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Child welfare risk: When the child’s soul threatens to break

  1. As Child endangerment is basically to understand every behavior that has a negative impact on the Development of children and adolescents effect.
  2. a suspicion you can, if necessary, anonymously at the responsible Report youth welfare office.
  3. Certain abnormalities enable the early detection from a child’s well-being. Our checklist can help you with this.

What is child welfare? The following guide provides a definition and further information.

Actually, that should be for all parents welfare and the healthy development their children’s top priority. Nevertheless, the media keep reporting about it terrifying fates, in which girls and boys seriously neglected or mistreated were. In these cases, the question often arises: How could it happen? Child endangerment come?

When is the child’s welfare endangered??

Physical and mental child welfare can have serious consequences for the development of children.

As Child endangerment is basically to understand everything that the mental and physical health a child or a teenager harm or threatens them. Such an impairment can be caused by a certain behavior or omission on the part of the legal guardians or third parties.

In his Decision of November 23, 2016 (Az. XII ZB 149/16) defines the Federal Court of Justice the child welfare risk as follows:

A child’s well-being is due missing or faulty supply especially in many cases ignorance due. Another cause can also be overtaxing his. The affected parents would be hers Responsibility towards the next generation so like to do better justice, but don’t know how this is to be accomplished. Only in a few cases is the endangerment of the child’s well-being in one deliberate wrongdoing justified.

Child welfare risk: which law applies?

What does the youth welfare office see as a child’s well-being??

According to Section 1631 (2) Civil Code (BGB) children have the right to a non-violent upbringing. Accordingly, both physical punishments, psychological injuries as well as other degrading measures inadmissible.

The legislator provides the Mistreatment of Protected Persons – which include people under the age of eighteen – under punishment. Those who torture them, mistreat them raw or their duty of care due to malicious neglect does not comply, must according to Section 225 of the Criminal Code (StGB) with a prison sentence of six months to ten years count.

In addition, the various Forms of child welfare one Violation of children’s rights The global standards from the UN child rights convention, which have also been ratified in Germany.

Which forms of child welfare exist?

The child’s well-being is concerned not a particular behavior, instead are under that term all actions understand which adversely affect children’s development. Experts differentiate between the following manifestations:

  • neglect
    Children do not get enough Food or liquid, this may endanger the wellbeing of children. Neglect can also take the form of lack of emotional attention or medical care.
  • Neglect of the duty of supervision
    Missing one age-appropriate care, which ensures protection against dangers, this can have a negative impact on development.
  • Violence and psychological abuse
    violence can take a variety of forms. This can have serious consequences Shaking toddlers cause.
  • Sexual abuse and sexual violence
    The child sexual abuse leads to serious in most cases trauma. Legislators will punish these offenses accordingly §§ 176 ff. StGB and in particular provides for prison sentences.
  • Mental abuse
    The child’s psychological well-being can take many different forms. This can be, for example, the Threat of violence or act verbally devaluation. But also one overprotection can be considered a risk to the wellbeing of children.
  • Domestic violence
    Experience children and adolescents violent clashes between parents or other caregivers, this often has far-reaching consequences.

Evidence of child welfare

Educators are trained to recognize a child’s well-being in kindergarten at an early stage.

For the Early detection of a child’s well-being various criteria are considered. However, it is only about rough clues, that do not have to occur in every individual case. It can also be the case that affected children show none of these signs.

About what criteria it is in detail or how you are one Recognize child welfare our following shows list.

Indicators of child welfare Is available?
Physical characteristics
Overweight or underweight
Lack of hygiene
No weather-appropriate clothing
Hematomas, scars, broken bones or disease
Chronic fatigue
Physical development delay
Cognitive characteristics
lack of concentration
memory problems
Language development delay
Psychological characteristics
Aggressive, apathetic, frightened, or anxious behavior
fear of loss
Social characteristics
Disregard of rules and limits
Missing eye contact
No participation in group activities
Other specifications
sleep disorders
eating disorder
Selfharming behaviour
Run away
Difficulties at school

What does the youth welfare office do if the child is at risk??

Consist Evidence of a child’s well-being, looks Paragraph 8a Eighth Book of the Social Code (SGB VIII) "Protection mandate in the case of child welfare risk" the The youth welfare office becomes active in front. Child protection does not always see only that into care of the children.

Youth Welfare Office: The procedure for a child’s well-being is defined in the eighth social code.

For example, the procedure of the youth welfare office consists primarily of allegedly endangering the child’s well-being Offered for support and advice The parents. Lie Indications of an acute hazard before, the office must follow up and the Get in touch with the family. This can include one home visit justify by the youth welfare office due to child welfare.

The parents refuse to cooperate and if there is an acute risk to the well-being of the child, the youth welfare office can also against the will organize necessary help for parents. For example, it can be one Visit to the Doctor or one temporary accommodation act.

However, the youth welfare office is not authorized to To limit parents’ rights. That’s what it is for family court to turn on which one first personal conversation with the parents – a so-called hearing. The family court is at one if the child is at risk amicable solution interested, because basically children belong to their parents. Custody is only restricted as the last measure.

What can I do if my child is at risk??

If you would like to report or report a child’s welfare risk, you can do so anonymously at the youth welfare office.

Concerned family members or neighbors can contact various advice centers – such as Child protection centers or family advice centers – turn. The trained consultants and therapists try to clarify whether there is actually a justified suspicion exists whether risk factors exist and which auxiliary facilities exist. It is also discussed which activities the concerned person can initiate himself.

Have you a justified suspicion, you can put a child’s well being report to the youth welfare office. The principle applies: It’s better to call too much than never. The experts can help that Assess situation and give tips on how best to behave.

They are basic not obliged to do so, to report a child welfare risk. However, can certain occupational groups make you punishable if you do not report a suspicion. These include, among others Specialists in child and youth welfare, Teachers, educators, doctors and midwives.

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I have reported to the youth welfare office several times. According to my contact person: "She did not recommend me to marry the man!"
It has been dealing with physical and mental abuse since 2013. Child has classic symptom, evidence, etc. Court does nothing.

please contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Hi there,
I would have a question that no website has been able to answer properly so far: Is it a child’s well-being if my children (girl, 15 and boy, 14) have to share a room? Unfortunately I have no money to move and since I am drawing a pension, nobody feels responsible for financial support. The two of them also said together that they don’t mind, because during the day one of them can retire to my bedroom at any time. Due to a long-term illness, which I have only been able to control for about 6 months, both were accommodated in youth welfare institutions, but there were so great problems with my daughter that she had to come home before the successful treatment of my illness. However, the youth welfare office is now causing difficulties for my son. Should I end the help, they want to take care of him because the living space is not sufficient. Is that right??

The mere fact that siblings share a room does not usually lead to a child’s well-being. Please contact a lawyer for legal advice on your specific case. We cannot and must not legally assess this special case at this point.

Do you have any tips who you can still turn to if the youth welfare office remains inactive despite knowledge of child abuse? 5 years ago, I separated due to domestic violence, especially against the children, from my husband. Even while I was living together, I contacted the youth welfare office several times, who also gave them sound recordings as evidence of child abuse. Despite later turning on the family court, I did not get the ABR and custody alone. Although the child’s father also beat the children, at least emotionally and psychologically abused them to this day, he can refuse to talk to parents, etc., with which the children remain in constant conflict and bow to any pressure from the father / perpetrator. In many cases they were threatened by him for years never to talk about his actions, because otherwise they would come to homes, they would be to blame if he lost his reputation and much more..
I have been receiving threatening letters from the offender’s lawyer for years that I must not use the evidence. This lawyer / parallel notary of the offender is a very good friend of the judges and the district court director at the responsible very small family court.
V. A. my daughter suffers a lot, is often apathetic and absent (the perpetrator had often told me that I was too old for me with 2 children together, etc., he needed the "small, tight" ones; my daughter often had to be available to him if for example, he feels “sick.” He refused to take part in a separation child group, joint discussions at parental level are refused, he forbids the children to talk about his actions at the youth welfare office and with friends. Va my daughter complies with his demands.
My question to you is which institution can I contact?.
Police are only responsible for the fact that the public prosecutor’s office said that the family court should take care that it was ultimately not of public interest. However, the family court is very close to the offender’s lawyer.

Contact the media. Newspaper etc! For them this is a found food and you can then use the recordings / evidence because you are not at an official court.
And so you make the police and the judge fire under the ass. The "official body" always pulls its tail when the media come …
But be prepared that this will be the war after the fighting …

Hi there,
my daughter 8 y. lives with her father because he didn’t want her to move to another city with me, but she wants to go back to me. The father 54 y. brings her to strange families every weekend (when I’m not there), although she doesn’t want to be able to pursue his activities (party, race track, …), he has already sent her naked to the car because she forgot her cell phone and often shouted at them
She has recently noticed abnormalities such as eating loops (has increased), difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, respiratory disease, allergies, school performance declines and so on..
I also want my daughter to live with me again, what can I do .. do I have a chance in court? Or would the YES have to react there ?
Thank you very much

Please contact a lawyer, the youth welfare office and / or a family advice center to find possible solutions that can promote the well-being of your daughter.

Hello, is it a risk to the child’s well-being if you always give your child somewhere else to go partying and if you take drugs…

If necessary, child welfare risk can be assumed if the child is actually impaired by the processes.

Dear lawyer, I came across your site and I thought I would try a little luck again with you so that on August 19, 2009 I had a hearing with my children about failing to cooperate with the youth welfare office decided to allow the right of residence transfer that happened then nobody prepared us for the fact that even after the appointment the children were taken into custody directly that had not been agreed beforehand I will be represented by a lawyer and there is an expert opinion with an expert who also supports it have that the children are taken care of immediately because the child’s welfare is endangered and that there is a permanent child welfare risk in the room because of health care school and education because the right of residence has been transferred to the youth welfare office, I refuse to contact my children and am already planning one accommodation option to carry out the requested birth certificates and have banned information from the current schools. I still have half of the parental custody. I beg you I am desperate and do not know what to do because some always say something different and I am now facing a big hole and tell me if everything is correct I thank you very much for your efforts and maybe would be happy to share a positive message I thank you very much

please note that we cannot offer legal advice. We only provide an information portal through which we want to inform consumers about general legal issues. We cannot go into special cases, especially since family law requires more individual decisions than in other legal areas. Please contact your lawyer to find a solution.

Hi there,
the following question concerns me:
The father of the daughter of a friend (the family lives separately, the father’s right of access to the WE every 14 days) has made it his goal to have the 15-year-old daughter tattooed. The daughter refuses and the mother is horrified, but the father insists and tries by all means to get the daughter to do it. He is not interested in the rejection of the mother. He is very dominant and it can be assumed that he will prevail and force her to tattoo. Even if Germany may be refused by the tattoo artist under the age of 18, there is still the possibility to do it while on vacation abroad. In such cases, the youth welfare office argues that intervention is only possible if damage has actually occurred. With a forced tattoo, however, the damage cannot be repaired and is permanently visible. The child’s mental damage is added. How do you behave in such a case to support child and mother?

In these cases, the counseling services offered by various family counseling centers can help.

Is there a risk to the wellbeing of my child if my child (7) is allowed to watch films from the age of 12 or 16 on the weekend and talk about them at school. This makes him very aggressive, which is why we have recently started receiving psychological treatment. He says e.g. at school i can kill you with a sharp pen and threaten other children with it. He says he sees it in films with his father, he also says that to the teacher. The father also thinks it would be better if he lived with him then he would not be so aggressive. What can I do??

Under the supervision of the custodial parent, children can also regularly watch films in cinemas whose age rating exceeds their current age. If this results in psychological problems, measures can be discussed with the youth welfare office and child psychologists.

Hello Kati,
Have a question, my child’s father (4) doesn’t pay attention to drinking, he comes home and is very thirsty. Where he was 3 or now he lets little ones run alone at the traffic lights and father runs ahead. The cars that turn are also green, he pays no attention to small ones. Is that already a risk to the child’s wellbeing??

Can I insist on an advertisement that I do not make anonymous to better explain the situation that my name does not appear anywhere?

please contact the responsible authority with your request. As a rule, silence may be possible to a limited extent for the purpose of protecting witnesses.

Dear Sir or Madam,
The following facts exist,
I father of 2 children 6/9 years live separately from my ex wife…. despite judicially ordered advice from the Kinderschutzbund, there the handling is discussed with a mediator and recorded in writing! However, my ex wife does not abide by these rules, has now decided several times to ignore it! Despite the mediator’s warning that she does not have to decide this.
I just want to have my boys with me regularly ….
According to the mediator, there is a danger and I should go to the family court as soon as possible and show it

I am just wondering whether mental illness (have severe depression) is also at risk of child well-being. Family helper wants me to do psychotherapy, medication is in high doses, but I am currently refusing psychotherapy because I have only been in psychiatry for 7 weeks and I am saturated with it. It doesn’t help me. The father of my 3 children is fully employed and of course lives with us. Can we be prosecuted for my story? All 3 children have ADD, one child is diabetic and one has rheumatism.

a disease alone does not usually endanger the wellbeing of children. The decisive factors are the direct and indirect effects that these have or can potentially have on the child concerned.

