Warmly welcome

Warmly welcome

A homosexual couple with rainbow flag © Grusho Anna (shutterstock)

Inviting words: After the Vatican's no to the blessing of homosexual couples, Curia Cardinal Kevin Farrell stressed that the Catholic Church would in any case remain open to people of all sexual orientations.

In the Church worldwide, there are "programs, organizations and movements" that have been working with homosexual couples for years and "will continue to do so," the cardinal said Thursday at the Vatican during the presentation of a Year of Action on Marriage and Family.

In every church community worldwide, there are people in the most diverse situations and forms of life. Not everyone could participate in the sacramental life of the church, Farrell said. But that did not mean that parishioners and the church did not accompany them.

Sacrament of marriage important for the church

With the "Amoris laetitia Year" beginning this Friday, the Church wants to take up impulses from the 2016 papal letter of the same name and put them into practice.

In response to a question, Farrell, head of the Vatican's Office for Marriage, Family and Life, once again explained how important the sacrament of marriage is to the church. It differs significantly from civil unions or other forms of partnerships. Since blessings – in the case of a couple – are related to the sacrament of marriage, there should be no misunderstandings.

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