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From January 23 to March 17, the exhibition "Discover Iran on New Paths" can be seen in the Greifswald City Library.

VeRa100: Anniversary broadcast – what has happened?

For 4 years we have been regularly on air on various topics of global justice, which we examine with a critical eye. The 100th program is a personal program, in which we look back at the topics, questions and people from our 99 programs that particularly interested, concerned and moved us as editorial members .

Report OTV meeting Wieck and Ladebow

The association presented itself at the OTV meeting on January 7, 2019 in Ladebow "Makerspace Greifswald" in front. You can find more information here:

The association took over the hall of a former steel construction company in the port area. A good thing for Ladebow and also for the city.

There were no resolution proposals .

OTV Riems: Report from the OTV meeting on January 6, 2020

+++ Marion Heinrich reports on the OTV session at Riems +++ Are impending closures of private routes soon leading to long detours? +++ Notice on the water quality of the bathing area: Ping-pong between administrations of city, district and country +++ Planning for road development: The lake is quiet. Unfortunately +++ bus stops: ideas of OTV and problems +++ other: u.a. idea .

Traveling exhibition "DemokraTisch!" Shows from 15.01. what moves Greifswalder

The exhibition “DemokraTisch!” Of the partnership for democracy in Greifswald opens on January 15th, 2020 at 5 pm with coffee and cake in small.

Ideasless plan for the redesign of Arndtstrasse

A guest contribution by RA Ulrich Lichtblau On October 24, 2019, the residents of Arndtstraße were invited to the town hall to be informed about the city’s reconstruction plans for Arndtstraße. Under a less competent event manager, the planner presented his (unimaginative) plan for the redesign of Arndtstrasse, which he called .

Tree occupation for all protection – activist: inside explain the tree emergency!

Greifswald, on January 8, 2020

Tree occupation to save the avenues in MV:

Demand for an immediate stop of felling and a tree brake!

Activist: Within the climate justice movement symbolically occupied one this morning
Chestnut near Greifswald and temporarily prevent the tree from being felled. you want to
thus to the blatantly high planting debt arrears in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district
attentively .

VeRa celebrates its 100th anniversary!

The excitement in the VeRa editorial team is large, Anticipation increases: next Thursday, January 9, 2020, we will broadcast our 100th broadcast live at 9 a.m. We will create a very personal program, in which we look back at the topics and programs that we, as editorial members, are particularly interested in, concerned with and .

VeRa99: Life in prisons

We already dealt with that last week theme Detained prison. Mostly turned yourself Broadcast on the link between poverty and prison terms. This week we want to look at life in prisons. You will hear: opinions from the street, poems from prison, an interview about .

Citizens survey New Year’s Eve fireworks in HGW

What do the Greifswalders think about private fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Should there be restrictions? And if yes, which ones? this.


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