What kind of insurance do you need for children?

What insurance do you need for children? The main insurance for children are: The parents. As parents, you give your children love, protection, security, happiness and ensure their livelihood. No insurance in the world can replace all of this.

If you are not properly insured as a parent and bad things happen, the most beautiful “child insurance” is of no use: if you can no longer work, for example, money quickly becomes scarce and the family suffers as a result. After mom and dad have reasonably secured themselves responsible for their children (e.g.. Health insurance, Private liability insurance, occupational disability insurance, life insurance), you can then also deal with special insurance for young people.


**** Compulsory insurance:

Health insurance and compulsory long-term care insurance. If the parents, or the unmarried mother, are legally covered by health insurance, it is usually possible to have non-contributory family insurance for the children in the statutory health insurance (GKV).
With privately insured parents or the privately insured single mother, there is a so-called obligation to contract: The child must be admitted to the same private health insurance (PKV) in the same insurance tariffs as the parent when registering within two months after birth or adoption. After that, a PKV for the children is only possible with a health check.
If one spouse is legally insured and the other is privately insured, the possibility of family insurance depends on the income of the privately insured parent. Back to overview

*** Very important:

Personal Liability Insurance. Insurance protection for damage that the children cause to others as part of the parents’ private liability insurance. If the insurance should step in even if the parents have not violated their duty to supervise, damage from children incapable of torture should be expressly covered. Since this is a rather complicated topic, we have published an article specifically about children who are incapable of torture in private liability insurance. Back to overview

** It makes sense:

A Travel health insurance, can be very important if you travel abroad more often because the statutory health insurance companies may not cover all costs. Good international travel health insurance for the family is available for around EUR 20 a year.
health insurance. Supplementary health insurance for hospitalization, treatment by chief physician, possibly alternative practitioner and orthodontics / dentures. Why? Because in the case of serious illnesses or accidents, there should not be a financial chance to ensure that your children recover as quickly and completely as possible; Alternative health care treatments are not covered by most statutory health insurance schemes; Orthodontics is because the statutory health insurance usually only pays at levels 3 to 5 and the remaining costs can be substantial (four digits). Back to overview

* Depending on your security needs:

accident insurance. In the case of accident insurance, the most important benefit, the disability benefit, is only paid for permanent damage. Children do have accidents more often, but in the rarest of cases permanent damage remains: the insurance would not have to pay. On the other hand, insurance coverage in statutory accident insurance, e.g. in the daycare or school rather insignificant and there can be immense costs if the child should remain disabled for a lifetime. If children are to be insured, they must be named as insured persons in accident insurance (the parents, grandparents or in a separate contract). The amount of disability should be higher than that of adults, since the children have an even larger part of their lives in front of them, for which the money may then have to suffice.
Bicycle theft insurance. Bicycle theft can be an annoying topic. The more expensive the bikes your children are traveling with, the more insurance will make sense. And the more likely they are to be stolen. Bicycle theft is the cheapest way to protect yourself as an additional component in the context of household insurance.
Legal expenses insurance. Check whether children are covered by your legal expenses insurance. This should always be the case if it is a family contract; meanwhile there are also tariffs that insure “singles with children”.
Disability insurance. In the case of older children / adolescents, one can already think of a disability insurance or occupational disability insurance, especially if dangerous hobbies, hereditary diseases or other special circumstances emerge. Since the insurers do not have to accept anyone, the motivation can be: Cover as long as hobbies, work and health conditions allow.

Addendum from 02.05.2018: The early conclusion of an occupational disability insurance can to Save half of the contributions. This applies if the child is not aiming for an office job. More on this in the blog post “My child doesn’t want an office job. Disability insurance from when? "

Additional insurance depending on individual needs (e.g. for mopeds, musical instruments) and security needs. Back to overview

If possible:

Saving (making reserves) for a good education. Therefore need No insurance. Back to overview


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