Hi there
My ex-girlfriend has 2 children (10 and 13) and sole custody. She has opened a practice and usually works until 7 p.m. and also on weekends. The children are mostly left to their own devices during this time. She also suffers from a mental disorder (narcissism or borderline, without self-harming behavior) in my opinion (also in the opinion of the children’s father). She refused to give a psychological report about herself.
What can you do? I feel sorry for the children.

A psychological impairment generally only endangers the child’s wellbeing if it has a direct negative impact on the children. Even full-time employment alone does not justify the risk, especially for children who, given their age, can already develop a certain degree of independence.

So she has outbursts of anger and shouts at the children about trifles. Sometimes she doesn’t dare to go home because she thinks she will have an outbreak of anger. She made the child father bad in front of the children that they testified before the family court that they no longer wanted to see their father (estrangement syndrome?). She has no empathy, no compassion, no sense of guilt. She is a narcissist, as it says in the book. The youth welfare office sees no need for action, although it is generally known what effects a narcissistic mother can have on children.

I have already registered anonymously and I cannot understand that nothing has happened so far.
It is about my neighbor who is constantly drunk and sees her child trying to cut her wrists. I saw it personally and an RTW came myself. She drinks daily and takes strong BTM tablets. The apartment looks like a pig and there lives a child. It is already known in the neighborhood. How can it be that this great girl (12 years I think) may still be there.

Hello I have a question and my boyfriend has a son who will be 7 years old by the end of this year is overweight has a language development disorder he is therefore in a corresponding clinic whose mother is always looking for excuses she should push her son here and there because she is one type wants to go to home she knows from the internet the mother of him does not go out with him only sits on the pc does nothing with the child she always orders she does not cook the boy always comes with new bruises if you ask him he is shy totally in and does not talk about it in winter the boy comes with gym shoes
and in sweatpants and in summer with winter boots and thick down jacket we had an appointment at the youth welfare office about 3 months ago because of shared custody we both felt very misunderstood the appointment was tomorrow but the mother canceled because she was supposed to have a bowel nobody believes because they only want to delay the appointment. My question counts in a certain respect to child welfare

the youth welfare office and, in case of doubt, the family court is responsible for assessing a child’s welfare risk. At this point we cannot give a binding assessment.

Hello, a friend has a son, is separated from the mother. You have the switch model.
During his time with his mother, he is constantly absent from school (1st grade, 2nd year starts). She does not appear at medical appointments that she has because of the son and his developmental disorders. To switch from mother to father, she announces one hour before the usual time that the child will only come a day later. Then the next day until late afternoon and with a very short lead time. (Be there in an hour, then I have to go.) The topic of the doctor’s appointments has already been noticed by the doctors, it is always there, she is not. The class teacher also noticed that he is always missing when he is with her (e.g., she apologizes for the fact that a family member has died. The child says when asked that mom was asleep and he was allowed to stay at home). I think that’s it but already endangers child well-being. There doesn’t seem to be any interest as to how the child will proceed. He logically lags behind at school. What to do? Thank you

advise your friend to visit a lawyer or consult the youth welfare office. These can offer possible solutions.

Hello dear Familienrecht.net team,

I currently have the following problem …
The father of my two girls (2 and 5 years) wants to go on vacation with the children to Greece for 2 weeks.
For about 2 months he has only had the children every other weekend. The big one cries with him regularly in the evenings, or the grandmother (he can’t afford his own apartment and works in the evenings) that she wants to go home to mom. Unfortunately, this is of course completely ignored.
The little one would like if the dad doesn’t pick her up first, run away from him when she sees him, and then cry in the car when he drives away …
In general, the father paid little attention to his children. Now he is trying a little, or thinks he has the same rights as me as a mother, and would like to enforce them.
In my view, he disregards the wishes and well-being of his children.

In the meantime I have told him that I am not going to take the younger one with him on vacation. Which made him very angry.
The big one wanted to go on vacation with Dad. But since the holiday is getting closer and closer she is so indecisive and sometimes cries bitterly because she doesn’t want to. Then she says she wants to come with me.
Today she said to daddy that she didn’t want to go. But he skilfully ignores it …

My question now is, do I have to give him the big one? Even if she doesn’t want to?

I’m afraid that my grown-ups will be bad because their feelings are not taken into account. The father and grandma would never call me if my daughter was in a bad way and she really wanted to go home.

I don’t know what to do. I would love to keep them here too.

However, the father insists on his rights to take his children on vacation with him ….

Maybe you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

please contact a lawyer for legal advice. We are not allowed to provide legal advice at this point. Possibly. you can also take advantage of the youth welfare office or a family advice center.

Hi there,
is it a risk to the child’s well-being if my niece is always with grandma every weekend? And she started school a year ago, and now she has to repeat 1st grade (reason she couldn’t do it. She’s the only one who stays seated, others keep coming). She had never come to the daycare before, because the parents didn’t do anything, so it wasn’t that important. The father (my brother) smokes his cannabis (only hidden, not in the apartment) and he regularly plays at the casino. The mother is a little stupid, I just have to say. You have a total of 4 children. The boys love to play Playstation, often play with their cell phones, watch movies a lot. You are not eating properly. Often they only do a toast or a sausage when they are hungry. Never really cook for food. Money problem too!
I really can’t list everything now … I really spoke to them and my parents about the fact that they really need professional help because there is a better professional / woman, we family can’t do anything. But they haven’t taken it seriously so far, so I have much less, almost no contact. Because my parents treat us and others UNFAIR. What should I do?
Is it already a risk to the child’s wellbeing??
Thanks for your understanding!!

It cannot be determined in each individual case whether there is a risk to the wellbeing of children, we cannot assess that here. Possibly. a report to the Youth Welfare Office can result in appropriate assessments.

My sister’s children, 16 and 20 years old, have been living with their father, who cannot handle money. Now they have been sued for eviction because the father did not pay the rent and are homeless. The 16 year old was with her godmother until she went on free time. The 20-year-old currently lives in the apartment of his late grandfather, he borrowed an air mattress from me so that he didn’t have to sleep in his grandfather’s bed. You will probably not get the furniture from the apartment again because there are still rent debts. The girl will probably go back to her godmother after her free time, who would also be willing to take the child in permanently.
The children are both mentally stressful situations. The mother knows the situation from a distance of 250 km but only communicates with the older person via Whatsapp …. my conscience tells me that I have to inform the youth welfare office, but I also know that at least the older person, and maybe the girl, are not really grateful if I report this to the youth welfare office. I do not know whether the children’s mother has contacted the youth welfare office. When I write to you to help your children, it only comes back: I’m worried too
What should I do now??

Please note that once a child has reached the age of majority, the youth welfare office is no longer responsible. If necessary, please contact a counseling center to find out which options may appear in addition to the information provided by the youth welfare office.

Hello dear family net team,
In our environment, the parents (mostly the mother) scream at their child from the throat every day. This can probably not speak properly yet, since you do not hear words from the child. The moment the child is shouted at, it starts to cry terribly.
There are sentences like "get out of here, get away, tidy up, I can no longer see you, get out of my sight, if you don’t do it immediately, what happens …, I’ll beat you up, you’ve never seen it in your whole life … “I don’t want to imagine what’s going on there
Unfortunately we cannot locate where the family lives. You should still inform the youth welfare office?
Thank you very much

If necessary, the youth welfare office can investigate the situation and report the family after we have been informed accordingly. We cannot judge that either. In the event of noise pollution, the regulatory office / police may also help.

Are you aware that they give the same answer as always? "Go to a lawyer!"
Wouldn’t it be more practical to set the question function and to admit that real help is not possible here? It would be better to write in advance in the headline: If there is concern and suspicion of child welfare: go to a lawyer.
It’s nonsense that people write the suffering from the soul and still get the standard answer.

the problem is that we are not legally authorized to deal with individual cases and thus to act as legal advisers. We can only provide general information, but must refer to a lawyer if there are specific objections. In addition, there are rarely generalized solutions in family law, as no case is like the other in any other area of ​​law. The limit for legal advice is therefore reached relatively quickly.

In addition, a comment function is not an advisory offer, but the possibility of describing your own experience or information and serves the exchange with other users.

Hi there
I had a relationship with a mother of 2 sons from a previous relationship.
In my opinion, this woman has a narcissistic personality disorder and sole custody. I made an anonymous report to the youth welfare office and to the local employee. But these are not all psychologists. How can you force your mental illness to be diagnosed???
Kind regards

An expert opinion can usually only be requested and commissioned by an official body. However, psychological problems alone do not regularly justify this unless it also has a negative impact on the children.

Hi there,
I have been separated from my children’s father (7/9) for a year. With others he is sometimes very aggressive, which our children noticed from early on. Because he is still a loving and caring father, we settled out of court on the change model. He takes the children for a week and they are with me for a week. My big one had nightmares, especially in the early days after the breakup (something that her dad killed me). After the children were handed over without aggression, it settled down and the children coped well with it. Now I am watching a kind of neglect of the father, he has lost a lot of weight, his apartment is in a bad condition. He can’t be helped, doesn’t see any problem with it, etc. Everyone’s own, of course. My hands are tied. Now it has happened, however, that he was aggressive towards a mother friend of mine, who had brought our little one home for him, in the presence of her children and my little ones. She had a bad feeling about leaving my daughter to the father and called me. It makes me very uncomfortable that other children or parents avoid my children’s father or talk badly about him. I can’t avoid it, I think he actually has a mental health problem. But of course I can’t be sure without a diagnosis and without him going into therapy. That’s why I don’t know whether my children are in good hands with him or not. You definitely have a week’s contrast program with dad. I assume that he continues to be a loving father to his children and that they take care of them normally. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have settled out of court. But if he goes to the parents of friends of my children for no reason, it will not leave you without a trace and will of course also be gossiped at school. Unfortunately, I cannot talk to him about it because I fear hatred and, of course, as I know him, he presents it quite differently. He definitely has a perception disorder and often fills up massively misunderstood. When it gets loud, the children are scared too. Then you have already told me, if he does not listen to it: "Mom, better go, otherwise there will be arguments again." And I will do it. I just avoid conflict. This works out. But I cannot avoid the conflicts that he fights with others for no reason in front of the children. And it cannot be the solution that our children will say to their friends at some point: "Let’s better meet when it’s momma week", what do you advise me?

Please note that we cannot offer legal advice or therapeutic support at this point. If necessary, contact the youth welfare office or a family counseling center to develop possible solutions.

Hello I have a 10 year old grandson with asthma and animal hair allergy. The parents separated and both live in new relationships. The boy smeared the walls with his mother about 3 years ago and his biological father reported this to the youth welfare office we were afraid that there might be something wrong there. The responsible youth welfare officer said on the phone "what should I do? he doesn’t live with me". At that time I was totally horrified by this reaction and am also to the youth protection association and a former youth welfare office and wanted to help what was rejected because the boy was not within their area of ​​responsibility.
Nothing happened.Now we turned back to the youth welfare office because the boy has streptococcus (dermatologist certificate is available) and the mother got a 2 dog despite a known animal hair allergy So we set off and drove straight to the office, where nobody knew anything and there was nothing about the incidents in the files. The woman from the youth welfare office is silent about it, WHY. no help from anywhere the child has allergy level 5
What should I do? What should the father do?.

please use the corresponding support offers from various advice centers. We cannot make an assessment at this point. Possibly. a lawyer can also advise on questions of access and custody.

Hi there,
a neighbor has been in absolute chaos for over a year.
The apartment is filled up from front to back, you can no longer see the floor, sofas are not to be used, moldy food is everywhere, dishes dirty, cat litter box overflowing, clothes smell and lies everywhere. The 2 children don’t come out there either because the parents don’t want to go out themselves. The children are aggressive, linguistically totally underdeveloped, don’t know any hygiene etc.
What can you do here as a neighbor and even father of a child that against such conditions what is being done.

a possible risk to the wellbeing of children may a. be reported to the youth welfare office.

My daughter M. (15.5 years), has been living in a foster family for 3 years. My daughter has been beaten several times in the foster family, the judge with whom I made the custody application told me at the time that there was a risk to the well-being of a child The child welfare office also spoke to my daughter and foster parents, and the youth welfare office then confirmed to me that there have unfortunately been several incidents where the foster parents who hit my daughter. My daughter is also shouted at a lot by the foster parents and there is always arguing with her. My daughter has told me that she was afraid that the foster mother would stab her with the knife was it in the evening that my daughter could not sleep because the foster mother went to her room several times during the night.

