Since we all lived in widely scattered courtyards, nobody had a way to school of less than 3 kilometers and we walked that tight. In summer too much so that shoes were saved. After school we had to go to work on the parents’ farm again, maybe play together in the afternoon or early evening, but then we were tired of bed. What today’s kids and youngsters lack is enough exercise and enough heavy farm work.

Since had to "rioter" (at that time they were called "disturbers") to the principal or to the rector and were immediately expelled from the school. At that time there were also educational institutions for children and young people who were difficult to educate. Today, those responsible prefer to discuss things first pair Weeks of blame and responsibilities while at the same time children wanting to learn the school have to stay away. INCOMPREHENSIBLE!

I would act in the same way instead of these parents. If the child’s integrity at school is no longer guaranteed, I would leave my child at home. It makes me extremely sad to see a whole country giving up bit by bit. What is the outcry of outrage? Our politicians’ inaction is criminal.

11/22/19, 9:50 AM | Thomas Ebert | 1 answer

Are the violent children "integration children"? So children who "Original behavior" are today’s paraphrase for behavioral disorder? Or children who cannot follow the class for other reasons and whose parents are also not accessible? There is youth welfare and there are also psychiatric institutions that specialize in children. Something else must be possible than making the town hall a secondary school.

It is simply unbelievable how helpless the cuddly educators (teachers) of today’s radical students are. This is surrender in its purest form.

Who has used violence against whom? Where from come the troublemakers? What have you done about them? The article insinuates something that is not so! And the press is surprised that it is titled with various expressions!

. a sad culmination of a development that is mainly caused by two circumstances: a brutalization of the environment of many children (brutality in the media, but also selfishness at home), and the notorious left-wing cuddle pedagogy, in which even juicy misconduct can be punished in no time , And where things like decency, good behavior or order are already considered fascistoid. My parents were both teachers – the state ministries of culture usually leave the teachers alone in the event of incidents and often enough they stab them in the back or give them a cowardly crack, for example when a letter from the lawyer comes. This company goes straight to the wall!

11/21/19, 6:35 PM | müller maike | 1 answer

What does this measure tell us? Teachers are superfluous! The status of the teacher in public is bad enough, how should a child have respect if all authority is undermined at German dining tables and this image is passed on. Well, mom and dad will fix it, with threats to the lawyer for poor grades, insults to the teaching staff and undermining any pedagogical approaches, poor stupid education system!

In this case it is not that "stupid education system" but the very obvious (stupid) or inept teachers who are completely overwhelmed by the situation.

that just parents of "problem children" neither participate in parents’ evenings nor in other events. They only stand out when their child’s supposed rights are restricted. I don’t want to trade with the teachers.

Children in school ONLY have rights, no obligations, and that is also covered by the parents, everything only gets worse.

protect your children from school violence, the system is powerless.


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