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new ideas. You can still participate! Either by e-mail to [email protected], subject "My name suggestion for the bear" (please include address and telephone number) or by postcard in the game world in the children’s hospital in Amsterdamer Strasse. The closing date for entries is October 31st and you can win a Toniebox! :)

Special thanks go to the many generous donors who found their way to our booth. None of the numerous plush toys that could be purchased for a small donation were left at the end of the day. As the weather meant well with us, we met old acquaintances and got to know new people, there is only one conclusion to be said: We are looking forward to a perfectly successful day – for us, for the parents and especially for the children.

Laughter is the best medicine – the saying goes

Scientific studies prove that the saying does not come out of the blue. The effects of laughter in the human body are examined in the so-called gelotology. The results: Laughter activates a multitude of biochemical processes in the organism, which have a positive effect on the body and mind.

Those who are sick should not be alone, but have something to laugh about. There has been an exciting movement in Germany for this for over ten years – bringing clowns to hospitals, modeled on Patch Adams. At the children’s hospital we also know how important it is to laugh – our hospital clowns Edda and Cocktelia make sure of that. Your commitment is possible thanks to your donations.

In a short interview, Cocktelia explains how she “conjures up a smile” with magic, why it is so important for children and how a red nose can also extend your life!

Full program for the summer festival 2019 of the association

current feature film "My Lotta Life – All Bingo with Flamingo!" (Theatrical release August 29, 2019) his luck on the lots and promptly landed a hit. Congratulations Lenny and continued success in the film and show business! Speaking of the show: Many clubs provided great entertainment on and in front of the show stage. Among others, the non-profit music club Domstädter Köln e. V. and the "Cologne Swingers" with their square and round dance inserts. For all non-insiders: In square dance, the dancers dance together on the stage according to the caller’s instructions – which is not as easy as the visitors could experience.

The "Pänz vum Rhing", the children’s and youth dance troupe of Cologne’s Rheinveilchen, presented itself as a real melting point of talent. The children’s and youth dance group has been active since 2013 and it was a pleasure to watch the young actors with their impressive choreographies, lifting figures and acrobatic elements – even from the very young guests, who enthusiastically bobbed and danced in front of the stage. At this point, a big thank you to the "Pänz vum Rhing" for this great performance, but of course also to all other supporters and associations who made our summer party possible through their commitment, such as the "Große Allgemeine KG von 1900 Köln eV" Großer Höhenhauser KG Naaksühle 1949 eV ”the game world for its great handicraft offer at the summer festival and thanks also to the Cologne band“ Sechs Kölsch ”- thanks for the right sound on the festival meadow -“ for de kopp, for et hätz, for de fööss ”.

Our special thanks go to the Haie fan club Block 211. The fans presented the association with donations from three seasons (2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019) – a total of 5,200 euros. This is great! We would like to thank all Haie fans for this great support and keep our fingers crossed for the coming season. The donation checks were taken by Thomas Gemein (CEO) and Prof. Dr. med. Michael Weiß, medical director of the children’s hospital.

Swap sadness for a good mood

large part of their attention to the sick child. Such siblings are also called “shadow children” in technical jargon because they always have to put back. I take special care of them.

How do sick children deal with such situations, what gives them comfort?
Children deal with sadness very differently than adults. It is easier for them to take up such messages because they do not question so much. And it helps them when the clown is there. The clown has become a friend and is a constant companion.

Some stories are certainly very close to you. How does Conny, behind Cocktelia, deal with the medical histories? How do you create distance after a “working day”?
It is always very good for me to speak to the pastors in the children’s hospital. Who makes me particularly strong is my husband. I have a very nice and happy relationship and marriage. How he holds me and catches me, I can pass it on to other people.

What was the most beautiful or most emotional moment that you experienced as Cocktelia?
I had a really great encounter with a little patient. She is six years old and is in a wheelchair. She has a muscle disorder, can hardly move and does not have a long life expectancy. Only the wheelchair can control it. Despite her illness, she has such a zest for life, such a smile on her face, that was impressive. And it showed me how strong you can be. That’s why I visited her at home on her birthday. As a surprise. I gave her a magic wand and we did magic together. This gratitude, also from the parents, was one of the most beautiful and greatest experiences in my time as a clown.

The children and families also give you something that motivates .
Yes, of course, quite a lot. Children are always honest – they tell you what they think and you can see in their faces how they feel and what they are thinking. They give you the most honest feedback. The most beautiful gift from children is to see joy and laughter in their eyes.

What distinguishes Conny Jonas from the clown Cocktelia? And where are the similarities?
There are hardly any differences. As a clown I am very authentic, very sensitive and can approach people well. I’ve always wanted to do something social. I love to dress up, give joy of life and do nonsense. Conny Jonas can live it all out as a clown Cocktelia. I can just be myself.

If I were to be a clown with children tomorrow, what tips would you give me and which personal characteristics are particularly important?
You have to be very sensitive, able to approach people well and be able to play. You need a big heart and you have to be fully involved in your role as a clown and be there for the children. And a red nose would be very good!


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