Hi there,
it’s about my 7 year old nephew. My brother lives separated from the child’s mother for about 3-4 years. The little one lives with her, both have shared custody and he has it with him every we, this is not a problem.
What about a child’s well-being if the mother (supposedly with limited legal capacity) for some reason is unable to pay the rent, so that my brother is informed by the housing company about rent arrears, eviction lawsuits or bailiffs. Since my brother had failed to be deregistered after moving out of the lease, he was contacted in the middle of last year. This whole procedure has been going on for over a year now. The apartment is subsidized by the state. I don’t know how the mother makes her living, because you can’t believe a word. So far she has never really worked and got money from Papa State.

I have had stomach ache for some time because of this situation, I am afraid that it will actually be evacuated and my nephew will be put in an apartment that is not good for its development, i.e. temporary buildings, etc. Can one inform the youth welfare office about such concerns? How far does my brother have a say when the child’s mother has to move out?

As a rule, a child’s well-being can only be assumed if the development or the psychological well-being of the child is actually impaired by the processes. Possibly. the youth welfare office can provide help in an emergency.

Is it a risk to the child’s well-being if a young person in a residential group shows a highly sexualized behavior and the other young people are affected by it?

please contact a lawyer for a legal assessment. The youth welfare office can also assess the facts accordingly. Ultimately, in case of doubt, a court decides whether child welfare is to be assumed in individual cases.

My partner has a son (4 y)
Child’s mother and family Relatives of child’s mother have tried to prevent contact between me and the child from the start (threat, extortion, insult, assault)
Everything in front of the child too .
The child’s mother was sentenced to 20 hours of social service.

Now the new stitch .
Child would supposedly say "Lisa hits me"
Grandmother of the child’s mother was with the child at the doctor, doctor has reported it to the youth welfare office and now service is suspected of endangering a child.

I never did anything to the child and my partner is with me and the child every second when the child is there every 2 weekends .

Parents have shared custody.
I have to fear that I will never see my stepchild again ?

I still have all the SMS in my cell phone distributor where I have been insulted and threatened.
”If you should see my child you will really get to know us”

we cannot give a legal assessment at this point. If necessary, please contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Hello it is about my daughter was taken away from the youth welfare office a week before I and my husband had a conversation with the youth welfare office and my family helper because there were always difficulties between my daughter and my husband could tell later age he had touched her a week later my family helper was on the road with my daughter and brought her home in the evening two days later the youth welfare office called me my daughter asked any questions from my former family helper that they meant her would have touched. What can i do there

Hello, what can I do if the child welfare comes from the youth welfare office. The responsible case manager torpedoed the settlement made before the family court because of access rights. This was granted to us in accompanying form. Now, against their will, our daughters are housed far apart in a living group but separately from each other. Financially and in time, it is therefore no longer possible for us to exercise our right of access. Even if the youth welfare office has the provisional right to determine the right of residence, it cannot simply override the legal right of access or we see it wrong?

please contact your lawyer for a legal assessment of your particular case.

I was looking for a website that set out examples of a child’s well-being. Unfortunately, I don’t find any judgments where examples are given. I don’t find a suitable case in the comments.
I also wanted to do something judicial, but I live in a state where you need an advisory certificate that I don’t get because a lot of it is done orally, so I cannot present a “case” for which I need a lawyer.
I previously lived in a furnished apartment where everything was included. Back then I turned to the youth welfare office in case I need help. In the end, one person came by all the time, even without warning. Ultimately, it was about advice on how to fill in the parental allowance or similar. so banal things. However, the youth welfare office accuses me of being too soft, i.e. unstable. Whenever the same person comes by, they literally look for mistakes they can’t find. She also looked into cupboards without being asked. Since she couldn’t make a difference, the contact died down.
Then I moved to another apartment because the lease expired. The youth welfare office was then back on the mat. They insulted me again and mocked that I don’t have a kitchen. Humans need a stove and a sink. I explained that I had submitted an application, that I would buy a small hotplate with a power cord and that I would rinse in the bathroom. I was accused of not being able to live like this because I could not properly cook my child. Recently the insults were so violent and personal that I yelled at YES person to piss off and kicked them out. The visits really kill me. They don’t help at all, they only make me bad. I want to file an injunction against the YES, but I can’t prove anything. The supervisor finally got in touch by email a day later regarding this conflict and said that I should not waive the support of the JA. At last I would have a slight “threat” in writing, which can be interpreted either way.
If they would support me, I wouldn’t mind, but I just can’t take these searches and insults anymore. I don’t want her in my apartment anymore.
My question: is the absence of a kitchen (I have a refrigerator) a child’s well-being? He is still small and gets porridge every now and then because I have a porridge warmer, otherwise I mix porridge in the morning because I have a kettle. At lunchtime he gets cooked dishes from third parties, although he does not yet have all his teeth, and in the evenings he gets fruit, especially watermelon. For a bottle at night. He is neither overweight nor underweight and has no examinations and I would not fear an examination by an official doctor.
I ask because I want to completely exclude the YES from my life, but am afraid that they will come and take my child away from me because I don’t have a sink? have. I mention the sink so strongly because the counselor hung on it. She even wanted to search the fridge, which I prohibited.
That’s a joke! It is better to take care of parents who beat their children.

Whether there is a risk to the child’s well-being must be reassessed in each individual case. Apart from severe physical or mental abuse, there are general situations in which a child’s well-being can be assumed. If necessary, contact the youth welfare office with a request for a new administrator. Possibly. you can also visit family counseling centers.

Heike 09/11/2018
Hello, I have a question! My grandson is 3 years old the mother moved away with my grandson immediately, about 280 kilometers away she is neither where she is staying nor has she logged off in her previous place of residence she has been signed off by the landlord. My question my grandson has not come to a pediatrician since October 2017, he cannot walk properly since he has only been walking on tiptoe since he can walk !! In October 2017 it was made to him the rails that the mother had never put on him, and then there was the fact that the little one had not been ill for months, since she no longer gets Hartz 4, which was discontinued because she simply did not respond to the write from the employment office so she and the little one are not insured. the little one is often with me and I have now made appointments with him in physiotherapy and with the orthopedic surgeon so now she just wants to get him and ignores everything I do now "I’m desperate what can I do now as a grandma, my son does nothing because she constantly threatens him with the little one so I don’t know what to do .

If necessary, please contact the responsible youth welfare office, a family advice center or a lawyer.

Hi there,
I broke up with my husband in December 2017, Narcissus, and went to a friend with my youngest son, who was still 14 years old. Of course I left the child to the father without me realizing how he manipulated the child against me with the help of the adult sons. He threatened me, you go, you will never see your children again. 2 are adults, but also incited against me. The father is a well-known drug dealer, he dragged the middle son into this swamp. Now my 15 year old son is there, constantly sleeping somewhere else, a mother contacted me since he slept there for 6 weeks, and she sees that the father has no interest and manipulates him against me, just to deal with me, but the child is dumped everywhere so that he can celebrate with his people and does not even ask about the well-being of the boy , In January, he should not go to the ophthalmologist with father, diopter test, the child had to go there alone. I went there with him in August when I found out that the health card had not yet been clarified. Not until today.
He goes to school irregularly, internships in the same company as his father, both of them oversleep constantly. New woman in the house who is not even able to go to the doctor with the boy, although there was an injury to the hand, whereupon I sat with him in the emergency room for 4 hours, although the father does not want him to have contact with me , The child is now drinking alcohol, he tells himself, showed me a video where he drank a bottle of Baccardi until it was handed over in one go. Must be like that more often, according to him. The youth welfare office told me there was nothing you could do. What should I do?.

I am afraid for my child, which of course wants to stay where there are no rules and limits. But do I have to watch him pull the next child into a swamp?
The middle one, like himself, is already taking drugs and bragging about it. Everyone who comes in and out takes or buys drugs, the police are powerless, although 600 gr. Amphetamines were found in the house last October, the negotiation is still pending, he is doing his thing. The middle son, like himself, takes drugs, brags about it, only that he can decide alone at the age of 23, he still does what is cool and hip, loves this life where nobody says what to do or not to do , can come and go as he wants. How can authorities and offices be so blind and deaf??

I have been desperate, have been sitting for months and am afraid for my child, do not sleep and am on the verge of collapse. The father enjoys this, with the help of manipulation, the eldest, only for his ego and plays with offices and the police, nobody notices.

Please help at last

we regret your difficult family situation. At this point, however, we cannot provide any help. If necessary, please contact a lawyer and a suitable family counseling center. Possibly. approaches can be discussed here.

What is your site for? If you ask a question, the only answer is to ask the youth welfare office or a lawyer.

We provide consumers with information on a wide range of family law issues on our advice portal.

However, we are not authorized to provide legal advice at this point and are therefore not allowed to make a legal assessment of individual cases. The comment function is basically not to be equated with an advisory service.

my friend 3 years ago my daughter had a bite reflex in a difficult situation. This took away my daughter and I had to go to Muki for 6 months. Now 3 years later, we are both (24/25) in training and I got pregnant. Da JA has now forced me to go back to the Muki, otherwise I would lose my son. , My friend is in an anti-progression training and we live with my parents-in-law, who would give us the apartment. It was first discussed that I have to go to Muki for 4 weeks and then come to a family integration group, but that doesn’t happen at all. Now I am very far away and the child’s father barely manages to visit us, even though the youth welfare office said that they would change that. Nothing that was discussed was correct and I had to go to Muki signing and lifting the doctor’s silence. I have now spoken to it again and asked for a written greening. Now they threaten me that my sons will come to foster parents if I don’t cooperate, but I’m helping to do so. I am being punished for something 3 years ago and even changed the city to get my life in order. my daughter lives with her father today and i can’t even go to see her because my son is not allowed to join. I think the reason is my friend but it was a very difficult time for both of us, young, overwhelmed and naive. Today we are firm, do a training and still live with my in-laws. In 2019 I wanted to join Lejhre again, but I probably won’t be home for Christmas, that’s 6 months. What can I do?

contact a lawyer for legal advice. Possibly. family counseling centers and other counseling services can also be used.

Hello, my daughter (3 years) was accommodated in an educational aid, I as an accompanying person. She was taken into custody by the youth welfare office, because the youth welfare office said there was a risk to the child because the apartment had not been tidied up. Now it is the case that my apartment is clean again, but the youth welfare office prohibits me from going home. In this educational home there are strange rules, from the youth welfare office I was only allowed to go out with her 4 sdt recently, that is 2 sd in the morning / afternoon. At that time I was forced to sign the request, otherwise I would have to leave my daughter alone. Now the apartment is clean but the youth welfare office forbids me to go in there, they can get it and my daughter out?

If necessary, please contact a lawyer to review your claims.

I briefly describe the situation to them.
It is about a mother who has already given birth to 2 children. The first child lived with his grandparents from birth, which is now 14 years ago. The second child does not live with her either, the father has been given custody of that.
Part of the regular dealings with the 14 year old boy, she never tried to get him. She has no regular life, constantly changing jobs or unemployment. During this time, she continued to earn black money with private prostitution. That often means changing sex partners, despite having a permanent partner.
Now she had the parents’ business on trial a few months ago, which she hit against the wall after less than 4 months. The relationship between the grandparents and the mother escalated severely, with both parties showing up for a variety of reasons. After the grandmother could no longer watch it, she quit the daughter and brought the company back with the help of the court. Out of anger and revenge, the daughter brought the little boy into play, he is a very reserved child and was raised by the grandparents for 14 years. She taught him to promise that his grandma should have hit and shouted at him. The youth welfare office then immediately took the boy away from the grandparents and brought him to this woman. The woman who never wanted to bring him in and with whom neither of the two children lived. Now the boy is with her she leads her life as before and gets paid for services because she is unemployed again. The boy is totally locked and no longer reports to anyone because the daughter prevents this. It can’t be good for the boy that the mother took the child away from the grandparents out of revenge, and that after all the years just to hurt them? Furthermore, he no longer has any contact with them. If there is a child’s well-being here and it really only takes the child away from the grandparents forever on false accusation without any evidence?

If necessary, advise the affected grandparents for legal advice. A lawyer can clarify which options are available. In any case, whether there is a risk to the child’s well-being must be reassessed.

Hello my name is Björn (17) and I have a problem
My girlfriend is pregnant (16) and we want to keep the child. My parents and your parents already know and expect us to make a decision now. My parents gave me the order to talk her out of it. I have not been able to sleep properly for almost 2 weeks and I am afraid to inform you of the decision. My father told me if you should keep forcing yourself whether he would make himself punishable or not. I am afraid to lose everything I have.
What can I do.

please contact the appropriate help centers or the responsible youth welfare office. Possibly. help can be made here and there.

