You made these experiences with children’s shoes

Children’s feet grow quickly – up to two centimeters a year. Accordingly, the offspring regularly needs new shoes. We wanted to know from you what experiences you had with children’s shoes. For this purpose, we have carried out a user survey in the past few weeks, in which many of you took part. Read the answers here.

Throw children’s shoes into the shopping cart at the discounter? No way! Because children’s shoes have to fit exactly and have a high quality, the NetMoms who took part in our survey also know this:

"We generally go to a shoe store and get advice."

"We have had very good experiences with well-known brands, and rather less good ones with no-name products."

“We always go to the shoe store with our children. There the feet of the kids are measured and then it’s time to try on and choose the color. We have never had any problems with shoes thanks to the professional advice. ”

"The shoes have to endure a lot, so I pay attention to quality."

"I buy children’s shoes in a shop with advice, nothing has ever gone wrong."

“I have a 2 year old son and feel like I buy shoes every week &# 128521; The little feet grow and grow. When buying shoes, I pay attention to quality. They should be comfortable and light and serve their purpose (rubber boots, winter shoes, etc.). I like to spend a little more money when I know the shoes are good. "

Find the right size

Finding children’s shoes in the right size is not always easy for you:

“The sizes of the children’s shoes are very different. It is best to have your feet measured exactly. Children’s feet have different widths. You have to pay attention to that. "

"I have four children and each has different feet. One extra narrow, the other wide … I’m grateful if the shoes are different widths. I also prefer to measure the size. Already bought two pairs of shoes of different sizes for a child in one day. Size 26 is by no means 26 for the next brand. "

“Shoes of the same size are very, very different. The experience I have mostly with sandals. At the same Size and different brands there is up to 2 cm difference. "

"It is difficult to find the right children’s shoe that gives optimal support and fits properly."

“I use the elephant height bar. And I prefer to buy shoes online since I am three small children don’t like going to a shoe store. "

“The sizes vary from provider to provider. Therefore, you always have to take the child with you to try it on so that you can judge correctly whether the shoe is in place. ”

“I generally try to buy children’s shoes from brands that are based on WMS. I have never had a bad experience there and can always assume that the shoes fit in the right size. For manufacturers who do not comply with it, it is sometimes a game of chance whether the shoes really fit. They often turn out very differently and are usually rather too narrow. "

The little things are also important

When buying children’s shoes, the NetMoms also pay attention to the details:

“The best thing to do with slippers is to buy them with Velcro or rubber on the top. We got some with zippers on the side and my son has no hold in these shoes. You can’t tighten it up and he kept losing it for two days before putting it in the closet himself. Then we bought new ones. "

"Children’s shoes have to be practical to put on."

"Shoes should be more stable at the front, as abrasion takes place there quickly – even when playing and running normally."

"I’ve made a few bad purchases"

Unfortunately, many of you have had bad experiences with children’s shoes:

"I’ve made a few bad purchases. For example, I thought I could buy winter shoes for my son in October and when winter came, his feet had grown again. And I find it difficult for boys to find really chic shoes. Most are blue, gray, brown, or black. Kind of dreary. If you look into the girls’ department, it just sparkles and shines. Ok, that’s not what it’s supposed to be for boys’s shoes, but they could be a little friendlier. ”

"Zippers often don’t last long."

"Unfortunately, we have had the experience that, due to untrained staff, we were sold shoes that did not fit in size or width and were also not shoes for walkers."

"Especially with winter shoes, sweaty feet and thus cooling your feet is a big issue."

“If children’s shoes do not have a high rubber or leather edge at the front, holes in the bobby car and running bikes can quickly develop. Then expensive shoes are quickly gone. ”

“On the one hand, our big daughter needs stable shoes with a footbed, on the other hand she has extremely narrow feet – our little daughter, on the other hand, is more prone to flat feet. So buying shoes is an adventure. ”

"Children’s shoes are often not always waterproof, even if they look like this."

“We have had bad experiences with small leather shoes, these had no correct shape, did not give the foot a hold and did not fit properly in the size specified. I bought the shoes from a discounter just because I thought they were cute, even before my daughter started running. In the end, they were just lying around. When the running really started, I came across elephant shoes and I’m totally satisfied. Now I only want this one. "

elephant shoes convince

Just like the user who described the last experience, many other survey participants gave us positive feedback on elephant shoes:

“We have had very good experiences with shoes from elephants. The quality is very good and the shoes are robust. Other shoes lost material very quickly when they crawled and wore out excessively. ”

“Everything is just right with elephant shoes. The sizes indicated fit and the system is great. So even narrow feet can find the perfect shoe. In addition, the price-performance ratio simply fits. We have had bad experiences with other major brands. ”

"To elephant shoes I have to say that they Cheap are and hold up well. The kids like the often colorful models. ”

“Children romp a lot and therefore the shoe has to be robust. We have elephant shoes because the quality is right and, unlike other brands, they are affordable. The slippers are used in kindergarten. Our son has no sweaty feet in it, even though he wears them all day long. "


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