2019: Together church

On December 5th, all children and kindergarten teachers from St. Josef kindergarten met in the gym in the large Morgenkreis. The kids were excited because they knew we were expecting a special visit. With the song "Greetings dear Nicholas" then suddenly there was a knock on the door. The children watched with excitement how Santa Claus enters the room. The children very courageously answered many questions about Santa Claus and told him the story of St. Nicholas. Of course, Nicholas also brought a big sack for the children with lots of apples, tangerines and gingerbread. We then said goodbye to Santa Claus with a song and shared a tasty braided bread together.

Thank you very much dear Nicholas!

3-2-1 start! The Matze crew takes off into space! On Monday, November 18, we have a trip to Ravensburg for the hands-on concert with our grown-ups "Matze in space" made. Every year the city of Ravensburg offers such a hands-on concert for kindergartens, in which the little ones can sing along, dance along and play on instruments. The story was told with many different sounds. The children were allowed to join in the fun and help Matze and his friends. Dancing, singing, clapping and laughing, the children experienced the story. After the concert we went back to Vogt by bus. It was a very exciting and, above all, eventful excursion, which our children particularly enjoyed.

Last Wednesday there was something to celebrate in the St. Josef kindergarten! The BeKi certificate was again presented to us by the National Center for Nutrition. This means that we can continue to call ourselves a BeKi day care center for the next few years. BeKi stands for "conscious child nutrition" and shapes ours educational Job. Our kindergarten has been BeKi-certified since 2013. A lot has changed and developed since then. The certification requires constant process revision and reflection of our everyday pedagogical work. In everyday life, we pay particular attention to a varied diet, the conscious use of food and the joy of varied and balanced food.

On our BeKi afternoon, the certificate from Ms. Weiland from the Ravensburg Agricultural Office was now officially presented to us. The children sang a vegetable song for our guests. Then delicious snacks were prepared together at different stations. After the fruit salad, the vegetable sticks, the herb dip and the bread faces were ready, the buffet was opened. During the meal we had time to exchange ideas and answer questions.

We thank all our guests and Ms. Weiland for coming and for the nice afternoon.

Time flies so quickly and it was time to say goodbye to the big ones. The farewell and "expulsion" As always, we celebrated our grown-ups with a small party just before the summer holidays. All of the children and parents gathered in the gym when suddenly 11 Chickiwacka Indians came in. The Großentreff children had disguised themselves as these and drummed something up for the excited spectators. After the drum performance, a song was sung, and then a few tears could actually be seen in the eyes of the parents and educators. And now it was time to say goodbye and traditional "expulsion" the preschooler. The nursery schoolchildren kicked the big ones out of kindergarten, who of course landed softly on the thick mat. Last but not least, the grown-ups received a visit voucher and the snack buffet was opened. It was an impressive farewell for our children, parents and educators. We will miss our preschoolers, but at the same time we are happy that a new phase of life is beginning for them. We wish our grown-ups a good start in school. Herewith a big thank you to all hardworking helpers.

The team from the St. Josef kindergarten

At the moment we are discovering everything about the farm together. We have seen many animals during our walks: goats, cows, cats and dogs. A dad even came over with his tractor. After initial caution, all the children were so excited that they even dared to sit in the driver’s seat. Thank you for the experience!

On Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, the crib children of the St. Josef kindergarten, together with Mrs. Reuter from the allotment garden, planted their raised beds. The children actively filled the new earth into the raised bed with their little hands and watched how chives and lemon balm gradually found their place. The small seeds of radishes, cress and spinach were then allowed to carefully lay them in the ground. Afterwards, the water was poured actively. We look forward to harvesting the herbs.

The kindergarten children also planted their raised bed with various herbs together with Mrs. Reuter. On the last day before the Pentecost vacation, we were able to harvest the first herbs and make a herb bread. Mhh it was delicious!

Many thanks again to Mrs. Reuter at this point!

On Wednesday in Holy Week we celebrated Easter with all the children. At Easter, the children and educators gathered in the gym. Cloths were already laid out in the middle and the Jesus candle stood on it. In the morning group, the children learned little by little about the Easter story. They heard about Jesus’ death and resurrection. At the end, each child was allowed to hold the Jesus candle in his hand once and then pass it on to the next child. The mood and atmosphere in the room was very special. Sad about what happened, the children experienced joy and hope through the resurrection. Finally, we went to breakfast together with various delicacies and fresh flat bread. We wish all families a happy and blessed Easter.

As part of a children’s service on Palm Sunday, we celebrated the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with the children. As soon as they entered the parish hall, the children discovered a mysterious gate in the room. A path led through the gate into the city of Jerusalem, the path on which Jesus walked many years ago. There was singing and the story was re-enacted. In order to bring the children closer to the story, they were allowed to take part themselves. The Jesus candle was carried through the gate and the children spread cloths on the path, waved the branches and put them down at the end of the path. So the children themselves became part of the story. Our children’s service ended with a palm branch and a delicious palm pretzel for each child.

We were very happy to have so many children at our Sunday school have participated!

Dear Kolping Vogt family,

We would like to thank you very much for your donation in the past year. We have long wanted a large mirror for our children in the hallway. So far, the children had no opportunity to watch each other while playing and dressing up. However, this contributes to the positive self-perception of the children and has always been a major concern for us. Thanks to your generous donation, we were able to fulfill our children’s wish. A two-meter-long mirror hangs on the wall in our hallway and the children walk up and down in front of it. It looks at pirates and princesses and occasionally makes a funny face.

On behalf of our children and educators – thank you very much!

Your team from the St. Josef kindergarten

Our carnival week in kindergarten started this year with a polonaise through the garden. From Monday, the children and educators came to kindergarten dressed in colorful clothing for a week. The following days there was big face painting. No matter if Batman, unicorn or princess, almost everyone was very keen on applying make-up. On Wednesday and Thursday we have the exercise room "Kids party" eröfnet. Our pastor Briemle also visited us on Thursday and sang and danced with us! We were all very happy about this special visit. Hungry from dancing, I went to the common carnival snack. At the end of our Fasnetswoche there was a party with the parents on the Bromigen Friday. Everyone danced and celebrated together. Carnival songs were sung and then eaten from the delicious buffet that the parents had provided together. We were soon freed from the Vogter hay eaters.

Many thanks to the parents who have lovingly stocked the buffet.


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