Hi there,
I have a big problem with my neighbor. We have been living in a new apartment for almost 3 years and the neighbor above us (we are 3 parties on each side) complains about my 8 year old son, who is supposedly too loud. First it started by walking too loudly through the apartment, then it was the electric piano, then this. I keep all the rest periods and make sure that my son is quiet all the time, so he doesn’t scream , doesn’t play soccer in the apartment or anything and is very quiet. Nevertheless, our neighbor has started trudging for about 1.5 years, i.e. she tramples, jumps over us in the apartment, especially over the children’s room, meanwhile also screeching, slamming the door and loud music (sometimes when she thinks we were too loud, sometimes just when it is quiet). At first we ignored it, but at the beginning of the year she stomped continuously over the children’s room for 1 hour from 8:30 p.m., so that the little one was crying in bed and could not fall asleep. As a result, my son was still conspicuously in school, was repeatedly unconcentrated, even fell asleep and didn’t dare to sleep in his bed all night. Furthermore, he did not invite school friends for a while because he was afraid of their reaction. When she runs towards him in the hallway, she clings to the site and pretends that he is contagious. And opposite me she called him a "fucking bellow". So now I have activated the regulatory office, police, landlord, social psychiatric service, tenant protection association, youth welfare office etc., but everyone does not feel responsible. The fact is that my son continues to suffer (and now I do too). Can I file a child welfare report? Is it a child’s well-being if a child shows sleep disorders, social withdrawal tendencies, depressed mood and concentration problems at school? Would be very grateful for an answer. Thank you.

A risk to the well-being of a child is usually an assessment criterion that allows, in serious exceptional cases, to withdraw the right of access and custody of a parent or other legal guardian. It is therefore aimed regularly at relevant caregivers.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I do not know whether there is a risk to the wellbeing of children. My 6 year old son has been going to the Waldorf School for 5 weeks. Since we are working, he usually stays there until afternoon. And is also registered for lunch.

Now to my question: The money for lunch (€ 50 per month) was transferred by us on Fridays, but had not yet reached the school on Monday. We informed the school in good time that the money had been transferred. We were confirmed that everything is ok.
During the lunch break, our son was then refused lunch in the canteen and told him: "You will not get any food today, your parents did not pay" ….

There is now a case of child welfare risk?

please contact the school to clarify the misunderstanding. The determination of a child’s well-being is usually used to withdraw custody or access rights and is therefore usually directed against appropriate caregivers.

Hello a question.
My daughter is 2 years old and her mother and I have the double residence model, so the daughter is with me for 3.5 days and with your mother for 3.5 days.

The mother does not take good care of her daughter, which means that two insect bites have been acute in the past 5 weeks, about 10 at once, and about 6 at a second time. These trigger my daughter very severe pain and extreme itching where she would like to tear the skin off her body.

In between there were numerous flea bites twice, actually the entire upbringing of the mother is questionable, which I have documented for more than a year and sent to the youth welfare office and in the course of which I reported a child’s well-being in writing.

A conversation was held with a psychologist and nothing happened afterwards. When I call or send emails with documentation, they are ignored.

I see how my daughter’s health is getting worse and worse and she has been sleeping very restlessly for about a month.

What can I do in this case, watching my daughter perish is not possible for me.

We are in Austria if this matters.
Ask for competent advice because I don’t know what I can do now.
Thank you in advance

please contact a local lawyer for legal advice. On the one hand, we do not have sufficient knowledge of Austrian family law and we are also not authorized to make legal assessments here.

A good day,

the child welfare law only applies to parents or to educational partners, such as crèche / gates, afternoon care, school or the like?
And how long does this law apply?
A child could also e.g. at school, are mentally injured by adults and – as in the indicator list above – show symptoms that allow such a presumption that the child’s welfare was not taken into account?!
If this law does not apply here, which one will protect our children and how?

Greetings and many thanks for an answer

I would be happy if it were that easy, but here in and around Bremen everyone does what they want. The child plays with medication, is of no interest to anyone, the child lives in the dirt, is of no interest to anyone, the mother breaks off contact with the child’s father for no reason, is of no interest to the child, the mother refuses to contact the child with the father, on the contrary, no one is interested in helping her also, the mother is burdened by mental illness and drug abuse? It is a mistake at the youth welfare office to ask for help if the child’s mother has a new guy who is obviously using drugs, the mother is talking badly about the child’s father, no one is interested either. There is a risk to the wellbeing of the child, but since I trust the youth welfare office less than the child’s mother, I unfortunately have to put up with this. If you then consider that the mother lives in a very questionable mother-child facility from the birth of the baby, she can and may do what she wants. In court you have no relevance because the judge is nothing more than the lap dog of the youth welfare office. They have learned nothing from Kevin, you notice their routine, which is worked out from a manual, with lies then they try to keep the whole construct going and not to forget to save as much time as possible. There are paragraphs that agree with me that have long since ensured that I have all rights to my daughter and that I don’t have to run after her to end up with less than nothing. No matter how smart you are, no matter how much you think you know in the end, it doesn’t help you because you get zero rights as a father / man.


A father whose patience is drawing to a close.

Is there a risk to the wellbeing of my child if my brother never smells washing and lives in his room like a messi? He stinks and his room too and if he says something he doesn’t hear either.

I live with my brother and my 9.5 year old daughter at my mother’s.

Hi there
Following problem ….
The daughter of my partner (13) did not go home to the Esseen last Monday but went home with a school friend although we have prohibited her. Since I was working I asked her to talk on Tuesday at lunchtime, she didn’t give me an answer wss happened and I threatened her with fines … ban on cell phones, no going out etc. … she went back to school and went to the teacher and said that she was afraid of me and my girlfriend … because of her testimony she has been with the Waki ​​youth facility since Tuesday … there she can put on make-up as long as she wants on the weekend she is told all day that she was right to do so .. after a visit to her besides the social worker she only acted because she didn’t want to be punished.
Still, we won’t get her back … now you will be making life so sweet with various activities that she says it’s better and funnier I’ll stay there …… .. what can we do lg alex

please contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Hi there
my daughter 16 years has been with her 18 years for a week and does not answer or does not answer any questions or she does not want to come home and I have the right of custody and right to refill and her friend is not interested in what I say
Thanks in advance

Does this reporting obligation apply to the professional groups mentioned, even if the child is not in the facility where you work? So if you notice it with neighbors for example etc?

Hi there,
my 3 children live with their mother. My 5-year-old daughter has definitely had a bladder infection for the 8th time this year. She had this disease last weekend and regardless of this, the mother went swimming with the child. Now I have to go to the emergency room again on the weekend of the visit because the mother does not have any treatment. This has happened several times this year. Communication on these topics is always rejected or ignored.
Should I address this issue at the youth welfare office??
thank you in advance!

A child I know, in April 16, is bullyed by her mother due to extreme pressure to perform. Leisure and relaxation are no longer taking place as school is approaching. Dealing with friends is restricted or completely prevented, whole weekends are spent with tutoring, often from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. There is constant control, there is no privacy. The father does not stand by the child either.

In addition, despite medical necessity, a doctor’s visit is refused.

Does this already fall under the category of child welfare??

Sincerely yours

Hello my girlfriend has a 12 week old baby and separated from her partner a few days ago yesterday the youth welfare office was there because of child welfare
Since the parents physically injured each other, the crisis service was there. the baby is doing very well .
Now the youth welfare office wants to put her in a mother child if she doesn’t, the child is taken away from her. May they do that ??

Hi there
I would have a question my nephew who is currently living with my brother from 1.12.18 according to the youth welfare office with his mom although he does not want to. He is 5 years old and already needs psychological care and came to a separate kindergarten and all because his mother really wants him to live with her so that she can get child benefit. But that he doesn’t want to live with her at all is of interest to the youth welfare office who simply decides on the child’s head without questioning what he wants. The little one is ready and I wanted to promise him that he would definitely not have to go to his mother, but of course I couldn’t. But I promised him that I would find out everything I could do.
So my question, what should I do? I called the youth welfare office and family support center but no one could or wanted to give me information

Good day, I know a family that has a child that I think needs urgent help but I am not sure whether I should intervene or do anything. the boy is 15 and will soon turn 16 and regularly sleeps with mom in bed while the father then has to sleep in the children’s room despite a serious back illness. He is brought to school every day to the door and there he gets his kisses in front of all friends if he has any. They also think nothing of hygiene because you can smell the child from a certain distance. The family eats warm once a day and at the latest at 3 p.m. and otherwise only bread or sweet stuff because he allegedly has to vomit if he is warm after 3 p.m., which has happened occasionally but he never had to vomit. he has a lot of absenteeism in school even though he has already been placed in a special class for not so bright children where he is on sick leave for tests or sporting activities by a friend of this family because he is a family doctor.

My son 10 has ADHD and I have seasonal depression .. for half a year my son has been striking about aggressive behavior and suicidal expressions .. I immediately sat down with the child and adolescent psychiatrist to see what you could do .. tablets would be changed thereby it became a little bit better and the suicidal statements went away .. In addition I informed the family help and the responsible district social worker and presented my son in a day care center for children and adolescents. Treatment took place from the beginning of October up to and including morning the suicidal statements and his aggressive behavior and the subject of the father-child relationship .. separated since December 2017

Diagnosis is still ADHD and depressive parts recommendation of the day clinic my son needs a lot of structure otherwise he is insecure and this is expressed by constraints such as permanent sorting of cards, cutlery or other .. plus self-esteem reduction. Recommendation Accommodation in a residential group that the youth welfare office wants to implement now .. I decided against it because my son has a structured daily routine with me .. the father of the child also wants our son to continue growing up with me .. now I have concerns that Youth Welfare Office turns it into an acute risk to the well-being of children .. what do you say to that?

How can you help as a neighbor if you see how a 6-month-old baby has to grow up in a household where the father experiences violent violence every few days? He keeps shouting at the mother, insulting her, destroying the home furnishings, kicking doors when the mother barricades herself and the child in the children’s room. If she asks him to leave, he doesn’t comply, the two are still young (early to mid-twenties).
All the neighbors thought about turning on the youth welfare office, but in the end you are undecided because you don’t know if you are in the right place. We have also addressed the mother. She then denies it, saying that there are other neighbors (even though they are the only ones with children in the house). Shortly thereafter, Father started to threaten the neighbors.
What is the danger to the child here??
And what to do if the mother protects and denies the father when you call the police?

Hi there,
my cousin (19 years old) has been suffering from anorexia for quite some time. She still lives at home with her parents and three younger siblings. Over the years, I have had to watch her health condition worsen. The bad thing is that she pulls her younger siblings into the thing. I know that my cousin, among other things, creates meal plans for her siblings and also for her father so that they lose weight (but all four have always been of normal weight). Little or nothing is eaten at family celebrations. As a result, the four have now declined sharply. Unfortunately, my sister also suffers from anorexia (but she is treated in hospital and is on the mend) and has always been encouraged by our cousin ("Sport doesn’t help. If you really want to lose weight, you have to starve yourself down") Sister is very concerned about the situation. We would like to help our cousins ​​and have often tried to talk to them about the topic, but this was always rejected. Generally it should be said that it is a very loving family. But they obviously have a hard time talking about problems. My sister’s doctor has now recommended an anonymous report to the youth welfare office. Our parents, however, reject this. What can we do (as minors)?

Hi there,
My friend (24) had to move to his mother temporarily, now that he lives there he gets the miserable conditions in which his siblings have to grow up. They live in social housing and do not have enough space available. There are four children aged 2.5-11 years.
They are often not sent to school or care, they have to stay at home. Some days, like today, they simply have no food on the table. The money is taken for BtM and these can also be found in the apartment. The youth welfare office would often be notified, they send an employee, who, however, only takes a brief look and thinks everything is good. This is because they register and they have the time to do everything properly. The children are not as developed as they should be. Have language problems. Have to manage the day independently.
The youth welfare office does nothing
The mother is a single parent and needs help which is also given to her once a week, but my impression is that she is going there for the coffee gossip.
What should you do that the children come out of this household?
As it is now, they have no perspective
My friend tries to help but is overwhelmed by the situation and also has his own problems
Who can we contact that the little ones get out of this hole?

my son is 14 and needs one Elvanse tablet a day. Since the father neither takes care of the intake nor gave back the correct number of tablets…. (4 too few), I prohibited overnight stays until further notice. If I read the legal texts correctly, this is a form of neglect and my reaction is justified or not? Not to mention the BTM-medis that have disappeared &# 129300;

Hi there
My niece, 12 years old, has been with the father for 5 months after a violent argument between mother and child. That was so profound that even the police would have intervened. The child called for help from the aunt who immediately came over to the car to mediate. My sister literally threw the child out. In retrospect, I found out from the child’s father that this situation had already occurred several times, that the mother called the father to say that the child would be fetched otherwise I would kill her. The father was always badly made in this two-way relationship because he never actually paid maintenance regularly but wanted to maintain regular contact with his daughter. for 4 months now the 12 year old daughter has been living with her biological father longs for her mother who still makes her father bad at every opportunity. The daughter has had typical problems and can no longer keep up at school and withdraws from her friends. 1 and shows depressive moods. Her grandmother and also her aunt take care of her. Her father lovingly takes care of his best. Every time the mother tries to contact her, she starts reproaching her daughter and talking about her own problems, so that her daughter is totally distraught and can no longer cope with her own everyday life. The mother and mother’s own sister are now wondering whether they can make a statement to the youth welfare office that can be treated anonymously because they want to support the child and the father who tries to take care of them lovingly, but also not to their own daughter and sister want to get close. The birth mother has always tried to do her best and is currently in a difficult psychological situation, the mother and the sister wish that the mother can be helped first before she approaches her daughter again, because that way she only harms her.

