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Playing, researching, singing – in two languages

Our Berlin Kids International Kita is a bilingual day care center. The group work is carried out jointly by a German-speaking and an English-speaking pedagogical expert. The two languages English and German are thus offered equally as languages of encounter – just like most of our bilingual families at home. Our educators follow the principle of “one person – one language”. Morning circles, projects and activities are all conducted in the mother tongue of the pedagogical specialist offering the activities.

Our didactic materials, books, games, CD’s are available in both languages. About two thirds of the children we take care of in our kindergarten have an English-German background. This is the ratio in which we allocate our places and thus take into account the special situation of bilingual or English-speaking families.

We’re as international as our neighborhood.

Our nursery is located in a district that is characterised by multicultural diversity. The children who visit our kindergarten also come from many different countries. This makes our cooperation exciting and varied. A special project every year is our so-called “International Week”. For several weeks, the children of each group deal with the typical characteristics of a selected country and present them to the other groups of children at the day care centre during our “International Week”. In this way the children get to know different cultures better in addition to the daily internationality in our kindergarten.

Childhood is movement time

Through our wide range of pedagogical offers and our holistic project work, your child has the freedom to try out, gain experience and learn with all their senses. A well thought-out room concept and our large garden offer numerous possibilities for play, movement and retreat and invite children to discover and experiment. We also use the sports hall of the neighbouring school once a week. Here, your child can refine his or her motor skills with specific movement offers.

The Berlin Kids International Kita at a glance

In our bilingual nursery we look after up to 84 children aged ten months until they start school in a nest group and in four mixed-age groups. Our team consists of 17 pedagogical specialists, three integration specialists and three building technicians.

German Version

Playing, discovering, singing – in English and German

Berlin Kids International Kita is a bilingual child care center. Every group of children has two teachers: an Englishspeaking teacher and a German-speaking teacher. The two languages are treated equally and used interchangeably in everyday interaction, just like at home for the majority of our bilingual families. Our teachers follow the „one person-one language“ principle, meaning that the morning circle, project work, and other activities are always offered in the native language of the teacher leading them.

Our educational materials (for example our books, games and CDs) are also in both languages. About two-thirds of the children attending our preschool have an English-German background. We also offer about the same proportion of our spots to English-German children, thus recognising the special situation of bilingual and English-speaking families.

We are international, just like our neighbourhood

Our preschool is located in Prenzlauer Berg, a district characterised by cultural and ethnic diversity. The children that attend our child care center also come from many different countries. This enriches our daily interactions with each other. One particular highlight every year is our „International Week“. Each group of children chooses one country. To finish off this project, every group presents their country to all other groups during „International Week“. This helps the children get to know many different cultures, in addition to their regular daily experience with multiculturalism.

Childhood is an active time

Thanks to our holistic project work, your child has the freedom to try out many different things, to gather their own experiences, and learn using all their senses. A spacious floor plan, a well thought out room set up and our large outdoor playground offer plenty of space for children to run and play or just find a quiet corner for themselves. We also use the sports hall of a nearby school once a week. With all the physical activities, your child can easily develop his or her motor skills further.

Berlin Kids International Kita at a Glance

In our biligual kita we care for up to 84 children from the age of 10 months until they enter school. We have 5 groups consisting of a toddler’s group and four age-mixed groups. Our facility employs 17 teachers (3 educational specialists for children with special needs) and 3 in-house technical staff members.

Contact us

Berlin Kids International Kita Wichertstraße 25 10439 Berlin

Head/Principal: Ulrike Elfeld Deputy Head: Francesca Sabella

Phone: +49 30 44383 – 218 Fax: +49 30 44383 – 141 Mail: Berlin Kids International Kita

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