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Not only adults, but also children should go to the dentist regularly – as a precautionary measure or because there is a need for dental or orthodontic treatment. Professional tooth cleaning, caries fillings, fissure sealing and above all the correction of misaligned teeth are the usual treatments that are used by children. The respective measure is not only uncomfortable for most children, but also involves a considerable financial outlay for the parents. Because not in all cases the respective costs are borne by the statutory health insurance and if they do, then mostly only for the cheapest dental care. A special child dental insurance is a private supplementary dental insurance tailored to the needs of the child and is usually quite cheap compared to adult tariffs.

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Tooth loss: mixed dentition child, dental accident, dental disease

tooth loss

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Teeth loss in children

Teeth fall out in children when changing teeth in the mixed dentition due to normal tooth loss of the milk teeth.

The first milk teeth that fail in the child are the incisors in the milk teeth.

Teeth fall out when changing teeth

The permanent teeth develop under the milk teeth and expel the milk teeth, because between the 5th and 13th year of life the milk teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth.

The teeth of the human dentition are already in place before birth, because the germs for all teeth are created in the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy. At birth, parts of the milk teeth and permanent teeth are formed. The permanent teeth complement the milk teeth, which are the placeholders for the permanent teeth and, up to this point, are responsible for crushing the food. Milk teeth must fall out to make room for the permanent teeth, which takes six or more years. Inflamed milk teeth can also cause damage to the permanent teeth, which means that milk teeth must also be optimally cared for. The constantly growing and shifting remaining teeth begin to dissolve the roots of the milk teeth from below, so that milk teeth begin to shake. The 20 deciduous teeth that grow up to about three years of age usually fall out in the order in which they came. In some children, the first milk teeth fail at the age of four, but in other children, the teeth do not fall out until the age of seven. When children get their teeth early, the teeth usually fall out early. Milk teeth fall out, even if the permanent tooth is not yet visible under the milk tooth, because it often takes days, weeks or months for the new tooth to appear. The concerns about the initially missing tooth are mostly unfounded in the event of a delayed breakthrough of up to six months.

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How do you recognize a narcissistic child?

How do you recognize a narcissistic child?

Narcissists consider themselves better than others. They often get it through false praise from their parents. 5 signs of narcissistic children.

Narcissists consider themselves nicer, smarter and better than other people

People who are considered to be narcissistic are in love, selfish and disdainful of others. They want to be perceived as superior and treated that way. They believe that they always act accurately and expect constant praise from those around them. They see their talents and achievements as excessively valuable and often fantasize about how they can gain power, success and charisma. Even if their own performance is only good, but not extraordinarily good, they don’t feel it that way.

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Where to with the child Re-education to wrong sense of responsibility

Where to with the child Re-education to wrong sense of responsibility

Everything was better before. In terms of family, this probably applies completely. The state is increasingly replacing the mother of our children today and, to make matters worse, this is not only tolerated, but even demanded.

Those who raise their children themselves either seem stupid, a troublemaker or simply unable to find a job. Public opinion is already twisted. Now it is a matter of deriving a legal basis from the new apparent habit. We are losing the last influence on our children.

Eva Hermann recently published a harrowing report on the arbitrariness of the Salzkotten authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia, which unequivocally revealed the power of these authorities. Just like homeschooling, these cases concerned the official paternalism of parents. It is obviously more than undesirable for the people to take care of the upbringing of their children themselves.

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Weekend vacation with a child – maximum relaxation in a short time

Relax with your child for a weekend vacation and switch off together

Do you just want to relax with your child over the weekend? Enjoy a short rest to escape everyday life? Carinthia offers you exactly the right offer to relax in peace for a few days. There is also a lot for adventure lovers.

From the slopes to the wellness temple

Your weekend vacation with a child will be an experience. The variety will convince you in the sunny south of Austria. In the cold season you will find dreamy winter wonderland. Ski fun and hiking fun are guaranteed. In summer you can explore the untouched nature or cool off in the beautiful lakes of Carinthia. At any time of the year you can relax in one of the numerous thermal baths and enjoy a little time out with your child.

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How can I strengthen my child’s immune system?


The human immune system is subject to a lifelong learning process and is therefore constantly changing. It is therefore only logical that children and especially babies usually do not yet have a particularly strong protection from their immune system. This only develops in the course and is trained by all possible different environmental influences. Although aging is the best training for the immune system, there are several other ways to strengthen and train it in early years.

How does the immune system in children differ from adults?

As already mentioned, the immune system is subject to a constant learning process. So that the baby is not born completely unprotected, the baby gets a so-called in the last months of pregnancy "Nest protection" from the mother With. This is a specific type of antibody (IgG) that is small enough to pass from the mother’s blood to the fetus in the placenta.

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How to deal with the broken tooth of your child, child: women's magazine january 2020

How do you deal with your child’s broken tooth? | Child: Women’s magazine January 2020

Female V >

In children at home, accidents can knock in countless forms and shapes. So what should a mother do? Get ready, that’s all you can do!

When your baby’s first tooth appears, it’s time to celebrate another milestone. But do you know that your child’s teeth can break and chip? Sounds alarming, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, broken tooth in children is not a serious illness!

We have simple tips to help you with a dental emergency. Print it out and have it ready if you need to recommend it!

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How does that work with the child allowance??

The state supports parents with the so-called child allowance: parents can earn and earn EUR 7,620 per child per year without paying taxes.

Anyone who makes money in some way – for example, by going to work or renting an apartment – has to pay taxes. Certain groups of people do not have to pay taxes for special costs, they receive so-called allowances.

This also applies to women and men with biological and adopted children and – depending on the scope of care – with foster children: You can take 7,620 euros a year without paying taxes. This is the so-called child allowance 2019 including the child allowance. With this, the state wants to ensure that parents have enough money to pay for their children things like food, an apartment, childcare or training.

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Christmas rhymes – the winners are…

Finally the time has come! Christmas Eve is not far anymore and therefore not the presents! Some of you will sing a song or recite a poem before the gift giving! If you still lack the right poem, you will find a few masterpieces here!

You sent us many beautiful Christmas rhymes in our competition. Thank you for the great rhymes! Here are the three winning poems!

Poem 1

Christmas, Christmas, what does it smell so fine here,
Children, all children, come into the rooms,
Lights and candles, gifts and cookies, that’s how it should be,
Family and friends, happy hearts and cozy togetherness.

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Christmas worldwide

How do people in other countries around the world or in other religions actually celebrate Christmas time? Click your way through and be amazed at the traditions and other festivals that still exist at Christmas time!

We flew around the world with the reindeer and made a couple of stops. We learned a lot of interesting things there.

Milk rice for the Nissers – Christmas in Denmark

“Glædelig jul” means Merry Christmas in Danish. We have collected for you which traditions are very typical at Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas in Peru – summer and cribs

Christmas is very important in Peru because many people are very Catholic. Nativity scenes are very popular and can be found everywhere on the streets and in apartments.

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