Hi there,
The mother of the child (2 years) of my life partner (it was a one night stand) has a different man with him almost every day or drives the child to a man. Again and again one night stands and the child is always presented with a different “father”, so to speak. She was an alcoholic and celebrates for how many vodka bottles she empties over the weekend. During the week, she often frees you from your measure, on the pretext that the child is sick. The child is also very often sick. In one year (during the cold season) she had pneumonia twice and the first time she almost died because in the evening, when the child had a fever of 40 degrees, she only went to the hospital at noon the next day when the child broke all colors Has. My partner has the right of access but she refuses to do so and the whole thing is also in court.
In my eyes it is a child’s well-being that the mother has one night stand after the other, the child is permanently ill (very bad when it is cold) and that a former alcoholic starts drinking again, even during the week.

I am not quite sure whether I should report it to the youth welfare office.

My daughter has lived with her father for 8 years since she started school. She is now in 2nd class. I moved with her to my new partner in 2017 before she was also with me. Now she lives there and has friends and grandmothers around her. But she opposes her father very intimately and does not talk about her worries like the father tells. That’s why he now wants to go to the child psychologist with her. I do not agree and he now threatens that it would be better for her because she is withdrawing and he has difficulties with her and she still suffers from the separation after 2 1/2 years. What can I do? She would be better off with me and I don’t give her presents like grandmothers and her father, there is rarely a no to be heard and she will be overwhelmed with material but watch TV at home all day and hardly support her. What is right? Ask for advice!

Hi there,
Is it a risk to the child’s wellbeing if the child (10 years) does not like the mother’s new partner, the son demands that the mother does not bring the new partner home and she does so anyway? Or can the child ask the mother to separate from him?
Is this considered a risk to the child’s well-being if the mother stays with the new partner and brings him home although the son does not want it?

Hi there,
we were at a party and the mother always gave her 2 year old daughter mulled wine and said that she did it more often and the child was calmer.
After asking again there was still warm apple juice, she said that mulled wine was better for the child.
what do you do in such a situation.
The mother would be easy to find because she is known there.

Hi there. I am desperate. Find nothing on the internet where I can find advice for my situation .. So it’s about my ex girlfriend. She has a little boy at the age of 3. It all started that my ex had to experience massive violence in her last two relationships, she was beaten and all this next to the little child. The boy has problems with aggression and therefore already got help from the youth welfare office. Mdine ex also receives regular visits from the youth welfare office twice a week. The situation is now as follows .. The mother, so my ex is unemployed and receives unemployment benefits. She buys drugs with this money and is on drugs from morning to night. The fridge remains empty, so you can use a variety of emergency points such as caritas to get food vouchers. I have seen so many times that the little one begs for food, but she does not give him anything… In my opinion, the environment of the little one is not the environment where a child should grow up… The mother of my ex also smokes. Friends or acquaintances of my ex as well. The little one gets that because everything in the apartment always smells of grass. If she has no money for drugs, she is extremely aggressive and screams with the child all the time. The father of the child is highly aggressive and continued to beat my ex after the relationship. And threatened me too. We reported him and cut off contact with the child. In our opinion the child had no good dealings with him. Now that I am no longer with my ex she wants to give the child back to these psychopaths … What can I do? The youth welfare office knows nothing about the drugs and violent outbreaks because it hides everything so well and keeps it secret. The youth welfare office only comes with registration and you can always prepare yourself well. There were a lot more things happening but the text would be too long. Please help me who can I contact??

Hello, I don’t know what to do.
My children 16 diabetics 2 and almost 18
Life with father. The father has the right of residence determination since the children wanted to live with him after the divorce.
But I got a hint that he drinks often. Lets the diabetic drive home from strangers in the middle of the night, and himself is drunk.
What can I do

Such lists are always very nice to read, but unfortunately the reality is very different. The Youth Welfare Office intervenes only in extremely dramatic cases, and violence in both households is psychological and physical in nature. Existing laws protect perpetrators instead of holding them accountable, and most of you don’t spend your whole life dealing with what they did to you. Among other things, because youth welfare offices, the police, psychologists, psychiatrists and educators sweep the uncomfortable topic under the carpet instead of making a very clear statement to the parents and emphasizing their duties. You wouldn’t have to file a criminal complaint right away, but if a child desperately reports what is going on at home and the perpetrators deny it all, knocking on the table and saying that it’s so easy to get out of the affair and a serious one Examination of the topic is expected. I have seen firsthand how everyone has looked away and been involved for years. This society is perverted, hypocritical and dangerous, I have lost all belief in justice.
The advice that is often given here to turn to a lawyer, most can not follow due to lack of financial resources. Especially since you would need a really good lawyer for such a matter and such a person does not work for a consulting help certificate.
You shouldn’t give people false hopes. Laws and their application / interpretation are two shoes that could not be more different.

I have a general question. In my family there is a very unattractive case in which the mother’s right of access has been withdrawn, and as a requirement a successful completion of therapy was given. The children now live with their father, a relative of mine. Now it is the case that the father takes care of the children himself (still) in an exemplary manner, but otherwise there is a risk of disaster. He no longer cares about his independence, has debts, he has no health insurance anymore and after all the struggle for the children, a massive alcohol problem has unfortunately arisen. It may not be long before homelessness threatens. He doesn’t accept help. We as family members know that something has to happen, he needs help and the children too. Who do you turn to as a relative when there is a risk to the wellbeing of your child? We want everyone to be helped, but we don’t know who is the right point of contact. Youth office? And if so, who exactly??

Dear Family Law Team.

I am 42 years old today and I have a mother who has all the characteristics of a narcissistic personality disorder. I have suffered significant lifelong psychological and physical damage that made me unable to work when I was only 34 years old. After serious abuse, even after childhood, I have no contact with my mother anymore and my sister (45), who is in a heavy dependency relationship (emotionally and financially) with our mother, unfortunately also refuses to contact me like that very much often occurs in families where at least one parent suffers from a cluster B personality disorder.

Now my sister has a 7 year old son who is regularly given to his grandmother. So far I have not worried so much because she generally even "adores" the boy (she once said he was just the child she always wanted). But after dealing with my trauma under this violent woman (especially covert abuse – gaslighting, lying, manipulation, intrigue and emotional abuse as well as ill-treatment, but also the pretend for years of a serious, chronic kidney disease associated with taking strong medication it became very clear to me that this little boy is most likely in great danger, especially since, according to my sister, his father would also show narcissistic behavior, which, however, could also have resulted from manipulation and intrigue on the part of my mother to help the little one as often and as long as possible At least it is clear that my sister obeys my mother unconditionally. The now divorce of my sister from the child’s father will now ensure that my nephew is given to his grandmother more often since my sister works full time. In addition, my sister had r to fight with a cancer (breast cancer) in the last year (2018) that has at least healed for the time being. These strains are difficult for a child to cope with alone (illness of the mother, separation of the parents) and I worry about the young soul of the little man.

The difficulty that arises here is that a perfect facade exists on the outside, which makes it impossible for outsiders to grasp the possible violent backgrounds for the child. My mother also has enough financial resources to maintain this facade even if she is suspected (with house and garden, time as a pensioner, a dog who loves the child very much). My father passed away 8 years ago so there is no one who could notice anything or keep them in check. Her behavior towards me became much more direct and cruel after his death than before and even several times life threatening for me (due to her emotional cruelty despite my seriously ill mental state).

What can I do to protect my little nephew? Contact is unfortunately forbidden to me, which is why I only just saw the child 3 times. I’m very worried.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I am a single mother of 4 children. A child lives from this in an autistic facility. I have a family help since November because the relationship with the father was a permanent on off relationship, and also police operations have brought with it. Yes I made mistakes and they were definitely not good for my children and should have acted differently as a mother. 2 appointments had to be canceled due to illness. So the lady from the youth welfare office says I would be uncooperative. This has denied my family help with the words that I always try that the children are doing well. The lady from the youth welfare office is now of the opinion that I would be so psychologically unstable that she thinks that I can be trusted to beat my children and that they would not provide them with sufficient food. She has now sent a specialist 3 times a week to inspect the children unannounced and to see if there is enough food, even though such checks took place 2 months ago, which of course were all unremarkable. When I say I want the superiors she means I threaten her and she wants to take the children away from me. I am so desperate &# 128577; i love my children they are neither beaten nor starved &# 128577; it makes me so sad that something like this is assumed to me &# 128577;

Hi there,
I am very worried about a possible threat to the wellbeing of my grandchild, who will be born in April. The parents are very much looking forward to the child, but are hardly able to feed the child due to major financial problems, since they often have nothing for themselves. In the planned children’s room there is not a single piece of furniture, not even a bed. I myself always offer help and support, which is not accepted. I’m so worried about the little family. What can or must I do so that nothing happens there? ?

Hi there,
My nephew has been skipping school for a long time, is impassive, lies to his family.
The parents are divorced and the boy lives with his mother.
We suspect that she is abusing him as he presents himself. At 16, he also slept in the mother’s bed. That’s not normal. School and office have so far done nothing. We are afraid that he will harm himself. As an aunt, I can and should submit an advertisement to the youth welfare office?

Dear Sir or Madam,
Hello dear community,
I have a 6-year-old daughter who lives in the household with the separated child mother (since birth). I regularly pick up the daughter at the KM every 14 days on Fridays at 6 p.m. and she stays with me and my small family (more details) in the household until Sunday 7 p.m. I have been living in a new partnership for almost 5 years and have been married to my wife for more than 2 years. We have a son at the age of 14 months and live in a 110m² condominium with a 170m² garden.
My daughter’s child mother has been living in a new partnership for around 2 years and has an approximately 13 month old daughter with her new partner. You will live together in the partner’s house with a German shepherd.
For about 1.5 years my daughter has been reporting regular and loud disputes between the KM and the stepfather. The KM and your new partner fly 3-4 times a year to a holiday home in Mallorca. Disputes between the KM and the partner would escalate there. So much so that my daughter decided not to go on holiday to Mallorca anymore. There snap up words that I do not want to mention textually here (A *** hole, etc.). For a few weeks now, the dispute between the KM and the “stepfather” had been so violent that when she fell asleep she heard that she had to move to your father – that is to say me – after a separation.
For almost 3 years I and my wife have noticed that my daughter suffers from chronic fatigue and sleep disorders at night. The KM reported to me many times that our daughter often only sleeps after midnight (especially during the week). Our daughter regularly reports to me and my wife about TV series (e.g. Germany is looking for the superstar, jungle camp, Germanys next top model, GZSZ, alarm for Cobra 11, the teacher, etc.) that will be broadcast far after 9 p.m. Upbringing methods which I don’t welcome in my view.
KM has changed places of residence with our daughter more than 3 times in the past few years. In the home kindergarten she is only when she is a "child of the meal". This is the case twice a week. Since our daughter is going to school this summer, I see this irregularity. also critical because of the irregular "get-up times". For school attendance, I think there is a day / night rhythm that ensures school attendance from 8 a.m. The school visits them accordingly in the "new" place of residence of the KM (distance of almost 20 km to the KiGa). In my view, this is currently “difficult”.
I also find that our daughter suffers from a lack of self-confidence and excessive fears. Probably a behavior that can be traced back to a helicopter education of the KM. The fear that KM transferred to our daughter in education 1: 1. Our daughter is afraid to drive the elevator because it could crash. She doesn’t dare to ride a bike because she could fall over. She doesn’t dare to go to swimming lessons because she could drown. It does not go into the sea in Mallorca because sharks live there. She is terrified of airplanes because they can crash. She is afraid of the dark at night because thieves can break in. You have this surreal attitude, among other things, because it is exposed to the daily media / news and the risk of such news reports is transmitted unfiltered. As soon as my daughter is in my care, I put her into perspective. Events and notice how you minimized your fears. So I go swimming with her in the non-swimmer pool under close supervision (mind you, I am a trained emergency medic and have the DLRG badge in bronze). I explain to you, when we ride an elevator together, that in Germany the risk of an elevator crash is close to 0 (mind you, I’m an arcaded mechanical engineer). I explain to her how massive our apartment door is and how difficult it is to break in. I also give her the security that I would NEVER put you in front of the front door in the dark (even if she puts you to bed), etc. My daughter is regularly connected to social contacts your age and we do business with her and other children a lot together. It is important to us to show her what a harmonious family life can look like (even if we have differences of opinion within our family). She enjoys rules and duties with us, but also affections and rewards. She is punished (TV ban if she doesn’t tidy up etc.) but also rewarded (candy if she eats a balanced diet).
Ever since I added our daughter to our small family on a weekend every 14 days, she has developed her sleep ritual. She can watch a children’s series on TV or play an entertainment game with me / us from 6/7 p.m. Afterwards you have to go to the bathroom, the toilet, brush your teeth, put on your pajamas and wash your hands. Afterwards she can be awake for half an hour (playing a game, reading a book or watching a series) and then goes to bed with me at 8:30 p.m. at the latest. She usually sleeps at 9 p.m. and is allowed to sleep until 8 a.m. (during the weekend). With a few exceptions (max. 10%), this ritual leads to success.
When I got my daughter’s last weekend, KM told me that she would have put my daughter outside the front door in the evening / at night. The reason for this was a punishment because our daughter was "too excited". In panic, my daughter entrusted me with this under the four eyes while driving home. She also said that this had happened more than once (at least 3 times). When I questioned the reason, she explained to me that the punishment was when she urinated in bed. She should have been at the front door in the dark and was very afraid of bad animals. The mother of the KM (grandmother of my daughter) would have used these measures in the education of the KM. "But only once and not as often as with me" were my daughter’s words. This situation is currently the i-point for me and prompts me to act.

