Aquarium feeder: feeding machine for discus aquarium

aquarium feeder: what is an aquarium feeder??

Most aquarists feed their animals by hand: they let some dry or granulated food trickle into the water or distribute a portion of live food in the aquarium. Ideally, this should be done under a fixed feeding rhythm because routine means for most fish a plus in quality of life. However, what if summer vacation is just around the corner or it takes a little longer at work?? If you don’t want to ask your neighbor or friends, you can rely on an automatic feeder automatic feeder in aquarium. This small machine is a practical accessory that allows the automatic feeding of the fish übernimmt- exactly when you want it.

The fish feeder in aquarium can be programmed (more or less) individually and, depending on the model, can perform one or more feedings per day. Partial aquarium feed dispenser even distribute different types of food- when choosing the right automatic feeder for your aquarium, you should pay close attention to the product description. Then you can save a lot of time with a fish food dispenser and guarantee your animals more quality of life.

Info: fish feeders for aquarium are not suitable for every food. Live and frozen food, for example, cannot be deposited in the feeder because it would spoil within a very short time. However, pellets, granulated food, flake food, sticks and food tablets can be filled in. Larger pieces of food and food tablets may have to be cut into pieces.

aquarium feeder: why buy an aquarium feeder??

For the buying an aquarium feeder many good reasons speak. Among the most important are:

  • The fish will be supplied with food even in their absence.
  • The fish can be fed several times a day.
  • The feed quantity can be optimally dosed.

Further advantages of fish feeders in the aquarium are depending on the model you decide for. That’s why we tell you below what you need to know when buying a fish feeder in the aquarium must be observed should.

fish feeder for aquarium: what to look for in a fish feeder?

If you use a buy automatic aquarium feeder you should consider a few aspects. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong product and not be able to operate the feeder in the aquarium. The following aspects are particularly important:

  • What fish food fits into the feeder?
  • How many different types of food will fit in the dispenser??
  • How to operate the automatic feeder?
  • How many times a day can the feeder dispense food??
  • How much food fits into the dispenser??
  • How long can the automatic feeder supply food??
  • How to adjust the feeding machine?
  • How to attach the automatic feeder to the aquarium?

There are many different animals in your aquarium, all of which have individual feeding requirements? Then you should choose a fish food dispenser that can hold and dispense many different types of food. Some feed dispensers only offer space for one or a maximum of two types of feed- different fish food machines, on the other hand, contain up to 28 different food bowls and can thus be individually adjusted to the needs of your aquarium inhabitants.

Tip: if you granular and flake food in the automatic feeder If you give fish food to an aquarium, you should bear in mind that it can quickly become lumpy or even moldy in the humid air above the aquarium. Therefore, ideally, you should choose a fish feeder with secured ventilation from the start.

Also to the programming the automatic feeder you should pay attention to: on the one hand, it is helpful if the intuitive setting of aquarium feeders let. Finally the fish food dispenser a time saver and therefore do not require a long training period. In addition, the automatic feeder for aquarium of course also have it set as individually as possible. This concerns the amount of food, type of food as well as feeding rhythm. the more comprehensive the settings can be selected, the more differentiated you can ensure the correct feeding of your animals.

Last but not least: make sure you pay attention to the fastening of the feeder. Many manufacturers of glass aquariums and covers produce their own fish food dispensers, which are very easy to integrate. Others have to be fixed with separate holders. Only if the feeder securely attached to the aquarium you can be sure that it will actually drop the fish food as required.

Tip: there are fish feeders for aquariums, which are battery-operated as well as devices that run on a power supply. for batteries you must make sure that they are sufficiently charged, for example, before a long vacation trip. If the device has a power connection, the most important thing is a safe and secure installation.

Feeding sieve for aquarium: the alternative to classical feeding

An aquarium is a sensitive micro-ecosystem in which even small amounts of organic waste can cause enormous changes. This concerns, for example, food residues sinking to the bottom, which can rot and produce toxic substances in the process. The optimal solution can be a feed strainer for aquarium to be: here you can fill in live food, which discus fish and co. then pull through the sieve holes if necessary. This prevents too much unused food from sinking to the bottom. In addition feed sieve in the aquarium ideal to keep the animals busy while feeding and to be able to observe them in detail at the same time.

Buying an aquarium feeder and strainer: what to look out for

The most important tips purchase of feed sieves and fish feeders for aquarium we have already presented to you. In addition, as with ordering fish and aquarium plants for the aquarium, you should always make sure that you purchase the products exclusively from reliable dealers. With us you order not only high quality feeders for aquarium from renowned brands such as JBL or grasslin, but also get all the important information and tips on how to use it correctly. And if you ever have any questions- feel free to contact us at any time.

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