This is just a small insight into the grievances. I did not go into nutrition, rules, etc. due to prioritization.
Why am I contacting you??
I have an extremely bad gut feeling when raising our daughter in a child-friendly manner in the current situation. I see a "healthy" child development (school, social, psychological and emotional) as endangered. Due to the current occasion and the psychological stress my daughter is exposed to every day, I would like advice. Therefore I ask you for support, experience and contact details who can advise me on the situation described. Is the way to the youth welfare office appropriate? Should I see a lawyer? Are reasons listed here to apply for sole custody? Should I try to get our daughter to "me"?
I look forward to any answers from you.
This situation concerns me and my family very much because I love my daughter very much (it is normal) and my family love our daughter very much.
Mind you, the KM dropped out of secondary school, made up for a vocational elementary school year and did an apprenticeship as a hairdresser at 3 different training companies. Since the birth of our daughter, she has been working 10 hours a week for 1 year.
After completing secondary school (secondary school), I graduated from high school, am a trained paramedic and paramedic and studied mechanical engineering at the age of 25. I have been working 40h / week since I graduated.
A mediation between the KM and me never really succeeded, nor would the KM admit any wrongdoing. The KM would rather give our daughter in custody to your mother (grandma our daughter) than leave it to me. I am currently a bit baffled and would appreciate any feedback.

please contact a lawyer to get advice on your legal options. The youth welfare office, child and adolescent psychiatrist or one of the many family counseling centers may also be suitable points of contact for comprehensive and solution-oriented counseling.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
we rented our apartment to a young Syrian woman with two children because her "supervisor" brought us a terrible fate and we really wanted to help. Here are examples: Sexual abuse by her own family, rape in northern Germany by a much older Syrian who allegedly wanted to help her (a living room marriage) – after two abortions, she fled to Cologne in her third pregnancy. She allegedly did not want to contact her fellow countrymen here because she was afraid that her brothers (in northern Germany) would find her. She has a 5 year old son (with whom she fled from Syria) from her first marriage (man killed in war) and a 2 year old daughter of the older Syrian from Germany. We were told that. But shortly after moving into the apartment, the young woman turned out to be not at all afraid and shy. Only after a month of moving in did the first man come to stay with her – he stayed for 3-4 days. At some point he had enough and never came. Then the next one came and in the meantime we stopped counting. Funny that only Arabic-speaking men visit them. But the whole situation is bad: the children are neglected, they are sent to the children’s room, regardless of whether the two are arguing or crying, they do not intervene. When there is a visitor, music is heard, people smoke when they are drunk. The children are beaten and shouted at. Even in the middle of the night she had such a violent argument with a man that we woke up. Your kids anyway. Lately, underage girls are staying with her on weekends, probably babysitting, she’s going partying. I tried to speak to her after the first visit to the man, but she doesn’t want to take any help: it would be her problem, she said. I do not know what to do….

Is it a child’s well-being if you give a child a pat on the buttocks??

Mother is a single parent with 2 children (1/3). She was diagnosed with 2x borderline (from 2 clinics) … Nevertheless, the youth welfare office “overhears” our fears and the father is completely ignored. Now the court came to the decision that the children had to go back to her after 11 weeks because the psychotherapist said that she only had moderate depression and that children were not always safe even with a healthy person. Where can you go now???

Good Morning
My husband and I live in divorce and we both have custody aside only he has the right of residence from our three children 10 years 8 years and 6 years.
My question is now.
The emergency mother, who always looked after children in the morning, contacted me yesterday and told me that I would not go there because she could no longer be responsible.
She has been in the family for over a year.
So the children only bathe once in the bathroom. The living situation should be terrible. Children must not be out only at home. No friends of the children are allowed to come.
They get told that if they contact me that they have to go to the home, it has been going on for over a year now. What can I do, my youngest one is currently with me and of course am now afraid to bring it back on Tuesday to the other people heard and saw through pictures.

If necessary, please contact a lawyer to have the prospects of a custody proceeding examined.

In a well-known family, the mother is extremely anxious (possibly already psychopathological) and does not let her children (6 years) do certain things, e.g. run alone in a 300 soul village on the sidewalk (!!) to grandma. There is really not much traffic in this village. It prevents the children from gaining experience if they see a supposed danger. In addition, the children are very often ill, the father is chronically ill and is impulsive, angry and often screams. I am very sorry for the children, they cannot tackle some development tasks. This is a risk for later psychiatric illnesses. Is that interesting for the youth welfare office? I think the mother and father need help for the benefit of their children.

Hello there is basically a child’s well-being if the father (parents are married) has several women, takes drugs and is sadistic?

I and my wife have been separated for 2 months and the children live with her. Last weekend I had our youngest daughter (3) with me and I brought her back on Sunday.
I rang the bell and our 4 year old daughter opened the door for me with the 5 year old daughter of my wife’s cousin. When entering the apartment I noticed that it was dirty, several garbage bags were in the kitchen and there was a strong smell from the cat’s loo. While the children were playing without supervision, my wife slept in the bedroom and her cousin in the living room. I asked my older daughter how long she slept but she couldn’t say exactly. I wanted to confront my wife after waking up and spent 2 hours with the children in the nursery. After that I wanted to go to the balcony to smoke one. I went through the living room where I noticed a plate in the display case with a rolled up € 5 bill. When I looked closely, I noticed the remains of the white powder. I suspect it was cocaine. While smoking I tried to gargle who to turn to. My wife woke up while smoking and she made the plate and the 5 € disappear. I’ve already made an appointment with the lawyer but only in 2 weeks. I did not speak to my wife because I only wanted to talk to the lawyer about how best to proceed.
My concern now is that it will happen again that she will take cocaine again while the children are there or afterwards sleep in the intoxication without taking care of the children. What should I do next time? Should I call the police? Or does the youth welfare office have an emergency telephone? Or call both to get the evidence?

I have been considering for a long time whether there is a child’s well-being in a family that I know.

The family has three children M (6), J1 (5), J2 (9 months).
J1 in particular suffers greatly in the family. Not physically, but emotionally.
For example, when therefore going to get dry, he was showered cold by his father when he rolled up. In general, J1 has a very strong character that I don’t think the parents can handle.
When J1 “jacks”, he is often isolated. Sometimes sent to your room for an hour alone and the like. Because of misconduct, he was also denied his sister’s birthday and he was also shown in the daycare center ("Your sister is celebrating today and you have to go to the daycare center now" – lots of shouting and desperate crying from J1 were the answer). I know of other situations in which J1 was excluded due to “misconduct” (goat) (trip to the zoo, etc.).

The other day was a very borderline situation for me. J1 punched in a fight with M and said afterwards that he had to hurt himself now because he hurt his sister.
Since then I’ve been thinking about calling YES and asking anonymously for help.

The father in particular relies on “psychological violence” during his upbringing.

Do you think there is a risk and should I report it??

Thank you for your response.

I wanted to ask whether this situation is sufficient to bring a child out of the family or whether this would count as a child’s well-being.

A mother who lives alone with her son is often working. The mother herself is severely overwhelmed and drinks a lot of alcohol and smokes quite often. The child’s father has made threats many times and has now threatened to kidnap the son. The father is an alcoholic and drug addict. The child suffers from sleep disorders, hurts himself and receives no support from the mother.

So I don’t want to be portrayed as the bad now, nevertheless I had a question a week ago I blacked out my neighbor at the youth welfare office because of the child’s welfare but now I found out that the lady wanted to move to another city, so to speak she was fleeing her problems despite everything Her work was done at the youth welfare office in the city where she currently lives, but in three days the move should start. How would that go? Will the youth welfare office get in touch with the other city or how should it go on now?

Hey, I’m 21 and I’m currently living with my fiance at my parents’ house.
I have an 11 year old half brother.
There has been stress at home with my brother for months, my parents work a lot and are often live.
My brother goes to high school and has to go to guitar lessons, so I don’t have any free time at all.
If my brother does something wrong or does not listen to my parents or is currently stressed, I often hear that he cries very much and yells .. I think my parents hurt him.
Whenever I try to interfere, I get fooled and should sit in my room if I don’t know what is going on and keep my mouth shut.
I do not know what to do and I just wanted to get rid of it because it is very stressful for me.

May the youth welfare office separate me from our father with our son because we live next to each other, I am not allowed to go home with the little ones but have to stay in our little one which is 8 days old and we just want to go home

Hello, we have the case within our family that a 4 year old child is treated in my eyes anything but child-friendly. Here are just a few key points:

– Boy, 4 years old, still wearing a diaper because the mother doesn’t want to practice going to the bathroom with him
– he does not wear underwear, even as a baby, because the mother does not feel like having to put them on and take them off
– since she likes to sleep during the day, the little one is unsupervised, he has already opened the front door while ringing
– she never goes out with him, playground, etc., because she doesn’t feel like it
– He must not go to kindergarten because his father was hurt twice during his kindergarten times
– the child has no social contact with other children, only with his grandmother / grandpa
– she doesn’t cook for the child, he then gets yogurt or whatever is left over
– She hits the boy very hard on the fingers, I am currently not aware of whether there are any further blows
– In winter his parents run around with winter jackets, he in a T-shirt on the grounds that he would always sweat anyway
– He is not allowed to sleep before 9.30pm in the evening, so that his mother can sleep longer in the morning, even when he is tired and as a result the neighbors have already complained because he then screams and stomps a lot in the evening

this list can certainly continue indefinitely – this is a case for the youth welfare office?

They banned sunscreen in the kindergarten my children go to. We should apply cream to the children in the morning and that’s enough for the whole day, according to their statement … Isn’t that incredibly dangerous for the skin and health? They are outside in the sun and have little shade …

Hello dear readers,

According to this checklist, there must obviously be many parents who take little care of the child’s well-being within their own four walls. I know of at least one case in which the child’s welfare is definitely endangered, the youth welfare office is already interacting and proposes measures that have to be negotiated again and again with the family court. Mother and father live (un) happily separately. A common child that reflects exactly what is going on in the parents. Obesity, concentration problems (learning support school), aggressive, no self-confidence, lies and has no or few social contacts.
I can clearly understand if your parents have no reasonable limits and, above all, have to bear the appropriate consequences for their behavior, have not learned them properly and that they are often the reason for divorces, selfish self-interest and a lack of self-discipline. Many paths, including official ones, will one day lead us to sink into chaos.

If two people who have a child together, both pull on their little arms because they can only put each other in their shoes, for me it is a child’s well-being that can be ended with appropriate measures. Unfortunately, the youth welfare office does not see itself in this situation as being able to intervene in order to prevent negative development, especially intellectual development. – Anyway, there is a lack of information (…) –

When I read all the comments, I have to assume that there are a lot of children whose parents you don’t have to be proud of.

Thank you for reading …

Hello community,
a family with 2 children lives among us. The parents are heavy smokers. When the windows or apartment door are open, a pungent smell of nicotine wafts through the residential complex. The father suffers from an extremely strong smoking cough. The children are very often ill and suffer from cough.
Both children are preschoolers.
Does the youth welfare office investigate this type of abuse and why are parents’ behavior not reported by educators??
What can we do

Hello, it is considered to be a child’s well-being if the office does not issue an ID card for a German child and it is therefore not allowed to go to school?

Hello, is it considered a child’s well-being if the child’s father forces the child into the toilet?
He tells him that he has no more diapers?
We broke up 6 months ago, he had a new one with a child. So our child was immediately thrown into a new family. He also does not want to join. It currently seems to me as if he had resigned himself to the fact that he had to go to the father. He clings badly and always says that he is happy when he is with me (mother).
Father now also thinks that we have to deal with his new child and how they are there. Is he concerned with his own child??
If we don’t have any contact, then my child is better too. But as soon as it goes back to papa days, he behaves differently, sometimes aggressively and does not hear anymore.
But all in all, I’m actually concerned with the first question above.

I looked at the child welfare checklist, and I was able to tick over half.
It is about my little big cousin, he grows up with his mother and she protects him too much, she is overwhelmed at the same time, has no structure, does not know how to set limits, and is finally, in part, not renegade on drugs.
The little one is highly intelligent and should now go to a special school, he gets Ritalin, which I don’t understand at all, because when I went on holiday with him alone for a week (he didn’t get any medication yet), it was quite normal child.
Played with others without any problems, followed the rules and was satisfied.
Can you hand in a disorder like ADHD at the front door? – Is there such a thing ?
I am so worried as a big cousin in Spe because I believe that the child is totally neglected. Movies are watched that are not age-appropriate, like at the age of 5 years Lord of the Rings, no attention is paid to a regular diet.
The little boy stuck his finger in his neck when he was three and wanted to throw up his food. He thought it was funny.
If there are problems at school, an artest is immediately taken care of, the little one has not been there for more than half a year, so it cannot make social contacts, unfortunately the school system also fails here with its means.
I am considering contacting the youth welfare office. Or what would you advise me to do??
best regards

please, it is allowed that there is a locked / locked wine cabinet in a children’s room, because there is nowhere else for this in the apartment?

Dear Sir or Madam, I quarrel with myself whether I should report a family. We got into a fight and since my husband is still friends with the husband of the wife, I’m afraid to get between the fronts because the husband is very aggressive towards me. We had some contact with the family and as it turned out the woman and her child were vegan, she was vegan during pregnancy and the second child is on the way with whom she does the same. As far as I am informed, it is also possible to feed your child vegan, but only if you have the child checked by a doctor more often and stick to strict eating plans. I had spoken to her about this before and she said that she thought it was absolute nonsense. However, the child does not look good. It has deep dark circles, is pale and malnourished (they have had regular problems with the pediatrician because of the weight of the child) and the development also seems to be delayed. In addition, since we had to sit together for 1 week, that the child is shouted at insanely often, for reasons I don’t understand. The man has had a burn out for a while and has now moved in with his father for the time being. In other words, he only sees his child on weekends. The woman is completely overwhelmed with the little one and often cried when she visited us. Now the 2nd child should come this month and I am afraid that the 2 children could also burn out the woman and that she will no longer be able to take care of the children, because she was already overwhelmed with the daughter. Now, of course, all support from her husband is no longer available. Who recently quit his job to shoot you tube videos even though he has no regular income. But still buys a sinfully expensive car even though they have no more money anyway but have very high demands and live above their means. The woman does not want to work because she is firmly convinced that kindergarten would only harm her child because according to her statement it is not natural that so many children spend time together. The child has no children to play with, except occasionally in a playground (she is 3 years old). It is completely shielded from the mother socially. And is very scared of others at first. I think she is a very loving mother after all who wants to do everything right and I don’t want the children to be taken from her. I’m just afraid that as soon as the 2nd child is there everything will collapse and I think she needs help. Unfortunately I can not write everything to the youth welfare office exactly because I would identify with it and I am afraid that the man of hers is here at our door. So what can I do? lg

Hello, is it a psychological hurt to put your child down in public and always say that the child is lying even when he is telling the truth? And threatens violence and deprives the child of his possessions forever?

Hi there.
Would like to know what I can do.
Believe me that my daughter’s father drinks too much. There are only two of you. No family anymore the mother died a long time ago.
Should I report this to the youth welfare office or what can I do there?.

Hi there,
Our neighbors have three children, 14 years, 10 years and 4 years, all three are boys. The children are held at home, meaning they are only allowed to go to school. Playing outside with friends is prohibited. The smallest of them doesn’t go out at all, even in kindergarten. During the 6 weeks of summer vacation, the three only sat at home. The blinds from all windows are always below, no matter what time of day. The kids don’t get sunlight either. Two older students are not good at school. The oldest only has problems at school. The children are usually late for class.
Is this considered a risk to the child’s wellbeing??

Hi there
A friend of mine and her partner have been living with their partner for about a year. The spouse said to the child that if you don’t stop, I’ll break your arm or your neck. Which I have as proof in black and white. How can I turn on YES anonymously.?

Hi there
The children of our tenants are also half-naked or completely naked in winter and run around in the stairwell. They are always very dirty and neglected. Have often seen them take leftovers from the ground on the street and eat them. Have also noticed from friends that you eat very often from the floor at school because you don’t notice anything from home. The little one is not sent to kindergarten even though she is over 3 years old. They are always very loud and don’t listen to anyone. Are these sufficient reasons to call the youth welfare office??

I have a question about the following.

When shopping in DM I left my 3 year old child sleeping in the car. Outside temperature was + 19 °, I rolled both windows down a bit. I didn’t want to wake my child because it was just falling asleep, otherwise shopping with a wriggling and screaming child would hardly be possible. As described, the purchase took about 10-15 minutes. When I came back there was a gentleman who gave me a lecture extensively, that would not work at all, these are breaches of duty if the youth welfare office knew about it etc.

Now to my question. Have I violated my parental duties with my actions? Is this state of affairs “ripe” for the intervention of the youth welfare office??

Report or not report?

Hello dear advisors

In my opinion, the 13 year old daughter of a neighbor is neglected or not adequately protected.

In the past, there were many features about this, since recently the condition has been unacceptable for me.

The family recently bought 2 baby cats that live in the small room of the 13 year old daughter with her litter box. This has a strong animal hair allergy that she can hardly enter her room and they still pull it off. You do not want to give up the little kittens, although this family goes to Spain during all holiday periods (i.e. 12 weeks a year).
It will then be shown how this is regulated with the cats.

Just unreasonable, because not only the child’s well-being, but also the well-being of the animals is in danger.

In the past year I have noticed some situations negatively.

1. At just 13, the child was left alone for two weeks, as it did not feel like traveling to Spain with the parents.
This freedom was fully exploited with a friend of the daughter. No rules, no limits, no primeval times, just fast food

2. Daughter steals because the family is in debt and little money is made available. Still, she wants to keep up with u no matter how.

3. School performance is limited to the essentials. If you don’t feel like doing a class assignment, you can do it at home with the parents’ consent.

4. House is very dirty and messy. Mother does not clean because of physical complaints. Laziness is added.

5. There are no rules, limits, that is, education. In the child everything is allowed through and allowed as long as it does not cost anything or little

Gives all these situations an opportunity to report to the local youth welfare office?
I have often sought to talk to my mother. It is futile because it is totally unreasonable and twists the truths. The upbringing and domestic situation is completely okay in her eyes. The father doesn’t care about anything else. The main thing is that he has his peace. He is about 67 years old.

Still, I have to say that the parents are loving. It’s about the type of upbringing that appears to be made very easy.

I don’t want to blacken anyone, but I also don’t want to accept the grievances any longer.
What should I do?

Hi there,
I think the cat and allergy in particular are blatant. Even two weeks alone at least borderline. Report your observations to the youth welfare office. This can also be done anonymously and they have to investigate every clue.

Hello, I am unsure whether and how to proceed.
In my neighborhood a family lives with a son about 15 years old. According to my information, he is behavioral and that is also known. But, lives with his parents in a small (own) house where, according to my information, there is considerable mold. The parents, both smokers, cough up half of their soul every day. He goes to a (special) school, but cannot be seen all weekend, only heard. He obviously plays video games and screams aggressively. No speech is heard from the parents. I am concerned about how to deal with this knowledge.

Hi there,
I have a question. I live with my boyfriend and a single father with 2 children lives above us. The boy is about 9 years old and the girl is still a toddler which we have never really seen and can only suspect. (Have lived here for several years). The son freaks out regularly (several times a week) at day and night times. So that even neighbors from opposite houses look out of the window. The father shouts at the boy too. You can hear everything very well since it is an old building. We have climbed many times and asked if everything was OK. The father always pretends to be nothing. When we see the boy he can’t look at us and is totally intimidated. However, we cannot judge whether the two are arguing extremely or whether more is happening and not whether the second child is suffering. We also get things like that that the boy is at home all day even in the best weather and at the weekend and plays loudly. Among them was bowling, skateboarding and playing drums in the apartment. You can imagine how we were allowed to run up every time because it was extremely loud and how surprised we were about these activities within an apartment. The father is extremely rude and pretends to exaggerate every time. However, we are both still in our mid-20s and students and therefore not sensitive to volume too late.
We have often considered calling the police or the youth welfare office, but whenever it was almost time, the noise was almost over. Especially when it suddenly starts at 3 a.m. and we are woken from deep sleep, it is very worrying. What should we do best???
Thanks in advance for the tip.

Hi there,
I think you should inform the youth welfare office (this can also be done anonymously). Screaming and freaking out so much sounds like an overwhelmed father. The youth welfare office first looks for a conversation with the father and he may get help. So this is not a blackout. If everything is ok, nothing will happen to the family. If everything is not ok and nobody is doing anything, the children will bear the consequences all their lives.

Hello, is the child’s welfare at risk if both parents use drugs?

Hello, our neighbors have 2 children. A girl about 6 years and a boy about 5 years old. Since the walls in the apartments are quite thin, we can hear every argument. But what scares us the most is the threats and screams from the parents. Even when the children were about 2 years old, the children were shouted at with the words "do you spin". Lately we’ve been hearing how the father threatens the daughter, e.g. B. so that he turns off the light. Although he knows that she is afraid. Worst of all this morning at 6.15 a.m., the girl screamed: Daddy, open up …… and again and again Daddy, no! We do not believe that the children are beaten, but to do something where the parents know that the children are afraid of it is clearly a danger to the child’s wellbeing !!
It can already be heard very clearly that the children find it perfectly normal to only fight with shouts. So the older girl always shouts at the younger brother because she doesn’t know and doesn’t know that there is another way. For us the parents are both completely overwhelmed, what can I do, what do I have to do to protect the children ??

possible cases of child welfare can be reported to the youth welfare office.

Hi there,
You can report your perception to the youth welfare office. Locking up and scaring is definitely a form of psychological violence. The youth welfare office initially offers help to parents. Better to call too often than once too little.

Hello, my sister is heavily drug addict and abuses her children (4).
Some of them have blue faces or scars from scratching or claws in the neck.

Now to my question: how do I report the situation to the youth welfare office in the form of a letter? Of course, it should come across as serious and credible

Dear familienrecht.net team,
I live unmarried and have joint custody of our 3-year-old son with my partner.
Unfortunately, our relationship has developed very negatively in the past few years and meanwhile a “normal” relationship is hardly possible.
In particular, our ideas regarding upbringing and the general way we deal with our child differ greatly and increasingly cause greater unrest.
Most unfortunate is that our differences often happen before the child.
I try desperately to stop this, but my partner takes no account of the boy’s presence.
A few days ago, after my partner had become loud, I tried to pull the boy out of the situation immediately, whereupon the child father, despite holding the child in his arms, yelled at me and also aggressively physically approached and pressed, or me / actively prevented us from leaving the room or the apartment.
My child on my arm screamed that I didn’t know about him and at some point I just tried to calm the little one down until the situation relaxed …
In my opinion, this situation can and should no longer be tolerated for my child.
I would like to return with my child as quickly as possible to the state in which I grew up and where family members and a stable circle of friends exist.
(In our current, new environment, we have not been able to create any social background to date.)
My partner would never agree to a distance of almost 700 km and therefore threatened me.
Since I am currently only a mother and all my reserves have been used up, I am currently financially dependent on my partner.
(So ​​I would have to borrow the cost of a lawyer. As I saw, most good lawyers take more fees than the standard rate and often don’t work with government reimbursement.)
1.) Am I right in assuming that the above Family situation represents a child’s well-being?
2.) If I had legal options as quickly as possible "against his will" to leave the state, without that I might be interpreted negatively?
3.) How would it be to act “wisely” legally??
Thank you for your answers.

Please contact a lawyer to clarify your questions. We are not allowed to provide legal advice.

As a rule, those affected are entitled to advice and, if necessary, legal aid if they are unable to pay for it themselves due to their personal and economic situation. As a rule, lawyers can only refuse to give advice if there is an important reason.

What can I do if I see in public that a mother treats her child badly? This aggressively insulting and roaming all the time? Unfortunately I don’t know where the lady or child lives. I would still like to do something!

If you regularly see the two in one place at certain times, you could try to report it that way. Or go behind inconspicuously. If they don’t have the address, they should be enough for the youth welfare office.

Hello I have a question.
Maybe I’m overreacting because I’m a mother myself and just can’t understand the following case.
And it is about my neighbors above they have a child 1.5 to 2 years old. The child is 24 7 in the apartment they never go for a walk in the fresh air or to the playground. The windows are mostly covered with sheets that you can even see how the windows sweat. The child mostly screams and rages and is kept awake until late at night and I don’t hear him again until the next noon and has been doing this for almost 3 months as long as I live here. I’m not sure if I should report this but I just feel sorry for the child. Because he cries out for attention.

I would report it – rather once too often than once too little. If nothing is wrong, nothing bad happens to the family.

Hi there,
I do not know if it is right to raise a child in only 2 rooms. Without contact outside. No swing, no sandpit, no other children. This is how our grandchildren feel. He cannot even see us, let alone wave, that is immediately prevented by the mother. Our son, who would like to take on the role of father, has nothing to say. But he also somehow obeys her and therefore doesn’t talk to us.
We are so sorry for the little one. If he sees us, then he waves, then she immediately holds him differently so that he can no longer see us. The boy is 19 months old. Still only gets glasses because she is too lazy to cook. However, since she has sole custody, we cannot reach the little one. He is not allowed to play in sandboxes like on playgrounds. She actually forbids everything that could do her job. For this, she calls on the phone all day. As soon as our son is out of the house until he comes back. We can’t get to her because she locks herself up and the little one. Our son knows that she urgently needs psychological help, but he is afraid to say it upside down. I ask for an answer because we are so insecure and only afraid for the little one

Hi there,
A friend of mine has a grandchild (10). The mother of the child, also the daughter of the acquaintances, has not been with us for several years. The father and mother were married, but before she died she told us that she wanted a divorce. The father is violent and threatens others. Some of his documents and life data are most likely incorrect and he also does not speak German well. There has already been a lawsuit. The child is allowed to visit his grandmother every now and then, when she is there she always tells what her father is doing. He has forbidden her to learn and she has to wear unwashed clothes, that’s not all. He recently threatened that if she 18 she, he would marry her and she wouldn’t need good grades for it. I know that there is no way for me to help. But I still want to do something.

Yes, you can report what you know to the youth welfare office. Grandma can do that too.

Hello, I have a question: is it correct if the police take a 15 year old child from school without knowing the parents? Thanks!

Hi there,
At 8:30 a.m. today I saw a young woman in the parking lot of a discounter who was meeting a young man there. The two stood there, smoking one cigarette after the other, drinking coffee and chatting. So far nothing reprehensible. However, when I parked out, I saw that a child was sitting on the floor between the two for about 9 months. (At 8 degrees outside temperature)
After a while the woman lifted the child by the hood with one hand and put it in the driver’s seat!
I found it heartbreaking like this poor child in the smoke that dirt has to sit! When I drove away, the young woman was in the parking lot for 30 minutes.
Is that a reason to inform the youth welfare office, or is it just terribly sad in which circumstances some children are born? I just can’t let go of this picture!

Is it a risk to the child’s well-being if the child’s father withholds treatment from the mother. Because of nonexistent mental illness?

Hi there,
Can I turn on the youth welfare office because I’m afraid of my parents? I can’t say what my childhood was like because I don’t really remember and only a few things can bring out my memory. If I made a mistake and my parents mentioned it again, it always sounds to me as if they are making fun of me.
When I told my mother that I had suicide thoughts, she gave me a lecture for half an hour (or similar length. I don’t know exactly) with reasons why I don’t think I could have any and then expected me to still trust her on the subject.
I am also transgender (ftm, female to male) and I don’t dare to tell my parents. I often hear them talking in a disgusted tone about people who are trans *.
My parents try to support me in many ways, but I don’t feel comfortable at home and am mostly afraid of being shouted at or punished for doing something wrong or not doing what my parents wanted. I am afraid to turn on the youth welfare office because I am afraid that I will have to stay with my parents and everything will only get worse.

Thank you in advance for your help in advance.

please contact one of the numerous family and youth welfare offices. If necessary, they can provide information and possible assistance in the event of family conflicts.

Hi there,
I have a question..
A buddy of mine broke up with his ex-girlfriend a long time ago, but the two have a child together. She has several children, is currently a single mother and uses drugs. There was a lot back and forth, the youth welfare office was also informed and checked the auhh. Drugs have indeed been found, but the youth welfare office has not recognized any risk to children. My buddy is getting desperate. The youth welfare office now wants to send them on a cure with their children. My buddy is afraid that she will do something to his child because of the withdrawal.

What options would my buddy have now?

Good day
I have a question about endangering children?
My aunt lives with her husband and my grandmother in a house with two children. The oldest is now 12 years old and the youngest is 6. Since I am often with my grandmother, I keep getting them to yell at their children, and I have already seen that they have given their 12 year olds to whistle. Send their children to their room almost every day. In my opinion, the 12 has become more aggressive since 2018 and is very withdrawn. He also receives no emotional support. The two prefer their 2 girls (6/10) years. I am worried and so is my grandma, but we do not know whether this is a risk to the well-being of children and what we can do.
I hope you can help us a little
best regards

Hello dear Coniuneti
I have the following problem
My ex-girlfriend and I share custody together the child is 1 1/2 years
She has neglected and endangered the child extremely since pregnancy up to the birth (want to drive drugs nicotine and dangerous projects jatski or banana bot). She did not take iron and other preparations from the doctor for the little W. I know this because I found the things when packing their things.
So that the child sleeps, she secretly put penezelin and fenestil ibo in the child’s bottle, I informed the youth welfare office xyz.
Furthermore, she stowed cigarettes so that the little 8 months took them and ate, luckily I was able to intervene that he could only eat half, the mother should take care of him because I had to help my mother in need of care 1 floor below. She played with her cell phone in time.
The little one is lying next to her on the coutch, I have to come back to the toilet, yell still watch out for the small one, he fell off the coutsh for the first time in 3 months, mother on the cell phone.
She even confesses to my grandmother that the little one has fallen off the changing table.
My mother made me aware that she did not clean the bottles and cups properly and mold had formed on the lid and teat, found 1 bottle with moldy milk in his toys when tidying up and much more 3 well-written pages
Which I also gave to the youth welfare office, unfortunately she found 1 sheet in the copier and now attaches to what she did to me.
In court, she then wanted the sole custody, in order to get it, she pretended to be domestic violence and always gave me the feeling that I am not the producer.
I didn’t hit her But I was wondering if I really was the father or if she just needed someone to take care of a baby. She burned her child with the lighter to show him that it was hot. The same game she did on the candle with the grandmother.
I want to grill and take wood under the balcony and see my child playing railings on the rotten balcony and the mother is playing on the cell phone, I have to scream that she will take him away since she has not noticed.
Since she smoked in the car, she burned the little one with a cigarette.

During the time she was in the women’s shelter and took the small one with her, the small extremely sick diarrhea became vomit and, according to the pediatrician, a toxic chronic bronchitis
Now he has to use an asthma mask before brushing his teeth. He had diarrhea for 3 months
Despite these incidents, half of them were granted custody. From this point on, I was only allowed to spend the child on Wednesday after the daycare until evening, as on the weekend from Saturday to Sunday evening
This went without any problems, until she meant to go to the Baltic Sea with the small and a woman I know and take the weekend away with him. Of course I did not put any stress in bringing her a safe child seat because otherwise the little one would have to sit over 1200km in maxicosie and if it helps him with his bronchitis. Since all the requirements I asked for during the trip were not met (in between reporting, putting a sticker on the car that there is a baby on board and that they have arrived safely) I called them to inquire and was pushed away as I wanted to ask a question about the little one.
On October 14th she had no one to take her and the little one to the doctor (I assume) and assumed that I had no time for my child, before that she said that I would only be informed when it came to surgery or something, which made me extremely angry has made . Unfortunately I had to work and it was not possible for me, but I called the doctor to inquire as the mother is lying a lot.
What is also annoying is that the little one always has sick diarrhea when he is brought to me, but it is usually gone after 1 day.
Because the mother always has her new partner with her and she is involved in everything, even 4 eyes are not possible. I have responded to her needs and have told a friend who is with me that she does not want it when it comes to the little one she listens in or has a say .
In any case, after several provocations and taunts, I ignored her and asked my mother to pick up the child
Because the little one of the terror where she makes nothing should notice. Now she goes there and doesn’t move the little one out, because of supposedly 90 euros. I found the money as quickly as possible and wanted to hand it over to her with a receipt. She doesn’t respond to calls from my grandpa. She doesn’t open at her front door, laughs rather that you wait in vain. Be it to pick up the little one or to admit their money. 1 hour later the police are at my door, yes it is about women so and so. She feels harassed and threatened. I was advised that I should not make contact with the mother. Which I always avoided until she blackmailed me with 90 euros and that I don’t get the little one.
That was on Friday.
I visited the little one in the kindergarten on Monday, he was very surprised and left everything lying in front of him, ran up to me and said daddy and wanted to go up to cling to would have loved to take him with him. Furthermore, I had to make sure that he was fine because I did not understand the reason for the mother’s sudden decision. In desperation, I called all the children’s cranes around .
Yesterday I renewed the day of the visit, she has the money and again I get an SMS from her
Hi there,
You do not need to …… pick up a today as we still have an important appointment.
He will stay with me until further notice until everything is settled in court.
You will receive a letter from my lawyer.

I wonder what an appointment?
Once again I am not informed what is going on with the child. In kindergarten I learn that the little one is not coming today and no reason was given. The date should now be in November. My lawyer can only start in January and since I am innocent anyway I don’t care when the trial is. The worst is Christmas The time that is being taken from us now.

Has any of you experienced anything like this and can please help me.
I play with the idea of ​​being instructed because I lied to myself helplessly blackmailed fooled cheated .

If my girlfriend’s parents prostitute while they are 17, their brother 15 and their sister 13 in the household, should I turn to the youth welfare office? It is not a commercially registered prostitution, i.e. it is not legal. My girlfriend and I know because they told us and often receive clients. Every now and then her stepfather says a detail and that is irresponsible. My girlfriend clearly suffers from it, but she doesn’t necessarily want it to go through the office, but also absolutely wants to move out. The parents are not great / good people, they may never be.

Hello, I not only have the suspicion but I am sure that my kids will be abused. They are in the home (separation children) due to questionable machinations by the youth welfare office.
You tell me what happened or what happened. is not ready to turn it off even the guardian shows no interest. mental and phy. Mistreatment is apparently the order of the day there, your checklist .. Indicators for a child’s well-being .. agrees with almost all points, with a child there is now even a mental handicap .. What should I do how can I prevent the danger of further risks .. Can’t it be that the failure of the authorities continues to affect the well-being of my children? olg and the Federal Constitutional Court approve and allow it .. Request for help to protect the children

Hi there
Can the youth welfare office prohibit going to the Coca Cola truck with the children? Since soe children are in the after-school care center and those from the care center also said no.
What can you do about it.

Hi there,
I read your post on this page with great interest.
I have a question where and how can I report to a government agency about child abuse?
I know a friend of a family who neglect their little daughter (approx. 1 year and 1 month) …
The mother left for Poland a few months ago for a couple of weeks without even considering taking the little one with her or even booking a return flight …
Whenever she cries, no matter what the reason she is crying for, a full diaper or just a little bit of attention gets a bottle of milk right there to look at what the child is missing …
If the parents are with friends, the child is simply left without saying anything under the supervision of others, the parents leave without saying anything …
Recently I was only a little bit concerned with the little one, so we don’t really talk much … talked to her and looked at her and she called me Mama … I only saw her twice before …
Please help me, is that child abuse and I have to inform the police or the youth welfare office or is this normal in the meantime ?
Ps: I would like to remain undetected at the youth welfare office or the police ?
Sincerely yours

Hello I have a question my grandchildren are with their mother in a mother’s home on the orders of the youth welfare office. My daughter-in-law, who is still not getting along with the children, broke off after 1 week. Now the youth welfare office wants my son to go there for half a year to prove that he can get along with the children. The problem is that he should take measures from the office and at the end of January an apprenticeship, now he has been told that he will not put the children in foster families, even though the children of my husband and I had the children from an early age Not to us. The problem is, my son decides for the children, he becomes homeless with the children because the office does not want to take over the rent, because of sanctions and he decides to go to school, the children are gone. Although both agree, they are The youth welfare office does not want everything to be decided by children 2 days before Christmas. It would be nice if someone had advice.

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